After two weeks of high activity, fueled by the glut of new BlizzCon images, we had only two additions this week. They make up in colorful what they lack in quantity, though.

    First is this this technicolor wallpaper by Delowyn, seen in thumbnail to the right. It features a male Witch Doctor armed with a psychedelic skull and some mysterious glowing blue smoke. This wallpaper guaranteed to wake you up in the morning.

    Second is our weekly entry from HolyKnight3000. It continues his fiery runes series, with male and female Witch Doctors in an emerald green ring of runes. Here’s part of HKs image caption, explaining his artistic process and the direction of his upcoming wallpapers.

    This was long requested, of having both male and female versions of the classes, I wanted to do this with the Wizard, but time got away from me. I will probably revisit them later. This week, I chose to do the witch doctor and give the fiery runes a greenish glow to match the tribal magic they use.

    I also added a jungle picture behind the des systema, and thought all week if I should show it or not. I also recolored the green runes a couple times to get the right green tone I wanted. I really truly wished I had newer concept art for the witch doctor I could have used for this instead of reusing older art from previous walls.

    I hope you all like, and sorry if the runes look bright in any way compared to the wizard

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