What are you Thankful for about Diablo III?

Thursday was the big Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and most of Blizzard was on vacation, many of them for the entire week, others just from Thursday through this long holiday weekend. Before they left, they dropped a quick fare-thee-well post, which spurred me to have a think:

The Community team will have reduced presence on the forums this week as we take time with our friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The forums will continue to be moderated during this time and we’ll be back on Monday, December 2nd.

We hope you enjoy your time in Sanctuary and look forward to sharing more exciting Diablo III: Reaper of Souls news after we return!

So, what are you thankful for in Diablo 3 or the community at large? I realize this question simply begs for sarcastic rejoinders, and you’re free to offer them up in comments, but I’m curious what people actually like, not just what they (loudly declare via online pseudo-anonymity) hate. Here’s a vote; pick as many options as you like, except not all of them since that would be inherently contradictory!

What are you Thankful for about Diablo III?

What are you thankful for about Diablo 3? (Pick all that apply.)

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50 thoughts on “What are you Thankful for about Diablo III?

  1. I am really excited that ROS is in the beta test stage and the nda lifted.

    I am concerned this early release of information is a marketing ploy.

    I am excited to see how ATVI has advanced at marketing their games (I own some of their stock)

    I want to play ROS really bad because I am 100% over Diablo 3. This is not because D3 is a bad game. This is because of who I am and how I play video games. Typically its 6 mo’ hardcore into 1 game, then 6 mo’ wishing I wanted to still play it, but just can’t get into it.

    D3 is such a huge improvement over D2. Items? Who cares. The game play is what sticks it to me. I have 1300 hours played as a monk (all hardcore). I have like maybe 100 hours as a barb, and less than 24 hours on any other classes combine. I have so much more to discover about D3; IF I WANTED TO. But no, I am 100% addicted to the play style of the monk. That is all that I want… to drop bells on heads…

    I have only played hardcore mode in d3. I didn’t hit paragon 100 on a monk (my main class) until my 13th monk. I never gave up on the class, i was determined because I LOVE THE PLAYSTLE.

    Now, I have this horrible descison to make…

    Paladin (crusader/xsader) or Monk…. Paladin being my all time favorite class in D2 vs Monk…

    ROS.. why must you do this to me!!!!

    I am ready to move on from D3 —–CLASSIC (STOP F-ING SAYING V(VANILLA) FLUX)

    I am ready for ROS.

    I am ready for a new adventure.

    I am ready to die unexplainably again.

    I am ready to get dc’d while trying to progress.

    I am ready for it all,
    please Blizzard,

    Do you job and deliver a well rounded game.

    Invite me to your beta, I will critique the HELL out of you game. Not out of spite, but out of love. I really do love the Diablo series. It has been a significant part of my life for the past 12 years. I have played more hours of your games than I have been in love.


    • Can’y say this enough… Flux, it’s ALWAYS been called and referred to as D2C from DIABLO 2 CLASSIC! The whole D3V (for vanilla) is almost as bas the other term you’ve coined in Sharagon… awful!

      Love you, bro.. but it’s D2C, not D2V!

      • Flux went with ‘D3V’ because some people thought “D3C” meant console.

        Personally I’ve always preferred V over C, including for D2. Because what is referred to as “D2C” is not actually “classic”, because it has had many patches that changed how it played compared to when it was first released.

  2. Thanks to the Diablo 3 i have met my soon to be wife. This was pure coincidence but yet here we are πŸ™‚ Both loving each other very very much.

    If not this game we would have never meet.

  3. I just went ahead in checked everything but the last two entries, hell, the community here is great and I’m hopeful for RoS.

  4. “The Diablo 3 community and the friendly and accessible Blues.”

    Do I sense a mean dig at Blizzard in that?
    It is indeed quite entertaining though to see their PR (in terms of actual, basic willingness to talk) stirr up all of a sudden now that they have another product to sell (in sharp contrast to long spans during post-release). What makes it interesting to me, is how for once they can’t just hype by simply building on undisputed accomplishments, but have to admit u-turn course correction in their jazzed up “design philosophies”.

    I’d just wish they were much more sincere with that in their communication and, ultimately, even more consequent in their game design. That would definitely be appreciated. As it stands, those sparks of hindsight already seem buried in sediments of exaggerated promises again.

      • Nobody play Diablo for the story bro. Just saying.

        I feel the story is good enough for a hack and slash.

        It’s like saying Mario bros sucks because of the story.

    • Nah, the game was dead even without the AH. All the AH did was make the failure of itemization, drop system and item scaling get put in the spotlight sooner.

      In fact, If the AH didn’t exist I’m sure d3 would have lost even more players earlier and had been even less well received.

      The AH was simply a compound problem on top of the bad design and a scapegoat for it. Most people upset with the game that didn’t leave after a few days/weeks kept playing because of the AH.

      • Yip. I think all they needed to do to fix the AH was make items only sellable once, to stop people ‘playing’ the AH instead of the game.

