What Should the Seasonal Bonuses Be?

Non-Seasonal?  Wait...

Non-Seasonal? Wait…

We debate what sort of bonus incentives we should see in Seasons, with some fans happy with the new legendary items, and others not so much. The topic came up in the B.net forums and a Blue reply of the typical “thanks for word opinions, please continue” sort was rendered. But it’s a topic worth the debate, so here’s the quote.

Players in some other mode getting tons of XP and drops – doesn’t affect me. At least I’m playing the full game. Being stuck in last season’s mode with a gimped loot table – makes me not want to play at all.

…If you want to be the first ones to gain access to new loot then make the sacrifice and feel weak through the process up levelling up again. If this is not your thing then, bite the bullet and wait.

…Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with the system. Blizzard already compromised from the get-go by allowing the season’s exclusives into the NS loot pool when it was over.
Tyvalir: I’m seeing lots of different perspectives here on what players would like to see from Seasonal rewards. All of this complements feedback we’ve noticed in similar threads, which we’ll be sure to pass on to our developers.

Just as a quick reminder, though: Please remember to be civil to one another. Be passionate, even argumentative, but always focus your conversation on weighing the merits of the ideas themselves, rather than the merits of your fellow posters. 🙂

I was surprised that all three new Item Sets and all of the older set upgrades were made available in Patch 2.2, with just the new legendary items/potions/lgems held for Season 3 exclusives. It seems like we’ve got a lower percentage of players participating in S3 than in S1 or S2, but there’s no way to know if that’s due to S2 being demoralizingly brief, general fatigue with the concept of season/fresh start, so many of the new items available in non-seasonal, etc. (Or all of the above.)

I’m a seasonal player, so I’d be fine with *all* new sets/legs being Seasonal only, but I can certainly see why players who don’t play as much, or who don’t want to season, would disagree. What I think everyone can agree on is that if there are new legendary items that synergize with each other or with a set, they should all be available in the same mode. The mismatches we see with several new items in v2.2/S3, most obviously with the Dead Man’s Legacy quiver only dropping in Season 3, when it’s the ideal quiver for the Unhallowed Essence set (which is available in S and NS), is janky. (Though I would have found it amusing if Mortick’s Brace had been only NS, while the new Barb sets were only Seasonal. Or vice versa.)

We ran a related vote a couple of months ago, during a similar debate during Season Two, to give you a sense of the general community consensus.

What do you think about Seasons and exclusive Seasonal items?

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So what do you guys think is the appropriate bonus for playing in a Season? All the exclusive legs? Big exp buff but no legs? No buffs at all since fresh start in Seasons is its own reward?


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  1. My argument would be your last sentence: "No buffs at all since fresh start in Seasons is its own reward?"

    Numerous people have given me crap in clan chat for not playing seasons. They always start the conversation with "OMG why would you not play seasons?" as if seasons are so awesome that there is no real choice. If starting over is that cool then there shouldn't be a need for additional carrots. (I'm fine with cosmetic rewards like xmogs for seasonal participation.)

    • Same aswell. 🙂

      I’d prefer no seasons myself so we all play together but that is seperate from the season legs itself in splitting up the player base. Kinda go hand in hand ofcourse but still.

  2. I'm OK with the current system. I wouldn't mind some additional reward for playing seasons, like feat of strength achievement. I DON'T like the idea of legendaries that are available only in season and not in era after the given season ends. I don't play that much and sometimes the real life happens an I can play even less. I barely finished season 2 FoS achievements before it ended.

  3. They should leave the items the same and just give Seasonal players a small buff in Legendary drop rate to compensate for having to start from scratch. Then everyone is playing the same game.

  4. If you have to pay people in loot to "incentivize" seasons, isn't that defeating the basic point of them? Everyone was so desperate for a "fresh start" or whatever, so they shouldn't need extra carrots. For me it just feels like they're locking content behind chores and saying I'm not cool enough to see everything yet. Lol kid, come back when you're 4 months older.So I skip those chores however I can to get the low-hanging fruit like banners, and then go play something else til the season ends.

  5. the current system is fine.the moment u stop adding season items into non seasons after it ends is the day people stop playing the game altogether.becoz most people actually have lives.

  6. I like the current loot system. I play season because I enjoy the fresh start and the feel of progression (particularly in HC since it is slower and the brick wall farther). I just do not like that much the fact that the achievements are mainly based on “sets sets sets and blast T6 and high GR”. I like to play my own builds and this is not the current direction for ROS. Blizz just want us to play one of the current cookie cuter builds. Wasn’t Jay speaking about billions of builds? I miss that.

  7. They should have the same loot tables in season and non-season. Gimping people who don’t want to start over seems like a broken design decision. If you want to incentivise seasonal play, don’t do it at the cost of people who don’t enjoy chasing that carrot.

  8. I don’t really care, but they screwed up with DML.

  9. The current system is fine, the fact that there are some new things every season is the only thing that gets me to even bother playing at all.
    I find non-season boring roughly for the same reaon i find the season boring after 2-3 months, all my characters are close to full gear and the only thing left is spending hundreds of hours trying to get that one last item and everything else is trash. When the only item worth finding is something almost impossible to find like a Ancient Maximus or similar i prefer to wait for a new season where once again most if the drops are worth getting excited for.

  10. I am not fond of the season based game, it does not seem fair to non season gamers, drops and legs should be the same. Seems a little like Blizzard think they’ve got a good idea and to get people to play season comes this carrot with better drops and loots generally, the percentage play season games and how many non season think it’s the answer lies.

  11. i’m curious, who use the new avalanche boots from season 3 ?

  12. i think it would be a nice idea to buy seasonal legendary items from kadala instead of gambling/looking for them so its not a chore for people to get them legendaries. The pool as it is right now is poop too many junkers and not too many keepers if u know what i mean if u keep adding to this pile the junk always wins

  13. What I find confusing is that on the website/forums, it seems like a pretty even split between “love seasons” and “don’t play them”. But in the clan–at least the HC clan–I’m one of like 3 people that doesn’t play seasons.

    Haven’t been able to figure that one out yet.

  14. It’s completely fine as it is. Only cosmetic rewards for Seasons, add new legs and items to the NS pool after it ends.

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