It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to make the usual Monday morning Diablo III Wallpaper update, and in that time the gallery has seen a bit of action. “A bit” in this case meaning… forty-one new wallpapers. Yes, 41.

    Most of those are courtesy of a new arrival to the gallery — a couple of weeks back an artist named ROCKETEER posted more than twenty of his wallpapers in our Fan Creations forum. HolyKnight encouraged him to add them to the Wallpaper gallery, and he did last week, but last Monday morning was the busiest day ever, and I didn’t have a chance to make a wallpaper post about all the new additions.

    Then over the past week thanks to the Class Crests artwork, ROCKETEER and another new artist named bluejoe both submitted numerous new pieces combining character art and the class crests.

    So yeah, forty-one new wallpapers. Obviously the post format won’t permit thumbnails for all of them, but I’ve included a few here, and you guys are encouraged to browse through the gallery, which is now the repository of more than 300 fan-made Diablo III Wallpapers. (At the bottom of the gallery page you’ll want to sort the display by “posted date” in “descending” order, to see the most recent stuff on top.)

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