With no new concept art releases to provide the raw material, it was a slow week in the wallpaper gallery. All is not lost though, since wallpaper master HolyKnight3000 has posted another in his fiery runes series. See the shot for his explanation of the image and technical commentary, as well as links to download it in a variety of resolutions.

    “Diablo – Reflections of Hellfire” is my longest time spent wall to date. I spent on average 5 hrs a night just about every night on this image. I started work on this wall shortly before I finished Belial, and I knew it would be a good wall. I just didn’t know at the time how good or bad the Belial wall would have been taken. This wall I took like 12+ screenshots of the cinematic of where he pops out and roars. I watched and researched that part of the video so much the repeating parts of the music drive me insane still…

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