Weekend Discussion Topic #1: Your Favorite D1/D2/D3 Class Choices?

We’ve been itching to spur some Diablo recollections discussions for a while, and a recent Blue reply to a thread on the Battle.net forums reminded me. This is actually a question I used a year ago, during the early days of The Diablo Podcast, generally as an ice-breaker during guest auditions.

The question is: What sort of Diablo I and Diablo II characters did you most enjoy playing, and do you plan to emulate that style in Diablo III?

It’s pretty obvious if you were say, a Rogue in D1, then a Bowazon in D2, and now you’re planning to go Demon Hunter in Diablo 3. (And if so, let me say that you have excellent taste!) Or you were Warrior, then Barbarian, and now you can’t wait for the D3 Barbarian to complete the melee-smashing trifecta.

Or you might be ready for something new. If so… why? Did you not like the D2 Sorceress but you’re dying for the D3 Wizard? Were you disappointed by the Necromancer’s tanking minions and weak spells, but now the Witch Doctor is your ideal class since he reverses those two factors? Did the Barb never interest you in D2, but the more varied (and scarred) D3 version seems awesome? Etc…

Hop into comments and share your thoughts, whether you’re going for more of the same thing, or are eager to try something entirely different. And in any event… why?

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109 thoughts on “Weekend Discussion Topic #1: Your Favorite D1/D2/D3 Class Choices?

  1. I’ll get bored with the same class and style of play quite eaisly so I’ll try to mix it up as much as possible.

    I normaly don’t like pet classes though, so when I go WD in diablo 3, I think I’ll do a petless one …. or two 🙂

    If I have to pick a favourite from the previous games, its the javazon. I like both the melee and throw skills. 

    In D3, donno. Like em all. 

  2. I love melee characters and Barbarian is my all-time favorite.
    In D3 I am really looking forward to get to 60 with Monk – while fragile, he will kick serious ass, I am sure. 

    • From what I have played in the beta, the Barb is more fragile then the Monk.  Maybe that will change as the barb gets more skills but that remains to be seen.

    • yap barb is my favorite too(D1 war D2 barb). But also I’m very interested in Witch Doctor(zombie wall, devouring toad etc)

    • I’ve always loved melee characters across all possible games, but I never really liked the Barb. D3 might change that, however.

      Back in D2 I almost exclusively played assassin. So much utility and fun builds!

  3. I’ve always been melee too. 80% of my D2 chars were Barbarians, and the rest were zeal Paladins.
    Diablo 3 will begin with a Barbarian for me, and likely remain that way for several months, at which point (when my Barbarian is as good as the best of them) I’ll start a WD, then a Wizard.
    DH and Monk seem boring to me. 

  4. Diablo – Sorcerer and Rogue
    Diablo II – Sorceress and Bowzon
    Diablo III – I really enjoy Wizard and Demon Hunter
    Not a big fan of melee classes but i tried barbarian in beta and i can say it’s very cool to play.
    Maybe D3 will make me play some melee too 😉

  5. I played almost every class build possible, in both hardcore and softcore, ladder and non-ladder. My favorites always seemed to be any kind of sorceress (I have a soft spot in my heart for Static Field/Frozen Orb builds of classic) and the Hammerdin. My first high level character in classic was Hammerdin and… it was awesome. I also really enjoyed my lance Barbarian (with Iceblink, of course) from classic.
    As for what I’ll play in D3? I’m definitely going to play all 5 and I’m so glad I don’t have to re-level each build. Sometimes I enjoyed the grind, but mostly it was just annoying. I still have nightmares of wandering the Tamoe Highlands, desperate to kill anything. I’ll probably start with either Wizard or Monk, though. It’s really a shame there is no knight class, but I’m hoping for it in the expansion!

  6. Rogue than Paladin, with Sorc as a second fave, but I think I am leaning towards a Barbarian for DIII. Don’t have my made up yet – I enjoy the gameplay of all five classes!

  7. Love the Sorc in Diablo, because of the amazing spell effects – really miss the old chain lighting 😛
    In Diablo 2, Barbarian took most of my time, but truthfully, I actually think the Assassin was my overall favorite class 🙂
    Diablo 3… Barbarian is awesome, Monk is supercool, Wizard is fun as hell, Demon Hunter is zzz and finally having given the Witch Doctor some time in the beta, I find it interesting. So, I think I’ll be playing a bit of everything 🙂


    • Ahh good ole chain lightning, used to love it!  It was like a carpet of electricity!  i used to play with a buddy (multiplayer in D1 was an afterthought) and he used to need the constricting ring equipped or i’d one-shot him with it

  8. Sorcerer was my favorite class ever. Loved the way Blizz branched off from the traditional “Merlin” archetype of a spell caster.

