What Will You Name Your Necromancer?

What Will You Name Your Necromancer?

With the Necromancer dropping very soon, many of you are wondering what to call your first Diablo 3 Necro. Perhaps there’s some inspiration in an old Diablo 2 thread that’s proved popular today where Diablo 2 players discussed what to call their Necromancers.

It’s amusing seeing this thread pop back up today in the forums from 2005 where Diablo 2 players are discussing what to call their Necromancers. Have tastes for names changed in 12 years? With classics such as BonerMcFly and Bonerator, probably not.

Check out the old thread for fun and feel free to post your own suggestions here. Naming a new character is not an easy task.

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    25 thoughts on “What Will You Name Your Necromancer?

    1. My first Diablo 2 character was a necro, and I named him Natas (Satan backwards)cause I was such a rebellious kid, and thought the whole backwards Satanic message thing was funny. I will probably name my necro the same thing. Unless Blizz bans me for being too dark for the Diablo franchise.

    2. I will call mine “RipDiablo” because all classes in D3 are basically the same BS. Also Sorceress used to be a master of Cold, Fire and Lightning spells, but in D3 every class is an “elemental class”. But anyways, it’s not like elements matter anyways in D3, you just pick the one that has the highest damage and supporting legendary items lol… Also Monsters dont have resistances to specific elements so whats the point anyways beyond the color of the spell? …

      I really hope D4 goes back to “+To All Skills” itemization where uniques and runewords are the best items instead of sets that boost a single “skill”.

      Oh, and I also hope D4 will bring back skill trees so I get to choose my favorite skill and boost it myself by leveling up and allocating skill points into it.

      • Allen, stop this. Everyone knows we have to get our shit together and bring a worthy successor to Diablo 2 by bringing Diablo 4 to life. Diablo 3 is a fine game today, it might not be a real Diablo game, but it is a decent Action game for casuals. We sold a lot of copies, despite the game being really lackluster at the beginning.

        We know what we have to do to honor Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. We promise we will work hard to make it a reality. We will do our best to prove that we also can make a real Diablo game with D4.

        Peace out -Frank

    3. I was going to come here and bash on D3 but for once, I really don’t even care enough to do so. Does anyone know if you have 10 stash tabs and buy the necro you get 12, or do you get nothing?

    4. Female will be called Tenebris. Yeah, it’s latin ‘cos I’m the nerd. Male will be, like in D2, Mortwymkoth. It doesn’t make sense in English and not much more in my native language but it’s an old inside joke that was funny 20 years ago.

    5. Hell originates from ‘Hel’, the Norse underworld. It’s also the name of the female undertaker who presides over the domain, so I named my female necro Helen. My male necro is named Orcus, Roman god of the underworld.

    6. I’m not sure you, but he will be a hardcore mode character. Haven’t played yet.

    7. My necro will be Nobody in D3 for sure, and I’m confused btw 2 names for my necro in Grim Dawn exp. Greidan The Unliving and Gradulus The Undertaker.

    8. Zumakalis for the bone daddy.
      BloodBathory for the bloodsucker.
      Can’t think of a good name for the Scythe/Poison, any ideas?

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