What Happened to the Fallen Queen?

Ever since the little beasts appeared in their shrieking, cowardly numbers in Diablo I, fans have been wondering where all of the Fallen come from. This question can be asked about most of the monsters in the Diablo games, but unlike zombies and skeletons and ghosts and the various hellspawn demons, Fallen (as well as Goatmen and Fetish) seem more organic and biological. They’re not just summoned up from dust, snakeskins, and old socks, but are actual living creatures in the world that (in theory) have some biological origin.

Hence, the (semi-joking) fan question has always been, “Where do all the Fallen come from, if they’re all male?” The Diablo III team seemed to be addressing this issue during development, as they profiled the Fallen in some nice lore features, and promised additional types of Fallen in the final game.

Abd al-Hazir #10 describes the known types of Fallen: Imps, Shaman, Hounds, Overseers, and Lunatics, and promises more types yet to be described.

I suspect the existence of at least two other types of fallen, but I will need to conduct further research before I reveal my theories as to the ultimate familial structure of these fiends.

This news set off much fan speculation, and the possibility of a DiabloWikiFallen Queen was much bandied about. The wording of that quote, “familial structure” certainly seems to hint at some biological connection, does it not?

Speculation intensified after Blizzcon 2009, when the Diablo III Art Panel talked about the monsters in the game, including the Fallen, and showed this slide as a visual aide:

There was even a related quote during the panel Q&A:

Are there going to be some more Fallen? I’m inclined to say probably. We can’t really confirm anything yet.

The Fallen silhouette image clearly shows the five known types, plus that fat one in the middle, in a reclining position. Fallen Queen, Fallen Spawner, Fallen Broodmother, or something like that… right?

Adding to the issue is a piece of concept art that was flashed during a Blizzcon 2008 panel that definitely shows a Fallen Queen type creature:

So where is she? And what’s that blobby silhouette in the panel image, if not a Fallen? Click through for a confusing but near-positive ID of the silhouette, and some speculation on the larger issue.

Blood Clan Occultist
Obviously D3C didn’t give us the additional types of Fallen that Blizzard teased during development, but how about that blobby silhouette? I think they did give us that… it’s just not a Fallen. It’s the Goatman Occultist, most commonly encountered as the Blood Clan Sorcerers you see constantly throughout of the Act Three surface areas and during the battles across the bridge.

You see one in the picture to the right, and note the horns, huge, blobby fat belly, and stumpy little legs. (Which can somehow propel them along much faster than most characters can run.) They aren’t much on the direct attacks, but you often see their white-glowing, barbed wire-style armor added to other monsters. They are always seen upright (until you kill them) but I think they match the mysterious Fallen silhouette pretty exactly.

So what happened there? Did Blizzard initially plan those Goatman Occultists as a higher level Fallen Shaman, and change them to Goatmen during late development? The fact that Bliz pictured one of them lying down in the silhouette seems to be a pretty clear trolling, as Bliz knew we were all expecting a Fallen Queen, so they took a fat, horned monster and rotated it to appear to be lying down and gravid. Sneaky!

D2's Coldworm the Devourer
What about the Fallen Queen, though? That thing in the concept art is not seen in the game, and there are no other Fallens, as the lore promised us. Are the devs saving them for an expansion? If we get a Fallen Queen, what should she be like? If you remember the Maggot Queen from D2’s Act Two, she was just a huge slug thing that couldn’t move and didn’t even really attack, aside from producing more regular maggots.

Blizzard could go that route with the Fallen Queen, but I think she’d be more interesting as a two part encounter. The obvious influence is the Queen in Aliens, where she’s just an egg layer until attacked, at which point she tears loose from her worm body and becomes a vicious and highly-mobile melee attackers. The old Fallen Queen concept art certainly seems to show a vicious attacking beast.

Also, what other types of Fallen might we see? Abd al-Hazir promised at least two more types in the family. A queen mother type seems obvious, but what else? There aren’t any specialized Fallen ranged attackers, so maybe fallen mages or archers or spearmen? How about Fallen maggots, not yet hatched and all evil and slithering and embryonic? (Or… not.) Or how about a mega Fallen, a Fallen Patriarch? A towering beast the size of Siegebreaker, with a whole tree for a club and no inclination to run away squeaking under any circumstances?

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29 thoughts on “What Happened to the Fallen Queen?

  1. Articles like this separate this site from others, and keep me coming back even though I don’t play D3.

    • I like to think we do a lot of things that are good and separate this site from others, but thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the piece.

  2. She should be a really slow huge Fallen. Then if you ever kill a normal Fallen around her she goes batshit insane on you.

  3. I would assume they probably did have some sort of fallen queen, but like most games, content is often dropped to make a deadline. Diablo 3 is no exception.

