Thursday was the big Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and most of Blizzard was on vacation, many of them for the entire week, others just from Thursday through this long holiday weekend. Before they left, they dropped a quick fare-thee-well post, which spurred me to have a think:

    The Community team will have reduced presence on the forums this week as we take time with our friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The forums will continue to be moderated during this time and we’ll be back on Monday, December 2nd.

    We hope you enjoy your time in Sanctuary and look forward to sharing more exciting Diablo III: Reaper of Souls news after we return!

    So, what are you thankful for in Diablo 3 or the community at large? I realize this question simply begs for sarcastic rejoinders, and you’re free to offer them up in comments, but I’m curious what people actually like, not just what they (loudly declare via online pseudo-anonymity) hate. Here’s a vote; pick as many options as you like, except not all of them since that would be inherently contradictory!

    What are you Thankful for about Diablo III?

    What are you thankful for about Diablo 3? (Pick all that apply.)

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