Weekend News Tidbits

A few more Blizzcon/D3 items have trickled out.

  • A very short Blizzcon piece in the Asia Times contains no useful information, but at least there’s a cute WoW cosplay girl photo.
  • A Blizzcon writeup in the student newspaper from the University of Tennessee at Chatanooga starts off by calling the attendees, “sweaty, nerdy gamers” and closes by concluding that the changes coming in WoW: Cataclysm will lead to more RMT and hacking.
  • Blizzcon got a brief mention in this financial roundup piece from the Chicago Sun Times, as an intro into plugging the ATVI Activision/Blizzard stock. (Which has been fairly flat since June, but was trending upward fairly well earlier in the year.)
  • GotGame included a very brief paragraph about D3 amongst four other very brief paragraphs in a Five Best Things About Blizzcon article.
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  1. I think the Scavage-Invigorated-Recovery skills are a mistake. Those are not very exciting skills and if the health globes are so rare as to require those for a barbarian to survive, making them “mandatory” skills that will limit build options. Players will be very loathe to place points in those skills.

    In Diablo 2 an increase in strength adds precious little to damage. If that is the case in Dialbo 3 invogorate will be a totally useless skill.

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