What if Blizzard Made SNES Games?

Cancelface points us to a fan-made video that explores what the Super NES gaming experience might have been like had Blizzard been responsible for famous titles such as Zelda and Mario Bros. Hello lag and Error 37!

There’s extensive foul language in the video’s narration, so consider this your NSFW warning.

The irony is that Blizzard did make SNES games, and of course they didn’t have lag or disconnect issues. The joke of the video, such as it is, could be more accurately stated, “What if old games had online-only requirements via a network prone to errors and disconnects.” But any excuse to bash Blizzard for Battle.net’s occasional technical failings is a good one… right?

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24 thoughts on “What if Blizzard Made SNES Games?

  1. But any excuse to bash Blizzard for Battle.net’s occasional technical failings is a good one… right?

    Correct. Because they force us to play online. This has been covered.

    While I love a good bashing, the video was too meh for my tastes. A lot of territory went unexplored for parody’s sake.

  2. LOL! I actually liked this. Sorry if all you Blizzard fan boys consider this a slap in the face…..get over it!

  3. This guy is annoying, the video isn’t funny. Why is something like this posted on here?

    • Because the game is only a month old and we’re already out of news. I agree, it was only mildly amusing.

      • Actually there’s heaps of news and content, at least today. There are currently 5 more posts in the script right now, so check back every 90m today for moar. Generally speaking, a lot of what will be the coolest news doesn’t really exist yet, as people haven’t learned the game well enough to start really varying things and making up and posting interesting variant strategies, or detailed videos about how to best use all of the skills, etc. A lot of that will come over the months as Bliz tweaks skills to make more viable, adds better set/uniques, etc.

        As for this video… I thought it was pretty stupid myself, but this site isn’t “only Diablo III news that Flux likes/approves of.” There’d be a lot fewer Bashiok mentions, in that case. 😉

        This video was thematically appropriate and some people enjoy it, hence it was newsworthy. You are free to dislike it and to not watch it. It will not be on the final exam.

    • now that’s how you do a parody video =]

      ya the video in the article is way too forced

  4. In totally unrelated news, but because I think Flux will probably look here, how about another podcast? All of the news has been so negative, it would be cool to hear something positive. Assuming anybody has something positive to say!

    • A lot of so called “negative” news is really down to Blizzard’s responses to the feedback on game. Not our fault, we just report what’s going on positive and negative so you can all keep up with everything.

    • I recorded a good hour chat with Xanth over the weekend, and it was almost entirely QQ free. I’m out of town this week with only my laptop and a very busy RL schedule, so I haven’t had time to edit and post it yet. Soon, hopefully.

  5. Error 37 is a login issue, not a disconnect one. You’d think people would bother with being accurate but the mask of satire allows for plenty of half-truths I suppose.

    I wasn’t aware people considered the starting areas of D3 so difficult that they feel compelled to use the RMAH, I breezed through it personally but I guess RNG drops can make it feel harder if your luck is bad.

  6. Bad game is bad.

    Off to TorchLight 2

    Blizzard North ftw –> the real Blizzard not actigreedablovision

  7. I honestly made this video as a joke between my friends. I didn’t expect people to actually watch it, or even laugh. It was just something we thought would be funny to do and apparently people are finding it.

    Hell, even the voice is a parody of all the “Youtube Famous” video gamers who just curse a lot and make random noises while playing. A joke within a joke. The irony is, people think I actually talk like that.


    PS: I Know what error 37 is, it was just added in there for familiarity.

  8. LOOOL, I loved it. Douchebag are you american? I hope some people realise that not every country has super fast internet, even though diablo 3 is “apparently” not bandwith dependant. Tons of people have to deal with constant rubberbanding and lag the whole time, so they deserve to be bashed.

  9. Blizzard actually made e few SNES games. Lost vikings, rock&roll racing and of course Blackthorne! Pretty nice games but never big sellers.

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