Since the DiabloWikiParagon level system went in fans have been referring to “Paragon 500” as the achievement of leveling (at least) one character of all five classes to Paragon 100. Some players call Paragon 1000 doing it with one character of each gender, though I’d be much more impressed by someone doing it in Softcore AND Hardcore. Or just hardcore, since D3’s softcore without death penalties is purely a matter of time played… but what then?

    What’s left for the player who has grinded until he can’t grind no more?

    My WD just reached P100, completing all 5 classes, and I’m wondering what to do next.

    Hardcore isn’t an option as I play on shared Internet, meaning anyone watching a video will drop latency to +1500. Going after godly gear… well, lets be honest, using what you get while playing there is little chance to have a single char with godly mitigation and DPS; it is possible to finish all classes up to P100 using decent self found, but that’s about it. Godly is out of the question unless RMAH, and games should be about skill and time, not paying someone else to do the work for me.

    Maybe going after P1000?
    Grimiku: Congrats on reaching Paragon 100 with all five classes, Nicator! That is a lot of time spent in Diablo III, and I think there is no harm in taking a break if you’re feeling burned out after all that. If you’re up for more Diablo III, though, I think the next step is completing all of the achievements if you haven’t already. We have a lot of changes planned for the future that might interest you, so you might want to keep an eye on the website, but no updates are planned for the immediate future.

    I skimmed down the next page of that thread and have to admit I was surprised that people seemed honestly to be upset and/or surprised at Grimiku’s last sentence. The CMs have said that approximately 314 times since the Fan Site summit in June, usually by linking to one of the dev interviews from July when that point was made repeatedly by the devs, as they did everything but overtly say “we’re crunching on D3X now and won’t have any D3C content patches until after it’s been revealed later this year.”

    The eternal “trolling or stupid” question about many B.net forum posters aside… what is the long term end game in Diablo 3? Forever item hunting, I guess, which was pretty much what people did in Diablo 2.

    In fact, the Paragon 500 or 1000 thing is pretty much a Diablo 3 exclusive. If anyone maxed out a character of each class in D2, I never heard about it. I’m sure no one did it in D2C, since getting even one character to 99 was virtually impossible, as the incredible saga of GerBarb and RussBarb taught us.

    Leveling speed in D2X varied greatly between patches, and I’m sure some players maxed out one character of each class, but it was never a “thing,” as far as I know. What would it even be called? There was no Paragon system, and no level 100. The “D2 Mega 693” doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it?

    My main HC Monk recently passed my old retired softcore Monk to become my highest level character ever. She’s P85 now and I plan to reach 100 with her, but it’s not an urgent goal and I doubt I’ll ever level another character that far. How are you guys doing though? Anyone recently hit a P100 or a P500? Is that even a worthwhile goal, in your mind? And if not, what would be?

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