Another week of excellent user-submitted wallpapers. As usual, the hardest part about these updates is picking which wallpaper to preview with an attached image. Click to the wallpaper folder and see them all; the total is up to 69, and most of them are creative undertakings, composed of components from multiple images.

    [*]HolyKnight3000’s Fiery Runes series 2 continues with the locations, this time featuring the tropical island paradise of Skovos.

    [*]Cowguin has turned the thrice-ripped page from Cain’s Journal into a lovely wallpaper.

    [*]Muldric did some very nice work with this color-modified piece featuring the Diablo 3 head.

    [*]VioletJoker has produced one of the most inventive series of wallpapers we’ve yet seen, with four location shots, all featuring a large piece of concept art of one of Diablo 3’s cities, with its location highlighted on the inset world map. Profiled so far are Caldeum, Skovos, Tristram, and Ureh. The Caldeum shot can be seen below.

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