Welcome back to Diabloii.Net

We mentioned a few days ago that there were some major changes happening with the IncGamers’ sites. Last week IncGamers moved over to its new home at PC Invasion. When IncGamers.com was established many moons ago it was launched as a multi-platform site. A couple of years ago it moved back to its roots of PC gaming and they felt they needed a site that better conveyed their passion for PC gaming.

This move meant we didn’t want to keep the fansites on the IncGamers domain, somewhat out on a limb and decided  they would be better served and managed on their own domains. In this site’s case it was an easy choice to go back to the classic Diabloii.Net.  As well as being back on its familiar domain Diabloii.Net now manages its own financing and running costs through ads or subscriptions (Palships).

The primary source of funding has always been advertising but times are changing. The ad market is nowhere near as buoyant as it was a few years ago and funding through ads alone is being hampered by AdBlock which currently blocks over 50% of possible income. If you’d like to support this site but can’t afford to subscribe, at least white list us (turn off adblock for this site), and this is good advice for any websites you enjoy and wish to see remain in business.

The question is, how do we tackle it?  We’ve been running the Diablo-related sites for just over 18 years now and haven’t pondered too long on putting original content behind a pay wall for a limited period.  Instead we introduced a subscription (Palships) to encourage the community to directly support the site with a couple of dollars a month and they would enjoy ad-free surfing also.   There is a growing trend for sites and casters to use systems such as Patreon and even subscriptions to Twitch channels to fund their efforts but we would like to stick with our Pal system because it is integrated with all your log ins.

Diabloii.Net is now self-funding so to that end we ask if you like what we do, what we have on offer on DiabloII.Net, DiabloWiki.Net and DiabloNut.Com,and you would like us to carry on for another 18 years (OMG!) please consider taking out a subscription. It’s literally the price of a bottle of soda a month and even cheaper if you take out an annual subscription. We would love to no longer rely on ads.

We’ll be offering special features or early access to Pals, including posting all new episodes of The Diablo Podcast in the PAL Forum a day or two before they go live on the main page for everyone to enjoy.

So here we are, a fresh start on the our classic domain and it’s actually quite exciting. You’ll see we’ve dug deep in the HD backup archives and managed to find our old logo, that wasn’t fun trying to find that but it was well worth the effort for nostalgia reasons 🙂 Many of you have been part of this community for many years I imagine and will remember the old red site with the wooden borders.

Rush is busy working on stuff in the back-end and there will be a few tweaks and changes in places over the next week. Any bugs you find you can always post them it the site bug forum.

Welcome back to Diabloii.Net!

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  1. I just subbed for a year, because you guys are fraking worth it!

  2. My problem with the pal-subscription is (was) that I still constantly got ads. I paid and got not what was promised. I made multiple posts in the Pal forum whenever a new ad appeared (as did multiple other users who had the same problem or were just as annoyed by it as I was), but that didn’t change the fact that over 60% of the time I was a pal I still got ads.

    I don’t use AdBlock currently, so you still “earn money” from me when I visit the page.

    • Hi Turin. I did look into this and the problem you had was four years ago. Obviously a lot has changed since then. If anyone does have any current issues then let us know in the PAL or support forums.

      • Completely true that it was four years ago, but burned hand shy’s the fire (if that saying exists in English also ^^). Right now, this reply box overlaps the right column, trying to log in on the page yesterday resulted in three errors and me having to click on a different login button during one of these errors to get it to work – lets just say that doesn’t increase my confidence.
        On the other hand, I am not visiting this page for web design studies, it’s the content that keeps me coming back to it for a long long time (+ my love for all things Diablo) 🙂

        PS: Also want to point out that you (or other people from the staff) always replied back then, tried to fix the issues and said sorry for it being an issue in the first place – so it was a nice user experience.

        • Agreed Turin, there are a few bits that we need to sort. Regarding “support” responses, we used to be able to handle these more but most of us have had to take on other work because the site can not support us as a full time gig. It used to be able to, but not any more, therefore we have less time. We would love that to change but that is really up to us working what we can and getting more direct support from the community.

          There is a LOT more we could do but we have to pay the running costs first before anything else can be planned.