  4. It would be a cool encounter in the expansion. I think they could really so something with the idea, as long as the guy that designed sets and legendary items don’t get his hands on it.

  5. perhaps she was planned to be an act3 mini boss but got replaced with ghom because he made funny fart sounds during the encounter in which the kids could relate

    • Kids relate with fart noises…


      Do they progress? When they’re adults do they relate with bowl movements?

      In the expansion they should have a boss that just craps everywhere because that’s what I understand. Going to the bathroom.

      • Wow, you seriously have no clue about child psychology, do you Crazynomad? People relate with humour, and the thing that’s perceived to be most risque is often a rich source of material. Pre-puberty, kids have no real concept of sex and relationships (such a rich vein of humour and general conversation from then onwards), so use what’s considered rique to them… toilet humour.

        So yeah, the kids will relate to Ghom and his fart noises because it’s within their world view. Adults less so, but they have the succubus with her breasts hanging out and that daft moaning noise she makes for their quota of risque content. Ghom farts aren’t going to do it for most adults.

        Of course, you have to ask why people would want to add ‘for the kids’ content to a game that’s illegal for them to play because of the age rating….

        Maybe it’s for the American frat-boy audience, who are well known to have the mind and sense of humour of a ten year old?

        The fun!

  6. Let’s expand the universe and treat fallen like the protoss. The fallen shamans summon the babies but they can only summon about 8 (like pylons). When one dies, it’s essence returns to the homeworld and gets resummoned as “reviving the fallen”. You never actually kill them you just stop them from being summoned. This fallen homeworld is a planet the demons created when they controlled the worldstone. It’s deemed a failure becomes only the fallen arose and they are considered extremely weak to other demons. There are no fallen females because new fallen are created not born/spawned. New fallen are created by a ritual that copies the fallen leaders.New melee fallen are ritual copies of rakanishu, new fallen shaman are ritual copies of bishibosh, and new overlord fallen are copies of Greed. Yes the homeworld of the fallen is Greed’s domain. The treasure goblins are merged copies of fallen and fallen curs. Fallen curs are failed copies of other fallen. The other demons haven’t yet realized that fallen come form Greed’s domain and he uses the fallen as spies into the actions of sanctuary.

    • So many things “will be in the expansion” I think well get the expansion in 2017 or well get a disappointing one.

      • Why limit ourselves, RPGguy. This is Blizzard… why not wait till 2017 AND deliver a disappointing expansion?

        Boy, I’m in cynical hate mode today 🙂

        Just to be clear, I’m a rabid Blizzard fanboy who loves DIII deeply and daily (oo, er, risque adult humour alert there!) but even I have to wonder how six years of development left us with some of the problems the game has.

  7. looks like the mother is giving birth to new creatures. prolly to graphic for the final cut.

  8. Interesting to see the design phase from 2008… unless it was trolling by Blizz I am pretty disappointed this didn’t make it into the game. Slides like this one in the 2008 panel are what got people’s expectations impossibly high.

    Effing Snotspill. Always stealing Ogden’s sign.

  9. I suppose the Fallen Queen will be serve as act 5 boss in the expansion, with the task being first clean up army of lovers, then go for/to/through the queen.

    We’ll see when Blizzard is done counting the money and drops the expansion.

  10. I went through, looked at every fallen model, and I checked all of the monster strings, and there’s not even a mention of her left in the game. So i guess the mystery continues.

  11. I can’t get past the fact it looks like an elephant albeit with horns. I imagine the lights going up and there’s this inquisitive eye peering at me and a cheeky big grin with oversized human teeth. Is that just me? Okay.

    • Sam: If you listen closely during the small hours of the night, the woods will whisper. Can you hear them, Mr. Frodo?

      Frodo, eyes closed: Yes! I can hear them Sam!

      Sam: What are they saying, Mr. Frodo?

      Frodo: I’m…not sure. It sounds like “fap”!

  12. Blizzard was to lazy to add the Queen to the game, expect to see her in 12 years along with an expansion that fixes legendary items.

  13. Both Diablo manuals already answered the question of where they come from though.

    “Swarms of these impish terrors have been known to come out of the night and tear apart a sleeping village in minutes. Small of stature and simian in appearance, these creatures possess surprising strength and unnatural agility. Other than killing, the only act which gives them pleasure is breeding, so expect to encounter them in large packs.”

    And then D3 had the Azmodan/Diablo betrayal retcon thing too.

  14. The Fallen Breeders get the flick but the giant ground worms get in the final game. Go team Blizzard.

  15. @marsh, Blizzard can just pull the “error of a human view” type lore thing and say the fallen come from any other method.

  16. Blizzard North Diablo games: Conan the Barbarian
    Blizzard Irvine Diablo games: Conan the Destroyer

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