What Doesn’t Happen in Vegas Stays in LA

The rumour that surfaced earlier today that BlizzCon 2010 would shift north east a bit to Las Vegas has unfortunately been squished.  An email sent from Blizzard simply reads:

We haven?t announced any details regarding our next BlizzCon—though we can confirm that it will not be held in Las Vegas—so we recommend everyone refrain from making any BlizzCon-related travel plans at this time.


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1 thought on “What Doesn’t Happen in Vegas Stays in LA

  1. They sold out shortly after they went on pre-order. So I bet there’s hardcore fans with a large wallet that care to pay that much.  Remember that guy who purchased the Frostmourne replica # 1 for … $20,000+ ?  That was crazy, it’s not even top grade steel, and can’t be used for combat either.

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