A bit late and somewhat low-tech since I’m on vacation and my computer time is limited, here’s the weekly report on what’s new in fan-made D3 wallpapers. The D3 Wallpaper gallery gained 5 new additions during the past week, with works by regulars and newcomers as well.

    [*]New artist RegularJohn posted his first two wallpapers, working nice new versions of classic art pieces of the Barbarian and Tyrael.

    [*]Phoenix995 returns with his first wallpaper in a couple of months, merging Diablo, the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor into one ominous image.

    [*]HolyKnight continues his Fiery Runes Locations series with a tasty shot of the decaying Tristram we’re all itching to explore. HK also let us know that he’s redone his runes entirely, upping the pixel count considerably so they won’t go jaggedy on high resolutions.

    [*]And Cowguin has issued another blasphemous accusation against one of the heroes of the Diablo story, linking Cain and Diablo in most unsavory fashion. You may witness his heresy below.[/LIST]

    As always, we urge you guys to thank the artists for their work. They do it for free, so if you enjoy an image, especially if you grab one for your desktop, take a second to add a comment to let the artist know.

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