Vote: Which Diablo 3 Class Have You Played the Most?

Fan Art By Crimson-Nemesis

Fan Art By Crimson-Nemesis

Our Twitter feed @DiabloIncGamers has grown more active since Xanth began contributing posts and comments to it, and this week we asked a simple and yet profound question, which even Blizzard picked up on.

What @Diablo class have you played the most? Why? #d3 #incgamers

Click your choice and defend or lament it in the comments. I’m more interested in what people reply to the second vote, and it allows multiple selections. You might wish you’d played more of all 5 chars, after all, and yes, I even put in an option #6 for you grumpycats to let us know how much you hate.

Which Diablo 3 Class have you played the most?

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Which Diablo 3 classes do you wish you'd played more of? (Vote up to 5.)

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40030424As it often the case on the votes I write, I don’t actually know how I’m going to vote until I load the post and do so. I can see multiple ways to answer question #2. I wish I’d played more Wizard since it was my favorite pre-game when I hoped to play a super fast movement tri-tree arty mage, as I loved in D1 and D2.

And yet… I also wish I’d played more Barb; not since I like the class, but since I’d have made larger profits through his OPness. But do I actually want to live with myself after clicking the Barb box on vote #2? *shudder*

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  1. The char I played the most is the DH of course. The game shows a playtime of 205H, which is more than all the other classes combined for me.

    Why? Well, I think it’s without a doubt the most fun class to play! The quick movement abilities, the pew-pew-pew action, and the great love I have for bows and crossbow bearing chars… well, it surely was a natural for me.
    Really do hope they get a buff come the expansion, and we will actually be able to play them well in HC as well *cough* brainwashed by flux *cough*

    The class I wish I played more of, is the monk! I focused mostly on DH, Barb and Wiz, and only now am I really discovering just how much fun the monk class really is! Tons of quick buffs and debuffs, fun attacks and great all around character! Love it!

  2. 1.2k hours monk 🙂 all hc

  3. I’ve played the witch doctor the most. I have two main attractions to the class: 1) play-style and 2) build diversity. The play-style seems fast-paced and close to the action while not being a tank. I’m constantly running in and out of mobs of monsters (Spirit Vessel + Soul Harvest), trying to stay just out of their range of attacks. Or, due to patches that have opened up different builds, switching to more of the traditional “minion manager” from the back lines. Now I can even choose to get right in the middle of mobs with Firebats/Cloud of Bats. I just really enjoy the class.

    I chose demon hunter and wizard for option 2. I’ve played barb and monk the next most, so I guess I’m picking the other 2 by default.

  4. I played the wizard most, because I like most of the skills it has. Sure, some are more powerfull than others, but still it has a lot of diversity. I wish I played more of the monk, because of what it promised about the combos, but after trying it, it just wasn´t as good as promised. So´ll wait for Blizzard to update the class.

  5. We’ll run the opposite of both of these votes next week. Which you played the least of and which you wish you’d played less.

    I might try to word a vote to measure how many people have played one class like 90% of their total play time. I have at least 2 such people on my friends list, one for Monk, one for DH, and that fascinates me. I doubt many of us have played like, 15-25% to all 5 classes, but people who haven never tried, not even once, 2 or 3 or 4 of the classes amaze me.

    I’ve spoken with bliz about them releasing some more stats and figures like those that went into their year one infographic, and I’d be fascinated to see figures like that. What % of accounts have devoted at least 75% of time to a single class, or single character.

    • OT, but another question worth debating. How much do you have to play a class to call it your “main?” Or to consider yourself only expert in that class?

      I just asked as friend who his main class was in D3 and he said he didn’t have one. But to my follow up he said he’d probably played 75% of his total time on a Monk. IMHO that’s a main. That’s more than a main; I’d say 51% or more of your total time with one class = main.

      We need another term for higher designations; say 75-90% with one class = engaged. And over 90% with the same class is married?

      • So to use myself as an example, I don’t have any classes above 50%. My WD is 45% and monk is 19% (the two highest). However, my SC WD is P92, and the 2nd-highest paragon is my DH (43). [Note: monk got a lot of kills previous to paragon system.] I still list my main as “Witch Doctor” but I don’t have any class above 50%. Do I just play 5 “Alts?”

      • Hmmmm… in my opinion a main is mostly a temporary thing, related to what character is in focus for being upgraded. So you may have played a barb more often because of its efficiency, but if your putting all your effort into upgrading your demon hunter, than the demon hunter is your actual main, despite being played far less.

        PS: Still problems with the login. Hope it gets through this time. (First try led me to mainpage with seemingly no comment added…)

    • I’m a bit OCD. I rotate between all 5 classes. I join a public game, and leave when either everyone else has left first or we complete an act. If I’ve gained at least one level in that time, I switch to my lowest-level class, check the AH for gear for that character, and repeat. I also rotate gear through the stash for all of my characters and sell it on the AH if none of my characters need it anymore. I have one of each class on softcore and one of each class on hardcore.

      Out of curiosity I looked up my percentages on the profile. Keeping in mind that the length of time I play any given character is based on how quickly it levels up and finishes acts, as well as how often other people stay in the game until the end of the act, here’s my percentages:

      Barbarian: 22% 116 Hours, Demon Hunter: 22% 114 Hours, Monk: 18% 95 Hours, Witch Doctor: 19% 100 Hours, Wizard: 20% 105 Hours

      I don’t think ‘expert’ should be based on percentages, but more of time investment. How much of a time investment makes an expert, though?

      • I would bet you are in the 99% for “most varied class play time.” I haven’t done the math on my own play but I’d bet I’m like 50% monk, 35% DH, and the rest about evenly between wiz/wd/barb.

