Season 2 is "coming soon"

    Season 2 is “coming soon”

    A fan asked why there wasn’t more game-changing new content in Season Two, and got replies from player and from a Blue.

    What’s the Point in Diablo 3 Seasons?

    Season 2 hype

    Why is there hype for the new season? is there anything special about it except those new uniques (most of them are brimstones)? Did i miss something or where does the s2 hype comes from?? For me it just sounds like farming furnace, rrog, soj and the setpieces all over again.

    The true incentives for seasons are the chance to start over and the competitive aspect of the leaderboards.

    …chance to start fresh, new items, new gems.

    …I skipped season 1 and I’m planning on playing as a Monk or Demon Hunter neither of which I really played as before.
    I think all of these are good, valid answers to the OP’s question. What’s so interesting to me is the variety. Some players are looking forward to the competitive aspect of Season 2, some want first dibs on new Seasonal Legendary items, and some simply missed Season 1 and are ready to join in the fun. One of our design goals for Seasons is to give players the ability to experience a fresh start, and it’s exciting to see how the posts above highlight that idea in different ways.

    My own approach for Seasons is to take a single class and see just how far I can take it over the course of the Season. While I’m torn between Crusader, Monk or Barb for Season 2, I know I’ll have to pick one (just because that’s how I roll).

    What about the rest of you? What’s the appeal of Seasons for you? (And if you’re not interested in Seasons, that’s cool too!)

    The most basic and obvious feature of Seasons is the chance for a fresh economy and leaderboard. Thankfully the Diablo 3 economy isn’t ruined by dupes and hacks like it was in Diablo 2, where the idea of ladder resets originated, but lots of players enjoy rebuilding and proving they can gain climb “gear up” mountain. Are you guys going to take part in Season Two?

    Just for the initial rush? Just enough to get that Seasons-only Transmog? (Oh wait.) Or are you going full time for the whole season?

    Will you take part in Season Two?

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    There’s a lot of camaraderie in a new season too, especially in the early days or early hours, when players are rushing to be the first to 70, the first into Torment 1, the first into Torment 6, and so on. In S1 that process was delightful for Hardcore, but not so in Softcore where the race to 70 was ruined by exp exploits. Those tricks were hot fixed and most players approved that fix, so it’ll be interesting to see how the rush to 70 goes in S2.

    If you want some refresher on the tactics that work best for fast leveling, check out an article we posted just after Season One, summarizing the best tactics and player results on the opening weekend of Season One. You might also enjoy revisiting The Diablo Podcast #148, where four eager ladder crashers described their weekend rushing up in S1.

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