We mentioned a few days ago that there were some major changes happening with the IncGamers’ sites. Last week IncGamers moved over to its new home at PC Invasion. When IncGamers.com was established many moons ago it was launched as a multi-platform site. A couple of years ago it moved back to its roots of PC gaming and they felt they needed a site that better conveyed their passion for PC gaming.

    This move meant we didn’t want to keep the fansites on the IncGamers domain, somewhat out on a limb and decided  they would be better served and managed on their own domains. In this site’s case it was an easy choice to go back to the classic Diabloii.Net.  As well as being back on its familiar domain Diabloii.Net now manages its own financing and running costs through ads or subscriptions (Palships).

    The primary source of funding has always been advertising but times are changing. The ad market is nowhere near as buoyant as it was a few years ago and funding through ads alone is being hampered by AdBlock which currently blocks over 50% of possible income. If you’d like to support this site but can’t afford to subscribe, at least white list us (turn off adblock for this site), and this is good advice for any websites you enjoy and wish to see remain in business.

    The question is, how do we tackle it?  We’ve been running the Diablo-related sites for just over 18 years now and haven’t pondered too long on putting original content behind a pay wall for a limited period.  Instead we introduced a subscription (Palships) to encourage the community to directly support the site with a couple of dollars a month and they would enjoy ad-free surfing also.   There is a growing trend for sites and casters to use systems such as Patreon and even subscriptions to Twitch channels to fund their efforts but we would like to stick with our Pal system because it is integrated with all your log ins.

    Diabloii.Net is now self-funding so to that end we ask if you like what we do, what we have on offer on DiabloII.Net, DiabloWiki.Net and DiabloNut.Com,and you would like us to carry on for another 18 years (OMG!) please consider taking out a subscription. It’s literally the price of a bottle of soda a month and even cheaper if you take out an annual subscription. We would love to no longer rely on ads.

    We’ll be offering special features or early access to Pals, including posting all new episodes of The Diablo Podcast in the PAL Forum a day or two before they go live on the main page for everyone to enjoy.

    So here we are, a fresh start on the our classic domain and it’s actually quite exciting. You’ll see we’ve dug deep in the HD backup archives and managed to find our old logo, that wasn’t fun trying to find that but it was well worth the effort for nostalgia reasons 🙂 Many of you have been part of this community for many years I imagine and will remember the old red site with the wooden borders.

    Rush is busy working on stuff in the back-end and there will be a few tweaks and changes in places over the next week. Any bugs you find you can always post them it the site bug forum.

    Welcome back to Diabloii.Net!

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