What do you Think Blizzard will Announce at Blizzcon 2016 for Diablo?

What do you Think Blizzard will Announce at Blizzcon 2016 for Diablo?

BlizzCon DiabloWe are now less than 24 hours away from the finding out what Blizzard has in store for Diablo. For the past couple of months, there’s been plenty of rumours and speculation. The most intriguing leak has been the Necromancer image.

Ahead of BlizzCon tomorrow, we want to know what you think Blizzard will reveal for Diablo. Pop your votes in the poll.

What will Blizzard announce for Diablo at BlizzCon 2016?

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    30 thoughts on “What do you Think Blizzard will Announce at Blizzcon 2016 for Diablo?

    1. If they announce anything, it will be an expansion for Diablo 3.

      Remember the Skovos island maps and game resources that where leaked a while back? They won’t want to give that away for free.
      It will have 1 new hero class, the Necromancer.

      If that concept art of the Necro is for Diablo 4, then I’m giving up all hope for the Diablo series.

      Chunky WoW style armour and god-awful script/ plot writing ruined D3. The itemisation was tragic, but fixable.

      By the way, I think Diablo 3 had some great features.
      Some of the environments and background art is staggeringly beautiful. Same with creatures and animations.

      Thats why D3 is such a shame. So close, yet so far.

    2. I believe we’re getting a big fat D3 patch with a new class. New act? Likely, but I’m not crossing my fingers. RoS seems to be at a point of no return for a new expansion. They’re not squishing numbers like they did to WoW and the current firepower caused by set items, ancient legs and paragon is hard to overcome. A new expansion would be swallowed pretty fast by many players and most people would downgrade to T7 or T8 to reboot the farming. Then we would be stuck with even bigger numbers. White monster with around 10^15 life and elites and guardians around 10^21~10^24. And this would be common place. Higher difficulty levels would be even worse. I believe D4 is on the works, but I just can’t believe they’re giving it away right now. I guess it’s going to be unveiled in 1 or 2 years from now. Hope I’m wrong. =/

      Sorry about my crappy English. Peace ^^

    3. Blizzard kept Overwatch a secret for a long time, really well. Especially for a game so different from their current line-up. Can hardly wait to see what they’ll pull out of the hat next.

      • No it didnt. “Overwatch” is a game born from recycled material from the “Titan Project”. Titan was a “failure” and they simply recycled all the work that has been done and turned it into “Overwatch”. From a project perspective this is “damage mitigation” and actually a very good thing (while still considering that the original project failed).

        It is a good example of how standard “Project Practices” are heavily coming into “Gaming Development”.

        • It’s true that Overwatch was the PVP portion of a larger MMO game Blizzard was working on. The point I’m trying to make is that the Titan Project was something no one knew anything about other than its name. No one knew it was a first person shooter or even what the larger MMO they were building was meant to be. Whether it was a failure or a success is irrelevant. They made something no one saw coming.

          • It was long known/suspected to be a first-person shooter MMO. Whether that was ever confirmed I don’t know, but Overwatch being an FPS was not a surprise to anyone.

            When it was said that Titan was in trouble and was being re-evaluated, it was then not a surprise to many people (apparently it was to you) that they’d take the Titan assets and turn them into a different kind of FPS game.

            • All these speculations are no different than what we do here for D2 and D3. We have hints and ideas for what things may or may not be but ultimately the result is unexpected. I don’t care to turn opinions into a competition, I’m merely trying to say that Blizzard has secrets and surprises.

    4. I think there will be more than one announcement:

      – Expansion for Q1 2017
      – D1 & D2 “remaster” (a.k.a. “gieb $20 for upscaled graphics in proper scale with a 3 click installation”)
      – D4 teaser for a 2020 release (maybe they won’t announce this because it could affect expansion sales, only Sony do smart moves like those, am I rite…)

    5. lol most options are very far off.

      IMO we will get this:

      – Diablo 4 announced (and if not announced, then they are still working on it)
      – Diablo 3 will get further content from the canceled expansion (and things “they always wanted to do but had to make priorities”) in form of patch(es) – yes maybe even the class (Necromancer) which got canceled with the cancellation of expansion 2. This free content is meant to help bring back people and also to bridge the time until Diablo 4 is released.
      – Diablo 2 will maybe get chat-bot-spam protection in an upcoming patch
      – Diablo 2 will maybe get a 1280×720 Resolution option in an upcoming patch.

      This option will allow to play the game in a 16:9 aspect ratio (which is an established standard today), and further it will zoom the camera out due to how the graphics work in D2. This will make D2 look more “up-to-date”, while arguably not harming game-play too much (yes.. yes.. I know some ranged classes will be able to see and shoot certain spells farther than before. But previously amazons would simply shoot their arrows in various directions while simply assuming monsters would get hit off-screen. However, this would change PVP in many cases, but D2 was always about PVM first anyways.

