What if a Diablo 3 Crusader and a Diablo 2 Paladin Met?

A couple of new Blue replies to flesh out the lore and background story of the DiabloWikiCrusader:

DiabloWikiPaladins have been under the influence of Mephisto (though majority of Pallies are still good folks) for many years. Crusaders are aware of that, and left the order to seek a way to purify Zakarum and rid the world of demonic influence.

So what if a Paladin and Crusader runs into each other?

Crusader meets Paladin.
Crusader meets Paladin.

Nevalistis: Hm, a curious question. I think it would be a rather one-sided encounter in terms of interest. The Crusaders are a relatively secret sect, and not much is known about them. I think a Paladin would show less interest in a Crusader, viewing him only as a fellow devout worshiper of the Zakarum. The Crusader might have a more distrustful perspective, viewing any Paladin as “tainted” given that their quest is to purge all darkness from the Zakarum.

They’ve also been fairly disassociated from current events in the church since the era of Rakkis over two hundred years ago, when they were formed.

We’ll see how they will interact but it can be assumed that probably the leader of Paladins is the boss of Crusaders aswell.
Nevalistis: Remember that Crusaders are loosely organized, and they follow a calling rather than a commander. Crusaders were quite deliberately formed as a separate entity from Paladins, for fear of carrying over corruption into their new sacred duty, so what they share does not stretch much further than their faith.

I’m curious to see how DiabloWikiKormac reacts when he meets a Crusader. It seems safe to expect him to spill enough GLORIOUS to float a canoe, given Kormac’s respect for martial traditions and the sort of connection between his Templar order and the more powerful Paladins/Crusaders. Plus it’ll be the first time Kormac has ever seen anyone else using a shield, so bonus points for that.

Click through for another multi-part post in which Nevalistis answers several other Crusader story and lore questions.

Love the fact a holy warrior will be returning to the roster. I felt just the monk was a little lacking for the ‘light’ department. In DnD terms.

  • Monk, Crusader: Chaotic Good
  • Barbarian, Wizard: Neutral
  • Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor: Chaotic Evil

  • Nevalistis: Hm. I’d personally be thinking more:

  • Monk: Lawful Good
  • Crusader: Neutral Good
  • Barbarian, Demon Hunter: Chaotic Neutral
  • Wizard, Witch Doctor: True Neutral
  • I don’t think any of the Nephalem are inherently evil. Perhaps some are a little morally nonplussed about how they go about saving the world, but ultimately they have good intentions.

    Will Crusaders be seeing more healing/support spells?
    The intention behind the Crusader is more of a medieval, literal tank. I don’t mean so much in the role of “tank,” but in terms of an actual, mechanical, modern-day tank. Heavy armor, brutal mid-range artillery, and general militaristic bad-assitude are the themes you should associate with the Crusader.

    I know the crusader is going toward a grittier holy warrior feel, and they are starting to feel like the Spanish inquisition(here we go).
    The real question is… do you expect them? On a serious note, Crusaders are pretty much the opposite of an “inquisition.” Part of their reason for journeying to the East for a way to purge their faith of taint was because they were vehemently against the more inquisition like sects of the Zakarum. I covered that a little in this post, but I’m happy to provide further clarity. =)

    Is the Crusader’s Bombardment ability magic, or is there really a small crew of artillery following her around Sanctuary to proved fire support?
    The Crusader doesn’t really roll with an entourage. They rarely travel with more than a single ward or apprentice (if not entirely alone). Their abilities are fueled by Wrath, which subsequently is fueled by their devotion to the Zakarum. In a sense, it’s divine magic.

    Hourah! Nevalistis is one of us. I am glad to see you like tabletop rpg.
    I wear a d20 around my neck on a daily basis, and a set of dice is always within my reach. Never know when you need to roll a saving throw.

    So crusaders won’t be seeing a Melee centric focus? Or do you mean that the crusader sort of rolls forward, attacking targets at mid-range and then crushing them in melee?
    Both! Melee with a shield focus and mid-ranged artillery are both combat elements for the Crusader, and the different styles intermingle quite well. You might throw a powerful burst of light to lead in before bashing a demon in the face with your shield, or you might focus entirely on one style over the other. There will be quite a few options to experiment with. =)

    Why do some people think the Crusader is a Lawful Good type character? They aren’t D&D paladins.
    I think it’s important to note that not only are Crusaders unlike D&D Paladins, they are also unlike Sanctuary’s Paladin orders. While they share some surface similarities, their goals (and more specifically their means to those goals) are quite different. Paladins are devoted to the teachings of Akarat and spreading the Zakarum faith. Crusaders, however, are focused on purging all evil, particularly by purifying the corruption that they fear still lingers in their faith.

