Our gamer network site, IncGamers.com have started a feature series of interviews with people from the game industry, to get an insight into how things work, and also give you a hint on how to be a part of it. The first interview is called Industry Job Interview – The Game Tester made with a professional Game Tester. The Game Tester in question actually happen to be known on StarCraftWire.net as Player_72985!

    Most testers say that pay is really bad, is this true? Or does it depend purely on which titles and development teams you are working with?

    The pay honestly depends on what company you’re working with and if you’re a Contract Tester or Full Time Employee. As a Contract Tester my current pay is 11.25$ (USD)/Hour at Microsoft, through the company Volt. While I was at Nintendo, I was being paid 10$/Hour through the company Parker Services. I believe the pay is decent since I’m not a full time employee and the pay (at least it’s rumoured) to be 15$+/Hour at Nintendo, unsure about Microsoft and I don’t wish to get in trouble for asking.

    If you are at all interested in getting a job specifically as professional Game Tester, or just getting an insight into the industry, check out this interview, and come back for more in October! You can also find your way to Player’s own guide on how to become a professional Game Tester that he posted several weeks back.

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