          That Login issue should be sorted, it was down to the domain change. I am going to be taking some weekend time out to sort a few “design” issues but there has already been quite a lot sorted this week 🙂

  3. Hooray ! Welcome home 😀

  4. Been always going to diii.net anyway so cool to see this 🙂

    Btw, should probably hide that incgamers logo from the top toolbar since it pops back up after scrolling down.

  5. Wooden borders and wooden borders with Christmas lights on them each year ;p

  6. Not many of the old guard left now who will remember that url. Grown up, had kids and gaming becomes a rare treat if at all.

  7. My stubbornness to continue using diabloii.net as my home page for the past 12 years has paid off.
    Welcome home guys.

  8. In The Darkest Timeline, you have been bought out by AOL and all the things are horrible. Thanks for taking a chance on independence.

    Do you have a paypal address where donations can be sent? Some of us are foolish with our money and you should take advantage of that.

  9. Just checking but, the site is named DiabloII.net, yet you’ll still be covering Diablo III stuff, right?

    • SnoopyBrown. Of course, the name of the domain is because it was the name we used when we decided to do the site properly after our Diablo 1 coverage. But yes, D3 coverage as always 🙂

  10. Someone open a window. It smells like 1997 in here!

    (Welcome back!)

  11. Welcome back, good old times 🙂

  12. Welcome back 🙂

    Oh yes, I guess a lot of old-timers are still around…

  13. Didn’t you guys go to Diabloiii.net at one point prior to the incgamers change? Question I have now is are the ingame clans going to be changing names? Haven’t been on in a few.

  14. Tapatalk doesn’t work after the change of domain. 🙁

  15. Thanks bodry will hop on that now.

  16. FF on mac..top login from blog not working. It takes me to the forums NOT logged in. The login on the forums logs in just fine and once I’m in I can go to news ok.

    as for making money..I’ll be honest with you and share some thoughts off the top of my head. Keep in mind, I make web sites for a living. None are like this site though in that they are all sites that support real business.

    I’m one that simply won’t pay as this is just a gaming site. Sure I could consider it a passionate hobby, but it’s just not that important. If I needed to pay for all the web sites I visit, I’d end up simply not going online at all.

    And yes, I run adblock. The ads found on this site have been incredibly intrusive with pop overs and auto playing videos. If you had less intrusive ads, I’d gladly allow ads on the site. But, I’d likely never click them anyway. so unless you are getting pay per view and not pay per click, folks like me aren’t going to contribute ad money.

    Dunno if you would be allowed to do this via the game…But I would gladly pay to be in an incgamers clan that actually had regular players on it. call it dii.net club membership. somehow i think Blizzard would frown on that though. like right now there are zero inchc north players on. start of the season was ok but after 2 weeks it got pretty lousy. weekends are a bit better but of course that’s the time I don’t play much.

    That or have a team of folks that play via twitch and proceeds go to run the site. Let some subscribe and get some benefits like the ability to more easily group up. Let others donate to get group runs of their choice with the streamer.

    Patreon might be a good choice. $x per podcast.

    Some combo of the above and other ideas are more likely needed. It really seems to me that the ad industry is collapsing. I manage the server of a website that gets over 6000 unique visitors a day and it can’t afford to run itself anymore. Ad’s just don’t pay like they used to. That client is scrambling to either shut down or dream up something that would actually bring in money. I feel they are fishing for empty nets though. Like I said, we can’t afford to pay for every site we find useful online.

    There must be some tangible benefit for most to consider giving any money to.

    I’ve read this site for a very long time and I value a lot of what you post here. But I could live without it. And that is the issue you face. There are obviously some who are more than generous and will pay for nothing more than to support your costs. And I applaud them, I really do. It’s just not for me.

  17. Welcome back diabloii.net ! The info on this site has been so helpful all these years.

    I just subbed for a year as well.

  18. Glad to see the old site back. I remember visiting this site every day leading up to the announcement of Diablo 3 and the following months just reading all the content.

  19. Thanks for the support guys, it really means a lot and all subs are a MASSIVE help. If you have any issues with ads or anything let us know in the PAL forum (which you will now have access to).

  20. Hey Rush or Elly, do you have any options for recurring sub? There used to be one before, but didn’t see it in these options now. Would sign up indefinitely if it came out month to month. It’s a paltry amount for the content. Thanks so much for all you do.

    If not, I’d sub a full year up front in exchange for an Elly greeting on my personal voicemail. That voiceover tho… *swoon* =)

    • I have just activated the recurring subs option now. If you have already subbed then it’s unlikely to kick in this time round though.

