What has been seen cannot be unseen…

Just a reminder/warning that our Diablo 3 Beta forum is currently overflowing with spoilers of every sort, courtesy of posters eager to share the full game info that has been data-mined elsewhere. We will not be posting any SPOILERS on this main page, and we monitor the titles of forum threads, but if you click into them, you will find out many, many things about Diablo III that you might have wished to remain ignorant of.

Also, just because something can be found in the beta version of the game code (you can get the client here, though you can’t play w/o a valid beta key) does not mean it will be functional in the final game. Programmers generally don’t clean up the code as they go; they just keep adding new stuff and deactivating the old, so you wind up with a rat’s nest of old features, abandoned ideas, deactivated functions, names staked out for potential future features, and so on. Just because there are all these names for types of PvP games, or Easter Eggs, or player titles, or secret level details, or Item Sets, doesn’t mean we’ll ever get to play them. And things like the item affixes, runestone effects for every skill for the Barbarian, Monk, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Wizard may be outdated by the final game.

That said, if you want to know moar and aren’t worried about spoiling the surprises, our Diablo 3 Beta forum is the place to be. Well over 1500 2500 people are there right now.

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15 thoughts on “What has been seen cannot be unseen…

  1. A lot of them seems to be outdated, for example you can see both the stone skin and diamond skin rune effect when former have already been replace by the latter. Also the Hydra rune skill have already been confirm to be change yet it is still the old effect.

  2. I almost stumbled uopon a bunch of spoilers depicting the acts of D3. What has been seen cannot be unseen indeed.

  3. I will certainly be avoiding that forum at all costs for now :p  I’m ok with act 1 to skeleton king spoilers.  But anything beyond that I want to see for myself on game release 😉

      • If need be I will stop coming to the site thats how strong willed I am.  I would rather miss out on every bit of info from now till after I beat the game then read spoilers for anything past the beta content.

  4. Thanks much for this article/mindset/approach. I absolutely can’t wait for D3 but at the same time I am trying to ‘learn’ as little as possible about the game. I would have been happier if I didn’t know anything about D3 but I couldn’t help reading up this and the official websites over the years. And I still check the DiabloInc frontpage news several times a day. …Point is lol…. glad to see that the front-page will remain spoiler-free and that you guys will be careful about it :).

  5. Did I miss something?  I’m confused.  If the Beta isn’t out yet, where is all of this info coming from?  Who is doing this datamining?

  6. Good tip, Flux. I found out what the last act was called by hanging around the beta forums too much. Not a huge deal, but you’d like to maintain some element of surprise for a game you’ve been waiting six years for. I think I’ll stick to the general forums for now. However, be warned that there is some spill over spoilery discussion even there.

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