        The ones that interest me are people who have only one char, or one class, that’s 95% or more of their total time. I know people who have 500+ hours played and have never even tried 2 or 3 classes, and I wonder how common that is.

        • You don’t have to do the math. If you look at your profile on, it shows percentages, and if you look at your profile in-game, it shows hours played. (In both cases it’s a tooltip if you mouse over the bars.)

          I couldn’t possibly imagine sticking with just one class. I’d get so bored!

  6. I restarted playing with patch 1.0.8 (erased all the old toon and made self-found toons).

    The character I played the most since then is definitely the Witch Doctor.

    For the other classes, I am still leveling them one by one (not reached the end of inferno with the other characters yet). So it is rather difficult to say which one I would like to play most as I enjoyed all the classes for the moment but did not play a lot yet. Perhaps when I have more hours with the different classes, I will figure out which are my favorites.

    • So how does self found work now? It’s not the console, but it’s certainly not D3 1.02 gear check wall in Inferno and 1 legendary a month, either.

  7. I voted Wizard for most played; it’s about twice as many hours as the next closest classes – WD and Barb. Seems appropriate, as Sorc was probably my top choice in D2. DH comes in fourth, then Monk.

    It’s interesting to look back because I was sure I would be going all in with the Monk. I was stoked about the class during development and thought it was going to be the Hellfire class but done right. Monk was my first char to 60, but I guess the gear check wall of early release Inferno put a damper on that. Plus, I wanted a bo-wielding monk, but turns out they kind of suck. Funny, it’s similar to what happened with my D2 Charge-adin but that was more around de-syncing in HC rather than DPS.

    Once Paragon came out, I was able to build some minor wealth (in SC) to upgrade gear and came up with a fun CM build variant. Then it was all wizard all the time. When you’re finally seeing more than 1 legendary per week, it’s hard to give that up because Plvl.

    For those reasons, I voted Monk as the class I wish I played more. Currently running all classes through to 60 on HCSF and found I really enjoyed the newer Monk builds and dat bell hits hard.

    Wavered on choosing the DH as well, but I just can’t find a decent build that suits my playstyle so I don’t really miss playing her. Which is unfourtunate considering I was a fan of the Amazon.

  8. It is fairly spread out between the classes.
    Wizard the most by a fair margin. Sadly enough the class I’m least interested in playing now due to the way it has developed.
    Then Monk. My current “main”.
    Witch Doctor by far the least played (22 hours).

  9. QUOTE

    So how does self found work now? It's not the console, but it's certainly not D3 1.02 gear check wall in Inferno and 1 legendary a month, either.

    It works fine up to Inferno MP0. After that it becomes quite difficult, I think. For Inferno MP0 you simply need a weapon with good DPS and main stat/vita/some armor/some resistance. It is enough to progress through the game and it is easy to find. After that, when you start looking for many different specific stats (main+CritChance+CritDamage+…) on rare objects, you start feeling that it becomes difficult. So, with monster power larger than 0, you still have this feeling that it will become increasingly difficult to get some improvement in your equipment.
    Craft is a bit difficult too : recipes are too expensive and craft is expensive too. After playing for several monthes, I have 6 millions gold pieces. Hardly enough to buy all the recipes, for example.
    As far as legendaries are concerned, with low Parangon level, it is not great. I only got one level 60+ legendary. Never got any set item.
    Although I have not played a lot in Inferno (as I am playing all my rerolls now) and things will obviously get better when all my rerolls are in Inferno and I only spend my time in this difficulty level, but I think going beyond MP0 or MP1 will be difficult.

    • Yeah, I’d think the gold would be tough. Unless/until you get a very high level char who has like 400% gold find. I remember when I was still mostly self found I couldn’t even afford to upgrade the gems I found, much less do any crafting. Gold sinks are only required for people who make gold from trading.

      It’ll be interesting to see how that goes in the console, for people who play legit and don’t just dupe to get ahead. Did Bliz boost the gold drops, or lower crafting costs?

  10. I started with the DH and have played that one the most. It’s my highest paragon level (like 13? SOOO high). But I’ve been aiming for that one achievement to get two of each class to 60. The WD and Monk were nice to revisit. The Wiz was, eh. My second DH, I went through with a sword and shield, and it was way fun to play that way, too. The DH just feels the most distinctly fun to play. I’m on my last, the Barb. The Barb feels too much more powerful. I may delete the second Barb and start again with a DH.

  11. Loving that the supposedly broken DH is currently in 2nd place. Good on fans picking fun over power!

  12. Wizard, 1.1K hours. I have a DH just starting p-lvls, but still learning the ropes there.

  13. I played my wizard 90% time. Wanted a range attacker and go a bit disappointed by the fact it is a melee class instead. I will level a DH when sharagon is on or when we are sure if will not be on.

  14. So far to date… 81% wizard, with the remaining 20% pretty much equally spread out among the other classes (yes, thats only 5% per class). But really, is it that surprising? I resisted using the AH for the longest time. However, with no AH, pretty much going it on my own in single player, self-found, pre-MP, pre-Inferno nerf, and no one to rush me, it took me 500 hours to get my main to a point to comfortably farm Inferno. Along the way I saved lots of equipment (damn, we need more than 10 characters just to mule!) to outfit the other classes, as I knew I’d eventually try them all out. Now… with twinked characters running MP10 both solo (about 75% of the time) and rushed (25%), and with a few well-chosen AH buys (especially reduced-level equipment) it took me under 15 hours each to get one of each of the other 4 classes almost up to the same point. Do I wish I had swallowed my principles and started using the AH before my wiz got to level 60? You bet.

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