If you were wondering what people who only casually (if that) follow Diablo 3 think about the DiabloWikififth character, check out the comments to a recent post on Blizzard’s Diablo Facebook page.

    What are your thoughts on the fifth and final class, which is as of yet still unannounced? What will it be? What style will it embody? What will it be called?

    This invitation was issued on Tuesday, and it has received over 800 replies thus far. Obviously no one is going to wade through that whole swamp, and it’s equally obvious that you can use such a plethora of comments to prove whatever point you want to make. So yeah, most of them are totally uninformed, and most can’t spell or type, but I think we’ve all learned to expect that in the comments on any free public service. (I vote YouTube commenters for “most likely to make an impartial observer conclude that civilization is doomed.” Compared to that, Facebookers are practically intellectual?)

    So, rather than picking out a bunch of thumb-typed droolings to point and laugh at (though you guys can have fun with that in comments, if you wish), I found it more interesting to skim down a few pages and get a general feel for things. I didn’t keep a count, but the vast majority of people request returning Diablo 2 classes, and of those the most mentioned is the DiabloWikiPaladin. (I’d have bet on DiabloWikiNecromancer, but apparently even the masses realize the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor is filling that role in D3?) From the Paladin love, I conclude that Blizzard should have waited until they had DiabloWikiAuras working on the DiabloWikiMonk to reveal him; just to cut down on the confusion and eventual disappointment.

    Besides the Paladin, the most mentioned classes are the DiabloWikiAmazon and the DiabloWikiDruid, with lots of requests for a shapeshifter (though no one seems to say what shapes they want shifted?). And there are all sorts of random “what game do you think this is?” type suggestions: Ninjas, Pirates, Raiders, Cowboys, Samurais, etc.

    Here are some comments, selected mostly for their entertainment value. These are all actual comments from the post, unedited or changed in any way:

    Well if diablo three is going to be remotely as good as d2 then I would have to say bring back all the characters if not then a few and maybe a couple new ones. The next char probably is going to be the amazon. After that I would probably like to see an assassin because everyone loves assassins!!!

    I would say some sort of native american type class. Would be a druid/zon hybrid type class. Could summon ancestral spirits to kind of be like a valyrie with an aura

    a non-human class could be nice some kind of half-human half-animal or may be a half demon half human it could be awesome all the char are human it could be at least some kind of creature with ranger skills of shapeshifting or both together

    pillager…something like a raider or a pirate sorta thing..instead of bows, he/she could use guns and short swords, etc. OH and bombs that would be sweet! trying to think outside the box here, not along the lines of wownerding and diablo stuff…plus you still get that rounded thing with the whole ranged-physical class, without the unnecessary nomenclature and trendiness

    The Paladin. One of the best characters. Or the Druid. Or a make your own character, i.e. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 or Champions of Norrath (in a way) But what I really want to know is, will Diablo 3 be on console? X360 or PS3, doesn’t matter. As long as its there.

    a swashbuckling, gun slinging, cannon blasting, Pirate. or a classic Ranger with hooded cloak, dagger and bow.

    the logical caracter s idea for me is to put the choice to play an (half-)angel or a (half-)demon : two creatures whitch belongs to sactuary and that i really want to play. With auras, invocated weapons and armors, blast black and white esotherics spells, the abilitie to fly just as much to pass obstacles, somme bless/curses and others stuff like that ! here s the way to make this game more epics than it is, if even it s possible =) io

    Hunter/Ranger/Rogue with a Falcon/Dog/Wolf with fire and magic arrows and without ice arrows Invisible/Translucent/Camaleon skill while running/walking A skill that use the bow as melee weapon. Shadow Cloak… A Skill that decrease monsters defense/resistances It can be order pets some diferent atacks like Wind Falcon, Fire Dog(Hot Dog) and Dark Wolf

    This is such a lame attempt to keep the Diablo community somewhat semi-conscious. Is that what blizzard does? Post some random topic on a social networking site once every two weeks just to keep fans hanging? Please try to post something when you actually have information worth sharing? either tell us what the fifth class is or just remain silence, no one?s calling you out.

    All that said, I strongly suggest you read the DiabloWikiFifth Character page in the wiki if you want official quotes and logical fan speculation on this issue.

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