Weekend Fan Art

Blizzard recent broke up their endless stretch of WoW fan art by adding this awesome piece featuring a very combat-ready DiabloWikiTyrael, to their non-categorized fanart gallery.  We’ve added it to our gallery as well; click it to see it full sized.

In addition to this piece, we’ve added five more pieces of Diablo-themed fan art, all of which were originally posted on Blizzard.com, a year or two ago. They haven’t previously been featured here, but they’re now in the gallery, bringing the total to more than 250 fan-created works of art. Click the thumbs to view them full size, or just browse through the whole gallery, if you’ve got the time. Your eyes will thank you.


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1 thought on “Weekend Fan Art

  1. Yeah, but if you get 30% saying they love a class and want to play it first for each class, that’s pretty good.  It means it’s likely someone will have multiple classes they would love to play first, a good sign.  The only people you REALLY have to worry about are those that answer strongly dislike for ALL the classes, but they likely just won’t buy/ enjoy the game.  Hopefully that’s less than 1%, if blizzard is doing their job right.

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