Ramaladni's GiftPatch 2.1 added the weapon-socketing DiabloWikiRamaladni’s Gift, and of course players are eager to find it to activate weapon upgrades. But where, and how? There are a lot of misconceptions flying around, and a Blue hopped in to share info about where drops the Ramaladni’s Gift in Diablo 3 Patch 2.1:

    Ramaladni’s Gift is quite rare, as it’s sort of a bonus. A gift, if you will. 😉

    It is not, however, limited to Greater Rifts. It can drop in any game mode.

    To further clarify, does Ramaladni’s Gift drop only at Torment level or higher, or at all levels?
    Did some checking in to clarify a few points:

  • Ramaladni’s Gift is considered a Torment Only item and begins dropping in Torment I.
  • It can drop from any source (monsters, chests, etc.) in any game mode.
  • It acts just like any other Torment-only Legendary and follows similar drop rules.
  • Hope that clears up some confusion. 🙂

    It’s understandable that players want to find their Gift quickly, but won’t most of us have all we need soon enough? It’s not like Patch 2.1 introduced a ton of new legendary weapons, so everyone is going to use a Gift or three to upsocket their current weapon, and you’ll hit your alts and followers too…. but then what? If you’re Hardcore you might want to stock up for future needs, but most players seem likely to build up a cache of RGs pretty quickly. In a month will everyone be sick of finding this legendary material?

    That seems less likely to be true once you’re playing a Seasonal Character, since you’ll be upgrading your weapon regularly.

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