Weekly Wallpaper #95: Full Color Battles

We’ve seen three new, intensely-colorful Diablo 3 wallpapers added to the gallery since our last update, and they well deserve to be profiled on the main page.

The most recent is by ROCKETEER and it features a taunting Barbarian, shouting defiance at a variety of enemies. The artist has combined several different official artworks in this one, creating a piece that’s practically a new official artwork.

We’ve also got a new one by KhalNik, and like the first, this one combined multiple official artworks, layering all five character classes, plus Diablo and Leoric, into a movie-poster style pose-fest.

The final piece is another one by ROCKETEER and it’s an awesome merging of Tyrael with Diablo, entitled WAR. Let’s hope so (in Diablo 3) and hope further that we get to battle both of them. You’ve lectured me for arriving too late for the last time, Wingboy!

Click to the Diablo III Wallpaper gallery for more than 300 other such excellent works.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Wallpaper #95: Full Color Battles

  1. All three goes straight into my wallpaper collection. They’re amazing! It’s a shame that the one by KhalNik is not available in a higher resolution.

  2. eccept that the barbarian has cripple arm – maybe copy and pasting isnt the best thing to do if you have foreshortening in some places :X

  3. To fight against the only archangel that always wanted to SAVE Sanctuary is a great idea ))) genius

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