      • Improved cheat-bot-spam protection is actually a horrible idea. Too much of the current state of D2 revolves around botting. If they simply killed the bots and nothing else, players would flee in droves. It could actually kill D2. Its too far engrained, like an old god buried deep in Azeroth. The only way to kill botting at this point is to couple it with several new features designed to make the game more social. The problem is their track record of understanding what makes games more social is brutally horrific.

        Like right now, people NEED baal run games to progress. That’s simply how the game evolved and they let it evolve that way. Kill bots, and the Baal run games die, and probably almost the entire playerbase quits. So if you kill bots, it must also come with something to replace Baal runs. and it NEEDS to be social to replace Baal runs, because if the replacement is some sort of solo content, then the join game board is empty and people think the game is dead and everyone quits. The replacement must be something you’d list on the join game board.

        • I am talking about chat-spam bots, not the bots that run MF games or baal games for the public.

          HRs and some unique items are surely ultra rare, and in some cases too rare. What I dont want is devs to ruin D2 by making drop rates like in D3. The only thing that they could do is increase drop rates for certain HRs, low to mid level sets so they actually drop while youre leveling. Same goes for low to mid level uniques. 99.9% of the time all that low to mid level gear drops once you are leveled to 70+ at which point they become arguably useless if you find them.

        • I don’t care if some leechers and cheaters leave the game.

          I can still continue playing my solo self found games in public. IF there are no players I bring my own 4 other players to the game.

          Thats what I’ve been doing a lot in HC Classic which has much smaller population.

          I do party occasionally but very often I just do my own thing since I’m not in the same Act or same quest than others

          Besides these changes might bring back people who got fed up with cheating and botting.

          They might bring new players to the game.

          So I don’t really care if people who play the game for FG leave and new people who appreciate the game more will come in.

        • And 1 more thing..
          There was Baal runs in the release of LoD when bots were not a popular thing.

          After some months Pindlebot came around and its use was more widespread.. But there was no Baal bots in the early days.

    6. Considering they openly hired for people looking to update D2 to run on Windows 10, I picked HD remakes.

    7. The Necromancer (male/female) as a new class for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. Like all the other stuff from the cancelled D3X2 (Kanai’s Cube, Sescheron etc), it will be free in celebration of the Diablo 20th Anniversary, and it will be available with Patch 2.5. With the class comes new content like items/legendaries (apparently), possibly a new area as sort of fitting “starting zone”, and ofc Sesaon 9. There will be no D3X2 announcement and no D4 annnouncement either. With the release of the new Diablo 3 class, I’d also assume that there’s no D2 HD remake announcement. I’m not holding my breath for a huge Diablo announcement tonight – people who expect a big round of news from D1/D2 to D3 to D4 will be disappointed. The 2016 Blizzcon will be generally very relaxed as far as news goes, it’s party time for Blizzard!

      • And how do you know that the Kanai’s Cube and Sescheron are cancelled from D3X2?

        They could be cancelled from RoS..

        In RoS we got Mystic that was cancelled from Vanilla. There is a huge list of Cancelled features from Vanilla already.

        I would really rather want a full expansion with total redesign of some systems in the game that are pretty poor at the moment.

        Also a completely new Act and areas where we can adventure.

        If they bring just the new class and few separate areas it is not enough. Sure it is nice because it would be a free patch.. but I’d like to pay something to get more.

        • I think he’s right though. One the one hand, you’d expect something big, given the 20th anniv and quite a bit of time since RoS. But on the other hand, something feels off, like it’s just not the right time, especially in light of all the new job listings, short Blizzcon panels, underwhelming concert performer… Like he said, it feels it’ll be a very low key Blizzcon this year. Which sucks, cause last year’s was also low key (I don’t count Overwatch as a big deal – and it was announced before Blizzcon 2015, wasn’ it?)

      • Yeah…they’re just hiring all these people for an “UNANNOUNCED DIABLO GAME” for no apparent reason. Blizzard just wants to hire people and stash them away like they are treasure or something.

        Yeah……that must be it.

    8. They won’t release another expansion because it would highlight their fail by the low sales of the expansion. It has to be free if its more D3 content. Or RMAH 2.0? lel

    9. just another “BIG” patch with a new char (necro) and new map (mayby an HD remake but i think not)
      why on earth would they work already on D4 with all those nagging and raging kiddies (over nothing) in the community

    10. man, it’s been a while for me on this site. Essentially I’ve been done with D3 for like half a year now, there just came a moment early in season 4 I think when I decided I’m burned out. A new x-pack would bring me back in for a bit, certainly for the single player and maybe a bit of MP but not for long.

      It’ll be utterly disappointing for not announcing D4 for the 20th anniversary. On the other hand, maybe it’s too soon.

      • I think that’s the problem with an expansion. Players would race through it and then ask “what now>”. I seriously hope there is not another expansion announcement.

    11. I’m going for a Diablo 3 themed Plant vs. Zombies rip-off called Necro’s vs Druids for mobile phones with a heap of MTX and nothing more. 😛

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