What is Diablo III?

A new official promotional video asks that question, and awaits your answer. As well as your drool, since this is a really nice one.

There are short introductions to all of the characters (with a bit of new gameplay footage), and then a nice tour of the world, showing new dungeons and scenes from within Act Two town Caldeum. They also cover skill runes, equipment, PvP (*not available at launch), multiplayer, and more. The last bit even shows the DiabloWikiSiegebreaker in some Hellish environment, as he asks politely if the Barbarian could assist him with a bit of food stuck between his teeth. (Didn’t DiabloWikiFatalities they remove fatalities, though?)

Thanks to WDC for the tip.

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35 thoughts on “What is Diablo III?

  1. Only 3 more sleeps till we all reach the burning hells. 🙂

    The End Is Near!  


    • Or they reach YOU !
      “Prepare yourself, mortal, to serve my Master for eternity, Mouhahahahaaaa !”

  2. Does this mean the bosses still have “finishing moves”??? …being that the seigbreaker picked up the barb and screamed in his face haha.

    • Yea, doesn’t quite look like a fatality.  It’s probably just an attack; however, it is similar to the old fatality.  This video was sweet, and I still can’t really decide which class to roll first. 

    • It could just be a unique attack. Being stunned for 5 seconds and being picked up and spat at for 5 seconds are the exact same thing, except the latter looks much cooler.

      • Except the latter seems silly to the player. “Why didn’t the building-sized demon kill me when he picked me up?”

        • Wouldn’t the fact that you were stunned for 5 seconds while he ravaged you and still not die seem equally silly? You were stunned, you couldn’t defend yourself.¨

          captcha: Patience, chield. Seems fitting.

  3. Best promo video I’ve seen! Going to be really tough to choose a class after watching!

  4. I thought it was poor. I actually yawned when the video hit the auction house stuff. All that beta footage doesn’t make a good presentation video imo. Zzzzzzzzzz

    • Mhhh, you are right. This is so for this video, and in my opinion also for the ingame charvoices. The english version has more, mhhh, i dont know the right word, feeling, the right touch for the class. Especilly the witchdoctor, the female version has this “Captain Sparrow” touch, completly missing in german.

  5. Maybe I’m reading into this a bit much, but listen to what he says at the end, from 3:40- 3:50, right before the siegebreaker(if that’s what it is?) scene.
    “Conquor your fears, shatter hells unholy legions, and banish them from the mortal realm, ONCE AND FOR ALL!
    Meaning… no D4? Maybe no expansions? Could D3’s looooong development process spelled the end of the series? Hope not, game looks great and the video was pretty nice. I would show my friends if they didn’t already know and love the Diablo series.

    • They’ve said D3 will end this trilogy of story, so when there’s a D4 it will hopefully be something different; if only set 200 years before or after for a slight change of pace.

      But no, I don’t believe anything is “forever” when there are sequels to sell.

    • Yeah. He’s super cheesey and puts odd inflection in the middle of sentences. But whatever, as long as he doesn’t narrate the game.

      • Actually, he is the new voice actor for Tyrael which means we are going to hear him quite often.

  6. Really great promo IMO. Those new areas and the Myst effects are quite impressive. No doubt you can tell what was older design of the areas. Nice to see new creatures as well. Midnight Tuesday Morning wont come fast enough.

  7. I am a happy chappy now! Seigebreaker is back, demon slaying is upon us and its only two more days!!! D3 and it’s upcoming expansions are going to be the staple of many a night! you cannot tell me that with the highest pre-order rating ever, that D3 is not going to be a financial success!!! I predict two expansions. 

    • I am not sure but i think they already talked about making 2 expansions. Could be rumours i heard though.

  8. I can’t believe the narrator’s voice is going to be Tyrael’s, I want the old one back!

  9. who the heck is doing the voice over!!! it is good!

    but loved the video, keep hyping it blizzard! show me more! 

  10. Did anyone notice the scene before the siegebreaker? Those little things running at the character? Reminded me of stygian dolls, but not as quick….they almost looked like kamikazes

  11. Those little things were Imps. Like the ones in the beta that were inside those exploding fat monsters. I forget the name of the monster but it’s a harder version of the ones you see early in the beta that explode upon death and those eels come out. The one’s that have imps come out are around Cathedral level 3-4 I believe.

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