The wallpaper gallery saw several excellent additions during the past week; images worth viewing on their own merits, even if you’re not looking for new desktop eye candy.  In chronological order:

    • Cowguin turned out four pieces:
      • Snowy Hell puts two of the Barbarian (M & F) concept art pieces into a snowy wilderness, with an awesome, blue-tinged, ice-covered Diablo III logo.
      • Desert Hell relocates the Witch Doctor and a Cultist into an Act 2-like setting.
      • Deckard’s Retreat places Cain in a peaceful forest, with a green-tinged D3 logo.
      • Diablo III, it’s Coming, shadows the progress of Old Red himself. (Seen below.)
    • Mwille created a wallpaper from the oh-so atmospheric official D3 site character selection screen.
    • Muldric fashioned three wallpapers.
      • WitchDoctor and Barbarian take iconic images of the characters and place them into a sort of magical locket, hovering on a textured background. It’s hard to describe; better you just look for yourself.
      • Archangel Tyrael puts Mr. Enigmatic in a widescreen view.

    And finally, reigning wallpaper king HolyKnight3000 continues his Fiery Runes: Series Two with a new approach; locations. First up, Caldeum.


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