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PCGamer continues their Diablo 3 interview series with senior technical game designer Wyatt Cheng and senior game designer Andrew Chambers who discuss some of the game features that will appeal to the more seasoned Diablo player. Topics in the interview include Inferno, randomised events Teinking and more. There’s no new info the interview but it’s a good read and worth a checking out. Here’s a snip:

Twinking, as it’s colloquially called, is important. I think it’s actually really fun. It’s something that we intentionally try to support. I think that the trick is to make the twinking experience as fun as possible. So, for example, one phrase I like to use around the office a lot is, “players are very good at finding the path of least resistance.” So if I’m going to level a new character, I’m going to find the fastest and most optimal way to do it. Our job, as developers, is not to stop you from leveling your character fast. Our job is to make the path of least resistance is also the most fun. So, for example, is it fun to stack up a whole bunch of +Experience Gain gear that I’ve collected over time, put that on, and level, y’know, maybe 50% faster than the first time? Yes, we do think that’s fun, so let’s support that. We have a lot of features that actually encourage a second character. Things like your shared stash; also, a lot of people noticed in the beta that your gold is shared across all of your character.
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7 thoughts on “What can Hardcore Players Expect in Diablo 3 – PCGamer

  1. Confusing title! 🙁
    A good read, but even in the interview I had to focus to distinguish when they speak about “hardcore gamers” and “Hardcore mode gamers”…

  2. Yea the title is a bit misleading.
    I’m quite excited about the random events and I hope some of those events will only be specific to what difficulty the player is in. Like for inferno you fight two siege breakers at the same time or one after the other (unless you do that in the main game play).
    Good read though.

    Yeah, i was expecting talk about HC mode too…
    The article’s title does say diehard instead of hardcore though…

  4. After looking at the screenshot at the bottom of that page, I realized something… those “dark demons” that the cultists summon look kind of like quadra-pedal miniaturized versions of that shark headed demon they were considering to use for Azmodan’s design… foreshadowing?

  5. The coolest bit (to me):
    “Yeah. A lot of the time, you’ll play through the game, and say, in Normal you won’t see any vendors out in the world, but when you hit Nightmare and you’re playing through all of a sudden you might run into the Miner or something. You go into a cave, and he’s down there, and for some reason he’s down there looking for something. So you actually escort him through. You might’ve seen the same cave in Normal difficulty, but he wasn’t there. So for your second play through, it feels like the world is alive and growing. That’s one of the best things about random events–it gives this world some sense of aliveness to it. It feels like it’s different whenever you’re interacting with it. You could get to Inferno and still not have seen an event yet, and so you run into for it the first time, and that’s pretty awesome.”
    So a few random events are very rare. That is pretty awesome! Makes me think of “Diablo walks the Earth!” but no SoJs required! 🙂

  6. This is a real deviation for me (since I have supported RMAH under the premise that it will be a non-starter for 80% of players)… HOWEVER, I worry about twinking alts because of RMAH and AH.
    Allow me to explain:  I love PvP in WoW, but only since 2008.  Prior to that you could pretty much twink your lvl 29, 39, 49, and 60 by running to the auction house, getting some awesome gear, and then collecting honor points at a stellar rate.  It was broken because you recieved PvP gear at a faster rate just because you had 10,000 gold to blow at AH – you quickly replaced your AH gear with tier sets.  After 2008 the good gear shifed more to drops that were BoP or only purchasable from honor vendors.  Much better.
    Apply RMAH and even the standard AH to the D3 scenario and you still get a system of twinking that I really despise.  EVENTUALLY everyone can get to the same gear/runes, but it may take the legit player 6 more months and about 10,000 more deaths (strictly talking PvP here). Of course people will twink PvE alts, no problem there.

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