With Blizzard opting out of Gamescom this year, you have to wonder if something is on the cards for Diablo at this year’s BlizzCon. Word on the street is that there will be something this year for Diablo 4.

    Having trapesed around the floor of Gamescom this year, I bumped into a few folk who were notably concerned about the lack of a Blizzard presence. So why were they not there? Blizzard has been busy focusing on game development and no doubt now trying to get a new Diablo title in shape prior to BlizzCon this year. It would make sense considering the fan’s reaction to Diablo phonegate at last year’s BlizzCon.

    So what are they planning? Well, I did get talking to someone who may have an inside track on this and Diablo 4 will apparently be making an appearance at BlizzCon this year. Blizzard could be ready to announce the game in the form of a huge cinematic trailer. Remember the good old days of Blizzard reveals when you were wowed by a fantastic cinematic. That could be happening this year for Diablo 4.

    However, I was told that there was no gameplay planned to be shown which would make sense based on what we have heard about Diablo 4’s development. Releasing a cinematic to hype the audience would be the easiest way to redeem themselves after last years Diablo: Immortal announcement.

    If this cinematic does appear, it could be enough to keep fans happy at this year’s BlizzCon because Blizzard has one more shot at getting this right otherwise fans will probably give up hope on the franchise. We shall see what happens, but it sounds like there’s going to at least be something Diablo 4 related to enjoy at this year’s BlizzCon.


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