What’s in Store for Diablo at BlizzCon 2019? Diablo 4 Apparently

What’s in Store for Diablo at BlizzCon 2019? Diablo 4 Apparently

With Blizzard opting out of Gamescom this year, you have to wonder if something is on the cards for Diablo at this year’s BlizzCon. Word on the street is that there will be something this year for Diablo 4.

Having trapesed around the floor of Gamescom this year, I bumped into a few folk who were notably concerned about the lack of a Blizzard presence. So why were they not there? Blizzard has been busy focusing on game development and no doubt now trying to get a new Diablo title in shape prior to BlizzCon this year. It would make sense considering the fan’s reaction to Diablo phonegate at last year’s BlizzCon.

So what are they planning? Well, I did get talking to someone who may have an inside track on this and Diablo 4 will apparently be making an appearance at BlizzCon this year. Blizzard could be ready to announce the game in the form of a huge cinematic trailer. Remember the good old days of Blizzard reveals when you were wowed by a fantastic cinematic. That could be happening this year for Diablo 4.

However, I was told that there was no gameplay planned to be shown which would make sense based on what we have heard about Diablo 4’s development. Releasing a cinematic to hype the audience would be the easiest way to redeem themselves after last years Diablo: Immortal announcement.

If this cinematic does appear, it could be enough to keep fans happy at this year’s BlizzCon because Blizzard has one more shot at getting this right otherwise fans will probably give up hope on the franchise. We shall see what happens, but it sounds like there’s going to at least be something Diablo 4 related to enjoy at this year’s BlizzCon.


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    23 thoughts on “What’s in Store for Diablo at BlizzCon 2019? Diablo 4 Apparently

    1. Any news about Diablo Immortal at all? Been waiting and waiting and nothing. Or are they just keeping it on the backburner because of the misunderstanding with its announcement?

        • They won’t scrap Immortal, too much money to be made in China.
          The western world reacted badly to the Immortal announcement, but China is a massive market.
          Remember there are far more Chinese speakers than any other language.
          I too want to at least try Immortal before making a judgement on it (like the vocal minority did without playing it.)

          • Please show me your statistical data that you don’t have about what voice is the majority and minority. I would be willing to bet real money that the MAJORITY of Diablo fans are against Immortal….If you think basically the vast MAJORITY of people at BLizzcon are a small vocal minority, you would be wrong.

            • My point was not that hardly anyone has actually played it, so we should wait until we have to pass judgement.
              Did Blizzard make a massive mistake in the way it was announced? Yes! Is Immortal a bad game? I don’t know, I haven’t played it yet, I expect I won’t like it, due to the controls.
              But rather than trying to understand what I was saying, you just jumped on the fact I said a ‘vocal minority’ to mean the people that are moaning before they have tried it, I am assuming (maybe incorrectly) that the moaning people are minor to the people that like me want to try it before saying it is bad (which it may well be!)

    2. My impression was that Blizzard doesn’t do Cinematics-only announcement. If they announe a new game, they show gameplay and usually have a demo ready. So this rumour strikes me as quite odd and not very convincing.

      Anyway, I’ll believe it when I see it. Been burnt too many times with pre-Blizzcon Diablo hype ><

        • The Cinematic only announcement doesn’t sound like Blizzard. I hope that rumour is wrong.
          Although Diablo 3 was almost exactly that, the game play footage was just hacked together in game cut scenes, much of which never happened in the end product.

    3. Still got ages to wait, Blizzcon 2019 isn’t till the start of November. Lots of space for rumours :D. They did or were able to show off a demo to the French devs remember. They must have plenty of working footage so I don’t believe a cinematic [only] is likely when they do show.

      There would have to be gameplay, lots of it. Making all the acts is always time-consuming. They would again have at least one act to show or allow limited play on before talking about it otherwise the dev time to make the rest would be forever. Unless they cut down the acts and models on the initial release.

    4. Should be more like 2, with more bosses and a Different Twist. More characters to select from. And have it for the consoles as well as the PC unlike to is PC only. Oh no longer storyline, I beat Diablo 1 in a day, Diablo 2 in 3 days and 3 in a day. And I also like the idea of having a follower with you.

    5. I’d want to be hired by Blizzard to consult on a set of further expansions for Diablo II/Lord of Destruction, to be released starting in late 2020. Anyone know how I could pursue such a goal?

      • Trouble is you wonderful idea will be hated by some people, and they will moan very loudly, as you changed their game in a way they didn’t like.
        I would say your chances of success with getting that specific job at Blizzard are very low, they would need to be remastering D2 (probably is happening) AND decide to expand the game (probably won’t happen), before they would hire anyone for that job. You could contact MedianXL, they might be open to your help.

        • Very True, and I know no one can please everyone.

          OTOH, I would replace the “Grind to 99” with an infinite progression game, where you start off your character at level 0.0, earning your way up to 1.0 and then selecting what class you want to play as. You then upgrade your new character to the class of your choice, and go up from 1st level all the way to 100th level, and then attempt a special quest, that allows you to restart your character back at level 0.0, and start off all over again. Of course, you would be keeping something from the previous live(s) your character has had, and get progressively stronger and stronger as you get your character reborn, again and again…

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