A fan newly-arrived at level 60 complained about boredom with Diablo 3 Experience Runs in Act Three runs and asked if there were any other viable options. Amidst the hysterical laughter and tears such a question stirs up in veteran Diablo 3 players, he got a blue reply:

    For a change of scenery from the usual Act III run, I like to start in Act I with the quest: The Cursed Hold. I get my five stacks of Nephalem Valor in the Festering Woods-Crypt of the Ancients, and Cemetery of the Forsaken. Once I have a full stack of Nephelem Valor I kill the Key Warden, and go down to the Halls of Agony to fight my way down to the Butcher.

    You may also be interested to learn that we’re looking to make some improvements to monster density in patch 1.0.8 for Monster Power 1 (and higher) in Inferno difficulty. This should help provide some farming diversity for players who are at that level of gameplay. Wyatt delved into the goals behind this change a little further here:

    Personally, I am excited to see what new routes players prefer for their farming runs, and what classes excel at different areas. Is there a particular area you would like to farm, but currently don’t?

    Ahh, yes. Viable exp farming runs not in Act Three. It’s fun to pretend!

    There are plenty of other “runs,” but they’re more like “walks” if your goal is experience, since the monster density is simply inadequate in the other acts. We’ve all pretty well beaten that point to death by now though, so I’ll merely refer you to our conversation during the last Diablo 3 Podcast, or the Bonus Dungeons article I wrote back in January that I still think offers an easier, quicker, and much better solution than attempting to rebalance and repopulate the entire Acts 1, 2, and 4, which appears to be what the Diablo 3 devs are doing.

    While we’re on the topic of runs in Act Three, I recently saw one I hadn’t thought of before, in this super fast exp farming strategy/video for the Witch Doctor, by TNTrice. The run is a quick one, covering just four areas in Act Three, which can be cleared in around 7 minutes, yielding about 10m experience per run.

    Any exp run and build that can return more than 1m exp a minute is a good one, and the author claims he can pull up to 85m an hour repeating this one over and over again. It requires super quality gear to wear all the +EXP stuff (Hellfire Ring and Leoric’s Signet on the character AND the Merc) and still maintain the very high DPS required to make the build work, but the video shows how it works convincingly enough. (I dusted off my Witch Doctor to try it and it worked okay, but my WD is basically my 4th char in terms of gear quality and he did not have sufficient DPS to get the instant kills with DiabloWikiLocust Swarm that the build requires to work properly.)

    Try the build out for yourself if you want something different wit your WD. I bring it up not for that purpose, but since the four levels he runs are not ones I’ve ever done myself:

    1.) SkyCrown Battlements
    2.) Arreat Crater Level 2
    3.) Keep Level 2
    4.) Rakkis Crossing

    The 2nd and 3rd areas are part of (almost) everyone’s version of the DiabloWikiAlkaizer Run, and I often start at Rakkis Crossing to clear out the bridge before proceeding into the Fields of Slaughter. But SkyCrown? I have never farmed that area at all, possibly since I’ve been so scarred by those stupid catapult quests every time I get a new character to Act Three, that I never want to return to that area again. This vid doesn’t make me want to start, but it’s interesting to see someone doing such short games, and not touching other levels in Act Three that most people do seem to include in their runs.

    So, question time. What Act Three runs are you guys doing lately, for Exp or gear or both? And on what MP level? Do you do fast runs of just a few certain levels? Or do you prefer to do longer runs, extending your game to clear out more areas once you’ve got five stacks up? MP0 or MP1 speed runs? Or do you prefer higher Monster Power settings for slower games, but with much higher EXP/MF/GF per kill? And do you think we’ll actually see Act One/Two/Four runs that can compete with Act Three, once the monster density is boosted in a future patch?

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