    I suspect that fan interest in the Crusader is like 95% play style and 5% story/lore, but it doesn’t have to be an either/or equation. I wonder if all that “Crusaders be like” stuff will even matter in the game, though? For example, I was just updating the DiabloWikiWizard page in the wiki last night, and realized that I’d completely forgotten all of the class lore that was a big point of fan interest back in like, 2009.

    For instance, the Wizard’s personality, as described in dev interviews and fleshed out in journal entries by Abd al-Hazir, took an interesting turn. The Wizard was described as rebellious, young, and almost out-of-control due to her dabbling in powerful and forbidden magics. She was a wild child, was sent to a strict mage academy in Caldeum, sneaked peeks into the forbidden tomes, dueled and defeated a senior mage, and fled the city with the entire mage order in pursuit.

    Sassy, from concept to execution.
    Sassy, from concept to execution.

    This wizard was sent here to spend her formative years under the tutelage of the best mages in the world. Well, it seems they neglected to teach our wizard manners on her native island of Xiansai, for she was a rude and uncooperative student from the very beginning. Originally under the guidance of the Zann Esu mage clan, she was eventually handed over to the Vizjerei in the hopes that their strict and unbending discipline would break her anarchic spirit. Yet even the esteemed Vizjerei instructors were unable to rein her in. She was continually being caught seeking out dangerous and forbidden magics, heedless of the consequences to herself or anyone around her.

    Although there is no truth to the tales that she actually ventured into the infamous Bitter Depths below the Sanctum, she was caught in the Ancient Repositories, where the most dangerous incantations are housed for the safety of the public. When confronted by the great Vizjerei mage Valthek and demanded to account for herself, she brazenly attacked him rather than face the punishment merited by her acts.

    That’s just an excerpt, and it’s a cool background story. And I’m sure you guys remember all those story details where the Wizard was worried about killing herself or burning out her magics as she struggled to learn and control some of her most powerful spells. And how excited she was about returning to Caldeum and the likelihood that she’d run into some of her former mage rivals or even the mage elders who were hunting her down.

    Oh wait, you don’t remember any of that, since none of it happened. Which is why I can’t get all that excited about how well the Crusaders do or do not get along with Paladins, or what they might think when they return to the headquarters of their order in Westmarch. Because there’s no reason to expect it’ll actually be followed through on in the game.

    I’ll be happy if they prove me wrong, though.

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    15 thoughts on “What if a Diablo 3 Crusader and a Diablo 2 Paladin Met?

    1. Interesting read Flux, though you do make characters sound very cookie cut. But then again there is a big difference between being a character and having character. I must have been thinking about the former which kind of highlights how shallow a lot of these characters are. Come to think of it DnD had all the same problems what with every dwarf having the same backward attitude and Scottish accent. I guess its easier to stereotype a character and just get their basics right. But alignments do kind of force our hand on this matter. Can’t do that, its not in your alignment. Lol.

    2. I’m slightly confused between titles and orders…Kormac is a Templar right or is he now a Crusader of a Templar order? If so, will he be re-labelled as a Crusader or a stay as a Templar in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls?

      • Without giving away any spoilers, The Book of Tyrael has the Templar listed as their own order separare from Paladins or Crusaders. So I would imagine in Reaper of Souls Kormac will remain as a templar.

    3. Would be really nice with more, ehm, character for our characters.
      It would allow for more story-telling that isnt simply
      Step 1. Diablo taunting you in awful ways
      Step 2. Kill Diablo
      Step 3. Profit.

      For example, there could be an event where a group of assassins appears, to kill the wizard – since as you say the background story tells how the mage elders are sending an assassin after her to make sure she don’t go ‘wild’.
      Also allows for some reintroduction of Diablo 2 lore and characters.

      And if they do add an avendture mode, then people can skip it if they want.

      • Agreed. I play games mostly for story, and I was most excited that Blizzard said that they were putting an emphasis on character and story in D3. Because of this, that aspect of the game’s failure hit me the hardest, even more than items and character balance.

