In all of the good vs. bad arguments about Diablo III’s features, three videos by Gather Your Party keep getting cited. Each of them makes some good points, while there are other things in them that I disagree with. But since they’re very much a topic of conversation, here’s a main page post about them for your commenting convenience.

    Part One covers Poor Implementation of Difficulty, with Normal too easy, NM/Hell scaling up a bit, and then the huge Inferno jump. Of course if Inferno scaled up more steadily it would be too easy in a month, and people would just be complaining about that instead.

    As best I can tell from reading countless fan complaints, the main problem with Diablo III is that so many big fans have played way too much of it already, run through all of the content, gotten into Inferno, and found the balance and end game item system lacking. Obviously, saying, “pace yourself and you won’t burn out on it so quickly” is iffy advice, since you can’t close your personal Pandora’s Box at this point, but there aren’t a lot of things you can do for 6+ hours a day, every day, for 2 weeks, without growing completely sick of them.

    I’m still enjoying the game a lot, every time I have a couple/few hours to play, but that’s largely due to the fact that I don’t have that much time to play. I’ve got one of each character, currently about levels 46, 35, 22, 17, and 16. I’ve intentionally twinked very little, and I have stayed entirely out of the Auction House to resist any temptation to buy way overpowered weapons that would ruin my progression and difficulty curve. And the game’s a lot of fun, is somewhat challenging, has a nicely-scaled economy, has a good progression of gems, has useful crafting (armor; weapons are underpowered), etc.

    Likely I’m playing it about how Bliz designed and balanced it from their testing. They didn’t balance (much/at all) Inferno or high end items, so it’s no surprise that those features are a mess. Those features will get tweaked and reworked and balanced and modified in patches, and I think that part of the game will be as satisfying as the earlier sections are… but not today. And not this week. And probably not even this month or months. Which is no consolation at all to the hordes of “make Inferno perfect now!!” commenters.

    Parts two and three, covering Issues with Itemization and Issues with Story, are available on the click through.

    Part Three covers Issues with Storytelling and has some spoilers in the cinematic clips, if you’ve not reached Act Four yet.

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