A veritable explosion of wallpapers hit the gallery this week, with more than a dozen new ones added since last Monday’s Weekly Wallpaper post. In addition to HolyKnight’s usual fine work, we’ve got 6 by VioletJoker, 6 by Phoenix995, and 2 by Paalt. If you can’t find something new for your desktop from that selection, or the other 49 now in the Wallpaper Gallery, you might just be looking too hard. Or you might want to make a request in the Wallpaper Forum; there are artists just itching for inspiration.

    Also, I’d be happy to make one of these posts each week profiling new D3 (or D1 or D2) fan art, but we’ve not seen much of that yet, other than some entries to our ongoing Swords contest. Upload your work to the Fan Art Gallery and let us know about it, and we’ll be happy to publicize your efforts.

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