When you Receive Your Diablo III Beta Key…

I know that some of you guys think we write beta-mentioning headlines purely to test your reflexes/drive the RSS feed crazy. That’s actually a pretty good guess unpossible! In most cases we’re simply quoting the headline or forum post elsewhere. Like this one:

When you get a beta key…

how do they send it to you? Do they email it or what? Because I dont check the email I signed up for battle.net with very often.

Bashiok: Unless you’re actively seeking a beta invite through various promotions, contests, etc. or have attended BlizzCon, then your only chance is going to be getting an invite through the Battle.net beta opt-in.

If selected through the beta opt-in there’s no key involved, and beta access is automagically added to your Battle.net account. You’ll receive an email informing you of that.

The SC2 beta FAQ has quite a bit of info that’s still helpful for the beta signup process:

It’s also important to be aware of beta related scams. If there’s any email that claims you’ve been selected by the opt-in, don’t click on any of the links, simply go to http://www.battle.net, log in, and you can see if you have been selected. Otherwise any promotions shouldn’t require more than an email reply, and would include a beta key directly in the email (and again you can go directly to http://www.battle.net to claim it).

I’d also recommend that you look over the Beta article in the Diablo Wiki. It’s got technical info like Bashiok issued here, but also lots of other general purpose FAQ answers, with blue quotes galore.

If you can believe it, we should get some real beta news in just six weeks. Early-May for the next Activision quarterly conference call, when Blizzard said they would likely make an announcement about the beta.

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  1. Haven’t been very focused this ladder after being pulled up sharp with the last unexpected reset. Drifted from sc to hc and now hccl so im ready to start fresh.

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