        Another option could have been to drastically shorten the length of auctions, down to say 2 hours. That way there would be much less ability to compare or gauge market price on any particular item, as well as a much smaller selection available at any time.

  5. I’m thankfull that RoS will be like what D3 should have been from start.

    That gives me hope that in 2nd expansion the endgame and pvp will be fixed…

    Also thankfull that sometime around march we will get the pre patch.

  6. Oh and of course i am thankful for gameplay – we still play together πŸ™‚
    Never gets bored.
    Shutting down AH – good thing to do.
    And many more πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m thankful for my incredible, one and only and very best Kot from second comment.
    And – YES – we are still playing together.

  8. I, Clavdivs, The God declare that divine being is “Thankful (sic!) for”: NOTHING.

    The God will explain: many times heavenly being got the reply “you got what you paid for, what more do you want”. Since that actually maybe the truth, The God sees no reason to be *thankful* for anything what is paid for.

    For a slightly different definition ‘you got what you expected and, furthermore, what was promised to you by PR in times BEFORE they took divine money’ – well, this just isn’t the case. NOTHING applies here well, too, since game was marketed as best thing that ever happened to mankind.

    Instead of promised epitome of quality, best game in genre, we got controversial game which is play-and-forget in nature.

    So, if game was ‘epitome of quality’, divine being would indeed be thankful for having it, and cherish it for years uncounted.

  9. QUOTE

    I, Clavdivs, The God declare that divine being is "

    Thankful (sic!) for”: NOTHING.

    Not even for the mere existence of D3? This way at least it has a chance to become something you like, whereas if it wouldn’t have been made at all…

    • Meh I know plenty of people who would have preferred d3 was never made than getting the “pile of shit” we have now. I prefer d3, but there are plenty out there that would have preferred the d3 we got never existed.

  10. I am thankful for being 30 years old, and the game that I fell completely in love in at age 13, still exists. The franchise is still here, perhaps more popular than ever, and even as I have aged, matured and gained responsibilities in life… that good ol’ feeling of hopping into Sanctuary and slaying some demons for some phat loot… that is still an option for me. How could I oblivious to that huge gratification, for someo as myself, who absolutely LOVES the Diablo franchise?

    I am thankful for the AH (and especially the RMAH) finally having gotten rid of, and the game turning again into a game that needs to be played in order to master not paid in order to master (and this is coming from me, who has put well above 100 euros in the RMAH throughout the months).

    I am thankful for the great community, both here on diablo.incgamers, which has been my home since late 2000… as well as wonderful community personalities such as ZiggyD, Archon the wizard, Shinobi and others, who care about my favorite game and always create more content and spread the word about the game.

    I am thankful for the game being in a F&F beta, and the closed beta coming hopefully this month!

    More than anything, I am thankful for all the 10,000’s of hours of fun I have gotten out of this franchise in the past 17 years. I grew up with Diablo, and goddamnit, I am going to die an old geezer still playing it!

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  11. QUOTE

    Thanks to the Diablo 3 i have met my soon to be wife. This was pure coincidence but yet here we are :) Both loving each other very very much.
    If not this game we would have never meet.

    I wish you guys a life filled with joy and epic loot! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you man πŸ˜‰
      We will be around for a long long time, waiting for RoS of course.
      We both was introduced to each other thanks to other player from Poland called Scinmist.
      He made a topic on forum called something like “looking for players who want to do achievements”.

      • I’ve just read it. I’m fukin happy whenever I’ve remember them and I remember them whenever I’ve look on shelf where was placed the game. That feeling is amazing!
        Sorry for bad english.

  12. QUOTE

    Not even for the mere existence of D3? This way at least it has a chance to become something you like, whereas if it wouldn't have been made at all...

    The existence destroyed my dreams of D3 becoming awesome.

  13. I’m thankful that the beta test is on … but, most of us are not flux. I didn’t get the invite. πŸ™ Did you? It’s hard to sit on the bench after years of dedication and watch others celebrate the new shiny versions of our game.

    I think people are, not right away, but after not too long, going to miss being able to trade their items. If and when they realize this, they’re going to get up in arms about it. People will be complaining in droves and eventually convince blizzard to change their policy on BOA items. Then they will really miss the AH. just sayin’ … The AH wasn’t the problem … it was the player base abuse of it & the limit on decent drops that drove the abuse harder; that was the problem. I have really mixed feelings about all of the broad stroke changes coming to my favorite game.

  14. I am just thankful that after the long long wait, we can play an original Diablo game again. Who doesnt remember 1997? Yes, D3 has its flaws, but in the end, its a Diablo game. And with RoS on the horizon, I’m very thrilled and can’t wait to put my hands on it. I have played other ARPGs meanwhile, like PoE n stuff, but bottom line is: A Diablo game is a diablo game; When it comes down to crushing hordes of monsters in a fast-paced environment, smooth gameplay and supberb combat (thats what makes an ARPG in the first place imho) then nothing compares to Diablo games.

    And with RoS Diablo will reclaim the ARPG throne for good.