        That said though, I absolutely disagree that D3’s story was awful. The execution was extremely bad (pop-up demon heads and Saturday Morning cartoon taunting), true, but the actual story was pretty decent, if a little obvious with the plot twists. With the exception of Magda, who straight-up should never have existed, the story is pretty enjoyable with dialogue turned off. Still, I was more excited for having characters be more than one-dimensional robots, and that went about as badly as it could have.

        • Completely agree. When I first played through, I didn’t really mind the pop-up demon heads (though nor did I think they were good) but on the bazillion consequent playthroughs, they seem incredibly stupid and pointless. Diablo is now this godlike being but he’s constantly checking up on you and making silly responses like someone bitterly stalking their ex on Facebook. It was also a huge shame and massive missed opportunity that Belial’s “cunning plan” wouldn’t have ever tricked a baby and Asmodan seemed to be about as good a tactician as me when I play Shogun 2 drunk. For all of that, the plot isn’t actually that bad.

          I think Maghda was okay, but she was just used in completely the wrong way. If there are all these cultists running around as enemies for 2 acts, their leader should be a boss. It also ties in nicely to Adria since they used to know each other, and Adria noticably doesn’t appear until after Maghda is dead. Unfortunately, she just became the equivalent of the “talking demon head” for Act 1 and the first half of Act 2. I don’t have a problem with how Cain died as, for all his wisdom, he was just a very tired, very old man. *I* could’ve killed him, never mind some kind of evil sorceress.

          A lot of the playable characters’ personalities come out a lot more in follower dialogue than anywhere else, plus how they react to the temporary followers like Leah and Kulle. I do seem to remember the wizard talking about Caldeum in a way that alluded to her past, though it was hardly focused on as much as it should’ve been. I do think it was a damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation, though. I think giving all these subplots to each character would’ve got complaints about “this is meant to be me, this is some JRPG shit” or whatever.

    4. I expect lots of geek-talk between Kormac and the Crusader about shields -especially when going shopping at Haedrigs.

      I can just picture it now. Kormac and the Crusader discussing the finer points of strap positions, rivets, polish and how to deal with rust and gore, and meanwhile Haedrig is pulling his hair out saying, “Fur the luv of Marty, would’ya jus pik a stinkin’ shield!”

    5. The wizard’s cocky personality does come across in her various dialogue, and one of her level up lines is “If only they could see me now”.

      As for “[imagine if] the Wizard was worried about killing herself or burning out her magics as she struggled to learn and control some of her most powerful spells”, that doesn’t really make sense as she is incredibly arrogant and headstrong, and ignored all the warnings of her teachers. Her various comments make it clear that she’s the same character as defined in the earlier stories, although I do definitely wish there was more character-specific moments and events.

      • I almost used that one since it makes me laugh, but I thought it would be going to a second level of meme humor that would confuse people who don’t even know the basic level.

        I do wish I’d taken a minute to do some intentionally terrible PS and stuck a Pally/Crussy shield/sword/helm on the stick figures.

    6. I think the paladin would feel like the crushader is not worthy. The paladin would customize his build using his skill points, he would then roll a decent fortitude archonplate. Then he would hit the crushader, and with one blow he would cut the crushader in half (including the shity shield). Oh, i forgot to mention the paladin also has multiple auras stacked while zealing the crushader. And all of this while only being lvl 85, where as the wow-cruahader

    7. I think the paladin would feel like the crushader is not worthy. The paladin would customize his build using his skill points, he would then roll a decent fortitude archonplate. Then he would hit the crushader, and with one blow he would cut the crushader in half (including the shity shield). Oh, i forgot to mention the paladin also has multiple auras stacked while zealing the crushader. And all of this while only being lvl 85, where as the wow-crushader is max lvl 70 lol… then the templar would show up and say GLORIOUS!! At which point he would die horribly because the pally switched to his stacked holy shock haha.

    8. I hope the Crusader and Kormac bicker a lot like a couple of angry women (or two guys starting a pissing contest). I don’t like Kormac though.

    9. Well since Kormac came to the conclusion that his life is a lie, and his entire world view is just the punchline to a load of hyper-religious assholes, it’d be hard to see him reacting to anything with a positive angle, let alone the “elite” of the bastards who shat upon him so happily.

      I’m sure they’ll go on with the “My word, this fellow in front of us is so zealous he makes me seem like a horribly unglorious slacker who plays WoW all day while hoovering up Cheetos with his fat, stupid, unfaithful mouth” angle, but given his personal character arc, he should feel a very strong urge to take a boiling hot shower every time he hears any reference to his past from now on.

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