What’s the Point in Diablo 3 Seasons?

Season 2 is "coming soon"

Season 2 is “coming soon”

A fan asked why there wasn’t more game-changing new content in Season Two, and got replies from player and from a Blue.

What’s the Point in Diablo 3 Seasons?

Season 2 hype

Why is there hype for the new season? is there anything special about it except those new uniques (most of them are brimstones)? Did i miss something or where does the s2 hype comes from?? For me it just sounds like farming furnace, rrog, soj and the setpieces all over again.

The true incentives for seasons are the chance to start over and the competitive aspect of the leaderboards.

…chance to start fresh, new items, new gems.

…I skipped season 1 and I’m planning on playing as a Monk or Demon Hunter neither of which I really played as before.
I think all of these are good, valid answers to the OP’s question. What’s so interesting to me is the variety. Some players are looking forward to the competitive aspect of Season 2, some want first dibs on new Seasonal Legendary items, and some simply missed Season 1 and are ready to join in the fun. One of our design goals for Seasons is to give players the ability to experience a fresh start, and it’s exciting to see how the posts above highlight that idea in different ways.

My own approach for Seasons is to take a single class and see just how far I can take it over the course of the Season. While I’m torn between Crusader, Monk or Barb for Season 2, I know I’ll have to pick one (just because that’s how I roll).

What about the rest of you? What’s the appeal of Seasons for you? (And if you’re not interested in Seasons, that’s cool too!)

The most basic and obvious feature of Seasons is the chance for a fresh economy and leaderboard. Thankfully the Diablo 3 economy isn’t ruined by dupes and hacks like it was in Diablo 2, where the idea of ladder resets originated, but lots of players enjoy rebuilding and proving they can gain climb “gear up” mountain. Are you guys going to take part in Season Two?

Just for the initial rush? Just enough to get that Seasons-only Transmog? (Oh wait.) Or are you going full time for the whole season?

Will you take part in Season Two?

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There’s a lot of camaraderie in a new season too, especially in the early days or early hours, when players are rushing to be the first to 70, the first into Torment 1, the first into Torment 6, and so on. In S1 that process was delightful for Hardcore, but not so in Softcore where the race to 70 was ruined by exp exploits. Those tricks were hot fixed and most players approved that fix, so it’ll be interesting to see how the rush to 70 goes in S2.

If you want some refresher on the tactics that work best for fast leveling, check out an article we posted just after Season One, summarizing the best tactics and player results on the opening weekend of Season One. You might also enjoy revisiting The Diablo Podcast #148, where four eager ladder crashers described their weekend rushing up in S1.


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  1. Is HC the place to be? Do competing players care about softcore leaderboards?

  2. I enjoyed playing my first season but I thought it kinda sad that the paragon calcularion added such few points to live.

    In that sense, being that there's not much to gain item/set wise in season 2, I'll just strive toward getting the gems and leveling them up and then continue with live.

  3. season is so boring i dont see the point in making a char there, if anything maybe a hc char but other then that no.

    • For me its the only incentive to play diablo3 at all. I really like the first few weeks of a new ladder, but because diablo3 has no trading it kinda gets boring for me after aprox 3 weeks.

      • I agree with your point that the lack of trading puts a damper on the long term enjoyment of a season. I found in Diablo 2 and Path of Exile, the refreshed economy was a big draw to a new season. Not the only draw, but an important one.

  4. It's always nice to start fresh, as it makes game at least somewhat challenging. It's still easy, it's hard to die (unless you'll decide to stand in Plague with Barb, to prove that you can survive).
    I see S2 as chance to roll WD, still if I'll be willing to drop on Barb or Wiz, I'll go with my non-S still living chars.

  5. “The most basic and obvious feature of Seasons is the chance for a fresh economy and leaderboard. Thankfully the Diablo 3 economy isn’t ruined by dupes and hacks like it was in Diablo 2”

    What economy? There is no economy in D3 anymore. It may be true that there is a fresh start and first dibs on items but thats about it. BoA on everything eliminated the economy and as far as a competitive aspect you can push leaderboards non-season all day if you want and its the same as doing it in season.. without having to restart.

    seasons are just a waste of time imo since they offer no real change from the non-season play.

    • There's an economy of your own chars/account, in terms of how much gold, gems, lgems, and items you have. And knowing that other people are starting fresh as well, whether you choose to interact with them or not.

      Plenty of people enjoyed the D2 ladder wipes even if they only played solo and/or Ironborn, just for the leveled playing field. Same thing in D3.

  6. I didn't participate in S1, but I'll be focusing on a monk for S2 since I haven't played either of the dex classes since vanilla. The only thing I don't like about seasons is how it further fragments the playerbase.

  7. In S1 I became really invested in the character I rolled for it and then it was frustrating how long the season went and waiting to merge the character with the rest of my account. Because of that, I'm torn about S2. I want to make a character for it, but I don't want to get that invested… but I know once I take a character to 70, I'll start becoming attached to that character and the cycle starts all over again. I guess I could wait until the final weeks of the season, but who knows when that will be.

    Seasonal items will make a big difference for me. If they're lame, I'll pass… if there's something really cool like Aether Walker again, that could be worth rolling a character.

  8. Me i personally love the restart. Allows me to get a refresh and more.

  9. I was not impressed with season one, I ended up leveling myself as there was not one single person leveling up on a Friday or Saturday night. Complete ghost town.

    Starting over was a lot more fun in diablo 2, with better itemization, stuff like runes, charms, jewels, and endgame rare and magical weapons made every grind different as you always had different gear every time and almost everything could be endgame in some way.

    In d3 I ended up with the exact same gear as my main account very quickly, there is no real experimentation, it's still the same salvage all button mashing and grift grind.

    Race is a good description actually, it's not a journey like in d2 , its simply one giant race to get to where your live paragon and same old set/ leg item count was. I also agree with the fact that such restricted trading really hurts the experience, if anything they should have opened up trading fully and WIPED EVERYTHING at the end of the season.
    Seriously, why did I need DH number five at the end of season one?

    It's much better on console with trading between friends, no waiting for the seasonal items as there are no seasons on console, and an actual offline mode with no downtime or lag.

  10. There is no incentive for me to play at all in season 2 , it's getting harder and harder for me to log in right now , twice since seasons ended . . I stopped playing in November I was so bored with seasons .

    What I will do is wait a couple of weeks maybe or even start with clan members to get to lvl 70 for the transmog then delete the char and turn it back into the mule that it is now .

    There are no new legendaries I am interested in , and would have to delete a lvl 70 to reach lvl 70 , lol . No , that to me is just a punishment .

    If they ever give us more character classes I may consider it , but as it stands , no thanks .

  11. i will return to the game once S2 ends so i can level up the gem of ease so all my mules can wear stuff to free up more space for more loot.

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