Four more pieces of quality Diablo fan art to brighten your weekend. All four of these were originally posted in Blizzard’s fan art gallery, where they were promptly lost amidst the purple bikini-elves. That’s why I’ve been posting them in our Diablo art gallery, where they can rest more comfortably with their own kind.

    The topmost image this time is the grand prize winner in a fanart contest Blizzard held in 2006, while the others were honorable mentions in that same contest. The winning entry is amazing; it’s as if some mad civilization decided to honor the Lord of Terror by constructing a haunted cathedral in the shape of his skull. With horns and everything. This picture once again makes me wish that Blizzard would post their fan art submissions in full size; this one needs to be about 2400 pixels wide so we could appreciate every tiny detail. Click to see any of these four full sized, or browse directly through our fan art gallery, which holds over 270 pieces of Diablo artwork.


    Update: Rabidwolf informs us that the winning Diablo Tower image was actually created in a custom level of Unreal Tournament 3. It can be seen at the 1:10 mark of this YouTube clip, or you can click through for a screenshot.  I’m not sure if this makes the winner more or less impressive, but that level of UT3 certainly looks cool, if not especially thematically-consistent.


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