What does your BattleTag mean?

We’ve all got a BattleTag™ now, and after some early complaining that it was the Mark of the Beast Bobby, I think we’ve come to accept it in a way we never would have with Blizzard’s previous effort to install a mandatory RealID system on Battle.net. But what does it all mean, man? I mean, did you pick your BattleTag carefully and scientifically just for Diablo III? Or did you already have one from other Blizzard games, or did you just let your cat leap upon the keyboard or what?

I’m asking since a fan did on B.net and I thought it was an interesting issue. Here’s the quote:

Coming up with a unique public name for game accounts is what a lot of us put considerable thought into. Our internet names always define some sort of characteristic piece of us, so why not share on here what it is?

To start off, “OnlyYou” is the name of my favorite song: an ambient piece from the old game? “Silent Hill”.
Vaeflare: Let’s see, the BattleTag I chose was simply a word I’ve liked for many years that makes me smile every time I see it. Generally for names that I have to see displayed a lot, or even passwords, I include a variation of a word that has a bit of a silly personal meaning to me, so that even when I’m busy typing in passwords, I can get a smile out of it. One of my old mainstays is “raptor,” because, I mean, who doesn’t like raptors?

My CM name, however, is a slight alteration of a MUD-type character I ran for well over ten years. Ah… memories. 🙂

Thanks to the Blue for playing along. I can’t really blame him for not sharing his BattleTag as he doesn’t want fans pestering him while he’s trying to play, but it does sort of defeat the purpose of answering the question, eh?

I’ll play along, though. I choose my BattleTag, Solipsistic, purely for D3 since I don’t play any other Blizzard games. It’s partly a reaction to the online-only DRM and partly just a word I like a lot. I save up juicy multisyllabic words and I deployed a number of them for my D3 character names, all at least loosely-related to the classes in question or the ongoing narrative in my head.

So what’s your BattleTag and how did you select it? I’ll even throw in a quick poll, just for our silly Sunday discussion.

How did you pick your BattleTag?

  • Online name I've used forever. (64%, 1,256 Votes)
  • From some other game/character/movie/music/etc. (11%, 208 Votes)
  • Tossed cat onto keyboard. (6%, 115 Votes)
  • It's my real name. (5%, 101 Votes)
  • Spur of the moment, off the top of my head, blah. (5%, 99 Votes)
  • Created for D3 after careful thought and deliberation. (5%, 94 Votes)
  • Something else. (5%, 89 Votes)
  • Don't remember. (1%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,975

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18 thoughts on “What does your BattleTag mean?

  1. People used to find enemies on IRC to play cs1.6 against them by typing “pracc now”, which stands for practice war now, I guess. Since I loved to say out lout “pracc” and my sister called me Lacc a lot back then, I decided to combine them, aaaand that’s it.
    It doesn’t really mean anything, but I think it’s better than something like “K|[email protected]$teR2012”. At least I hope so.

  2. I’ve been using the handle “Meng-Na” for more than 12 years now. It comes from the name of a witch in a book my brother wrote. As he never published it I’m one of the only people who ever read it.
    I’ve been using it for so long now that as far as I’m concerned I am Meng-Na.
    I wonder how many other gamers feel this attached to their chosen name…

  3. Jcakes is short for Jonny Cakes and was a nickname a mate of mine came up with. I used the handle Jcakes somewhat sporadically for a while (switching between it and my previous handle) for a number of years. I started using it fulltime as my only online handle after my freind passed away. It has a somewhat Diablo reference as he was my only real life friend that played D2 as much as me (miss you Mike).

    Before Jcakes I used to go by the handle BaronJ (which also has some history behind it that I wont go into).

  4. Mine was originally BattleTag in protest of such a colossally stupid system, but I eventually relented and changed it to Angerwagon.

    Angerwagon… My first serious D2 character was named Agarwaen, which is one of Turin’s assumed names in the Silmarillion, subsequently mispronounced as “Angerwagon” by my adult friend who can’t read so hot. Thus a legend was born.

  5. Ahh my name..ugh its an old one..that I created long ago. The short of it is that its a shortened version of ‘Starfire’ which was a name I used to love using when signing my name.

    For the longer version…yes I liked using starfire to sign my name..spread it around best I could..in any arcade game that’s allow a name…I’d put in Starfire (initials got ACE..cause I was jus that cocky I guess :P). One day i was at one of those arcade names..signing my name..just in rapid to go…and didn’t notice I had missed a letter…it was also the type to only allow 6 letters max….and once the sixth letter was entered in ignored all letters afterwords.

    so I looked up after I had typed in my name…saw Stafir..and, well..I liked it and I’ve kept it since then.

  6. Been txbone online since I was about 8 or 9 playing runescape. About 15 years later I’m still getting asked if I’m from texas. Nope, I was 8 and tbone was taken and i though an X after the t looked cool.

  7. Mine steams from my DND days where I have been a GM for years so I have a handful of names from different characters I use in my games.

  8. Kramskry (full name, Admiral Kramskry) is an alter personality I created nine years ago when I was really, really high. I won’t go into what the personality is because it’s really offensive (don’t wanna make anyone mad), but I love the name.

  9. I was Felis before there was Diablo (and I mean the first one). That was the name of my first RPG character in the new group right after I moved to the new city. And it stuck. Few years later everybody knew me as Felis, some of my friends didn’t even knew my real name which I found hilarious. My back-then-girlfriend introduced me as Felis to her parents. For many years that effectively WAS my name.

  10. Hmmm…. 30 years ago a teenage boy dreaming of learners permits, girls (gals), trojans, and vans… and a name is born (instead of a child)

    Now maybe people won’t call me Galvatron (hate that).

  11. Mine had religious beginnings when i was like 17 or so. It changed a couple times and then eventually i added numbers to it. I was once known as Holyknight[DaE] back in the days of sc1/bw and early D2/Warcraft 3. Then when y2k hit i just added 2000 instead of DaE, and that usually was taken. So i just went to 3k and that was that. It’s stuck ever since. Usually I would be called “HK” by many.

    I just hate that the battletag is limited by 12 characters… my alias is 14 chars long…sadface.

  12. I’ve been using some variation of ‘mojo’ or ‘level’ for about a decade. Originally ‘level’ was a counter-strike handle I used – I guess I’m a sucker for palindromes. When I went to create a handle for something else ‘level’ didn’t meet the character-limit requirements so I had to add something to it. Feeling lazy, I started scouring references from some of my favorite movies (Austin Powers in this case). Originally my BattleTag was Mojolevel, but I regretted choosing it after realizing it was the only name that would be displayed in game and I wanted something cleaner. So, now it’s simply Mojo. Mojo also has the benefit of incorporating the initials of my first and middle name (MJ).

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