  15. Jay WILSON is OUT and Josh Mosquera is IN. Things looks better, and we aren’t being bombarded by a slew of Jay’s pedantic lecturing of ‘gamers don’t know what makes a good game, but he does’.

    Josh seems to be doing great repairing his predecessors huge mistakes with Loot 2.0, more interesting endgame (not just the money grubbing auction house), and not to mention getting away from the crappy D3V story/setting…. goth look! Right on! now we’re back on track…. it’s an old argument, but screw the WoW/SC2 graphics, and get back to what made Diablo uniquely gritty.

  16. I am grateful for the years of excellent coverage and good reading brought to us by Flux, Elly, Xanth and all the others on Diabloii.net, Diabloiii.net and now the incgamers incarnation. I barely play D3 these days but still manage to find myself checking this site every day and plan to continue it until I can enjoy the expansion.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

  17. I am thankful for having something i can vent my rage on. You know, libido and destrudo, and i’m rather hating and picking on something distant and unimportant i had high hopes for then something close.
    Sadly most of anger has faded away, but i am pretty sure Blizzard will soon enough stir up my holy rage again.
    Maybe not, man, then i’m in trouble. Maybe i really should buy RoS…

    • its worth buying, its fun, but that fun factor with RoS isn’t going to last without something like pvpve or another form of endgame scenario. The grind is more satisfying, the builds are slightly more diverse and should be at a much better place come release, the items well only legendaries really are more interesting and intriguing.

      If you think RoS is worth playing for a few weeks to a month and then not playing, you will have your moneys worth. If you are expecting something to last longer than 3 months without being tedious, repetitive, and boring. It’s not worth it.

  18. The way I see the game has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. First off, realizing that playing self-found at my current rate would not result in a hellfire ring before RoS drops (a goal of mine), I started using the GAH more freely. It hit home very hard how much better it is farming gold and upgrading via AH vs playing self-found, and it broke my heart. The second cataclysm: over Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to play on the PS3, where legendaries drop like every 5 minutes. I thought, “this is like playing D2X offline again; this is how the drop rates should have been all along,” and I felt betrayed that Blizzard balanced drops so that we were forced to use the GAH in order to get the most out of the game. Playing self-found was a ripoff all along.

    I’m thankful the AH is going away so playing self-found will finally be viable on a computer. But I voted for “beta is already live” because the sooner this all happens the better.

  19. I am really thankful that they fired Jay (F that Loser) Wilson and turned the almost obliterated franchise over to someone who at least slightly knows something about making ArPGS.

    • I WouldnΒ΄t go that far to say that Josh is a better designer than Jay Wilson.

      You know, Jay and Josh have actually worked on several projects together, including warhammer 40k, so if anything, Josh is probably where he is because of Jay.

  20. Dear Lord,

    i am thankfull for D3 and upcoming ROS. These 2 things produced from my once beloved Gamecompany opened my eyes to better gamecompanys. They showed me, that praying, endless discussions, tormenting myself a.e.m. won’t help. D3 is a (near)failure and ROS won’t fix that either.
    Thank you for wasting thousands of hours, that i could spend in much more usefull things, like nosediggin.
    Thanks that D3 was produced by WOW-Morons for WOW-Morons, because we need blunt players who are easily distracted by shiny/sparkling things with no content.
    I also thank you for the Upcoming ROS-Flamewars and i don’t even have to pay for it^^

  21. I’d like to know more about Shen. Maybe there will be some quests related to his (its ?) lore. In general, I am currently more curious about most followers lore than I am about game lore.

    • You get your wish. There is a quest in act 5 starring each of the followers, in which you go out into dungeons to explore/further their story events. I can’t say how good they are though since Shen’s is currently bugged in the beta and can’t be completed, and you don’t get the final dialogues about Lyndon’s, I assume since it’s related to the end of the act with Malty and that’s not in the beta.

      • Good to hear that, thanks (I realise I might have missed a few pieces of information and I also mixed up the followers and the NPCs). From my point of view if Shen’s quests/follow-up lore is at least as good or entertaining as his dialogues/lore in D3V I’ll be fine.

  22. Combat; where Monk destroys all with minor wounds. I have not kept following RoS news much but if it enables item based builds, as I think it does, shut up B. and take my money.

  23. I am thankful there is a web site with easy to access D3 news that is interesting.. Because the game is not.

  24. I’m not thankful at all. since the beta i kinda lost interest in this game.
    Played over d3 classic 1500+ hours hardcore only. And now they retroactively punish players who did their best to try to stay alive (yes most deaths are NOT dc’s but people’s own stupidity) and changed HC basically into SC+ since you can’t lose levels, HC paragon 2.0 :/.

    Another thing, all the new features look ok, but it means nothing when they make the game so casual that there is no long term end game challenge (as in difficulty level) left. From a business point of view i understand these decisions, since there is no subscription fee or additional income besides selling the game itself and server are expensive you want players to be done with the game within reasonable time. The sad truth is blizzard has become mostly a business, sure they still wanna deliver quality, but it’s just not even close to what it used to be. The old blizzard died a long time ago friends.

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