A fan brought up a concern about Diablo III weapons in the official forums, wondering if Blizzard would bring back weapons from previous games.  The Diablo III Gameplay Video shown at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals and BlizzCon 2008 showed axes, mauls, staffs, wands, and a throwing knife.  Bashiok answered in a very jokingly manner. Or was he?  It must have been a joke. Or was it half a joke, with some truth? Mind games. I tell ya. Mark Waid is evil, but Bashiok is far more.

    Cold-Plasma Laser Rifles, and also ones that can hold more ammo than the normal one.

    Cold-Plasma Laser Rifles don’t look too Diablo-esque, but a wooden shotgun shooting magical fireballs, or frostbolts would look cool. Boomerangs hitting multiple targets and stunning them for 3 seconds. Laying traps that freeze or explode upon mobs chasing you. A Chainsaw. Guns that shoot a hook attached to a cord to reach high areas or to swing across broken bridges. Crossbows with explosive arrows.  A magical-imbued hammer that cracks thunderbolts on every direction when hitting the ground. Now that’s the stuff.

    Bashiok has commented on guns once or twice before.

    Speculation mode: Would you dig a new Diablo III Gunslinger class? The way I would imagine it—in a Diablo III-esque way that is—would be like Van Helsing with all his bizarre weaponry built up from both science and magic.  Van Helsing meets Gnome/Goblin tech, Indiana Jones and Vizjerei spellwork.  Would that be appealing at all as a new class? Share your thoughts, and click through to read more of my speculation on this issue.

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