  21. Sweet!!!

    Welcome back!

  22. I don’t have a paypal account. I’ll just send elly a bunch of cash in 2 weeks.

    • Ah, apparently i cant just send cash via paypal without having a paypal account either…. booo.

      • I think the way it works is you can setup a paypal account and then pay via whatever method through that account (card etc). Real cash is really not the best idea to be sending directly anyway 🙂

  23. Welcome back guys! Start hosting micro sites and clans again, and it will really feel like the old days. Seriously though, if you started doing that again, it might be a great way to make this all feel more like it’s own network like back in the d2 days. Plus its a great way for those banners to drum up some extra revenue. Seriously though, if this is ever considered again, let me know, I would be more than happy to have GreySoul part of this site again (banner ads and all).

  24. Diabloii.net Yes! Yes! Yes! Welcome back baby!!!

  25. Best of luck to you guys. You have been the top Diablo-related site for me for many years now.

  26. I’ve just taken out a year sub. No brainer really! Have loved your content since I first came across this site about a year before D3 released. & long may it all continue, Rushter, Elly & Flux et al. You have my thanks for all that you do.

    The one thing I’d like to see revisited is the clans for EU. Perhaps merge Inc1 & 2 into an all powerful single clan? 🙂

  27. Just curious, are we going to change the in-game name of the clan from IncE to something else??

    Also, Rushter, if you can, a long time ago –maybe 6ish months ago–, I had a recurrent payment set up. I have the e-receipt in which two months’ worth of payment was taken out. However, I was still seeing ads, and I didn’t get the “pal” next to my name. I filled out a “contact us” form (which I *think* I have a screenshot of it). I ended up stopping it in PayPal, but would love to go back to supporting you guys again!

    • Foutch. The problem was with Vbulletin not fixing their system which handled the subs. Since moving to Xenforo thse issue have been resolved. If you let me know via a PM your paypal name I can check it and then just make sure what you get what you subbed for then switch you into the new system.

  28. Welcome back!

    Nostalgia central. May have to crack out my D2+LoD discs!

  29. I’m actually scared every time i type the URL that the site will be shutdown some day. You were a HUGE resource for me during the D2 years, also i LOVE the podcast. Thanks for supporting!

    • We know the feeling. Every month we pour over the numbers and it has become harder. For example. after this weekend we know that 43.5% of all visitors to the front page block the ads. Sadly our monthly costs have not dropped 43.5% but have only increase each year as you would expect.

      we hope we can get enough support to keep this great community going well into the future because we will be funding shortfall out of our own pocket which we have done in the past. I think Elly sunk 20K of her savings in at one point.

      • That is astonishing!

        Well i really hope that the Diablo Franchise gets a huge release or whatever again so that you guys get more viewers/readers again.

        I really appreciate what you guys have done over the past years and i am still visit this site almost daily.

        Sadly i am not really interested in Diablo3, since i am investing the free time i have into playing Median XL Ultimative. What a great mod , i can only recommend it to everyone :).


        • Thanks fnaxqtr, glad you have enjoyed what we’ve cranked out over the years :). There are a lot of people here that still play D2 and some don’t even play any Diablo at all at the moment. They just enjoy the community which is just as much a motivation for us.

  30. Awesome, Diabloii.net, one of the first sites where I learned a lot from the excellent community, mods and staff here. Stay a while and listen :D.

  31. Reading all the comments, made me want to go back and see how it all started. So I loaded up D1 on my pc. D2 Lod was already loaded, but I haven’t played it in awhile.

    What a throwback playing D1 after all these years, even managed to find a backup with a saved char on it.

    Thanks for all the memories.

  32. @ Rushster

    I recommend implementing a feature that http://www.seekingalpha.com deploys. Every time you load their page, a pop-up (not an annoying one either) appears instructing how to disable Ad-Block on their website. It’s a sophisticated feature and it worked to remind me to disable Ad-Block on their page (I also like the website which helps!).

  33. Welcome back home. The fire is warm and we’ve been expecting you. Stay a while and listen.

    Bought a year sub. If it cost more i’d pay more. The podcasts, news and this community are worth every penny spent.

  34. Let’s get some of the Diabloii.net whales to make some ridiculious donations to our beloved Elly. Paypal to [email protected].

    Join me.

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