    For D2, I enjoyed the Barbarian best at first for the novelty of having a melee character with “spells”
    Over time I feel that the Sorceress was my favorite for the sheer build variety and enjoyment of the skills. Paladin was also fun, but losing the right click to auras, made them a bit clunky to play. I also liked non-CE necros. Never got into the Xpac classes as they felt gimmicky.

    Witch Doctor will be my first class in D3 because of the skills and the backstory. Then Barb to try out the new shineys. Then Wiz since I always revert to the Sorcerer archetype. I will eventually play a Monk, but I’m not keen on the Demon Hunter, mostly because of the skill audio being obnoxious.

    • I have to say, I think that the female wizard displays the most repulsive audio track.  It is, I think, right in character, but she’s like some sort of a valley girl with PMS and spells.
      On the other hand, I was surprised by how thoughtful the witch doctor sounded!

  9. I liked the warrior in d1 for tanking mephisto, and the paladin in d2 cuz it was good at doing Archimonde runs.  So I’ll probably play a panda in d3. 

  10. D2 = Paladin.
    D3 All of them.
    It sounds a bit lazy and perhaps over enthusiastic to say that but I truly enjoy playing every single class as much.

  11. I was quite young when Diablo was release, and due to my lack of understanding how to properly play a sorcerer (I would basically level him as a warrior), I didn’t fully appreciated how the sorcerer was intended to be played.  That being said, I’ve always enjoyed the melee class that can jump in face to face with the enemies and rip them apart. From time to time, I have found myself going back to give the original Diablo a whirl and I always manage to play with the warrior.  He’s a simple play style to pick up and run with.
    As for Diablo 2, with the vast amount of character builds available (and at distinct patches – who remembers the ‘thorns’ pally, and the ‘iron maiden + blood golem’ necro?), it really opened the floor for a lot of different play styles, which I think most of you would agree attributed to Diablo 2’s longevity.  In Diablo 2, I’d find myself playing with the sorceress most of the time, but oddly enough ‘fun’ wasn’t the determining factor – she was the ideal character for quick magic find boss runs to obtain new gear that would set aside for characters I actually wanted to play.  I’d have to go with the Paladin as my favourite character for D2.  The righteous knight in shining armor gives him a ‘good’ feel, and his skills were both effective and unique, especially when compared to the Warrior from D1.  Zeal was great, holy shield looked wicked, the vast array of auras, and the ability to convert enemies to your side were all cool skills.
    For Diablo 3, I’ve had the luxury of trying the beta for a bit (my brother got selected in the first screening!) but only got to play the barb and witch doctor.  I really enjoyed playing the witch doctor and will probably play him my first go through the game.  He’s definitely a closer-ranged spell caster than the wizard which I like, but isn’t as frail since he has his dogs by his side.  Another determining factor for me, and arguably the first when it comes to the Diablo series, is the character’s story.  His character really intrigues me and I’d like to understand his background, his ‘voodoo’ ways, why he has his views, etc.
    Looking forward to the next installment of the Diablo franchise.  I haven’t spent anywhere close the same amount of time on video games as I have with the Diablo series.  Here’s to hoping May 15th rolls around sooner than expected!

    • The ‘iron maiden + blood golem’ necro was my build for classic D2.  Loved that build. 

  12. I can’t only pick one from D2, I liked Barbarian and Druid so mush but I could say that Druid is my favorite even if they are pretty equal because I will miss him in D3. They should ad a shape shifting class in an expansion or I will be really sad! 🙁 But I guess a lvl 60 barb in D3 has potential of a permanent shape shifter with the wrath of the berserker rune skill that extended the time when generating fury!^^

    Otherwise a half angel half man character would be awesome for an expansion or a remade Druid (shape to Tiger, dragon, polar bear or unique beast.)

  13. As in all games where I have the chance I go for the generic melee fighter class first. Warrior in D1 and Paladin in D2 as I think it translates better to that form then the barb. I like the idea of the classic “scrapper against all odds sword and shield hero” the most.
    No such class in D3 though so I think Ill go witch doc.

  14. I played all in diablo 2, except Paladin. he was the most boring. planning on either wizard, barbarian or monk as my first character 🙂

  15. D1 Warrior. D2, Pally. D3 Wizard.
    I like sword and shield types, and I will use a shield on my hardcore barb, but it isn’t really what he’s meant for. Plus D2 I played all classes but amazon regularly, Pally was just my first and favorite.

  16. Sorcerer/Sorceress/Wizard. I’m predictable. 😉

    I did quickly switch to the necro in D2, though. I preferred him over the sorc. Funny enough I don’t enjoy the WD at all in D3, and probably won’t play him much if at all. 

    • That’s because the pet WD doesn’t play anything like a pet Necro.  It leaves plenty of room for a Necro in the expansion.

      • This is my hope.  I was really excited for the WD for D3 when they first announced and discussed him.  The synergy between insect swarm and the zombie dogs sounded like they were making him into a real pet class but that got abandoned pretty fast.

        The necro was my favorite from D2 and I was hoping for that in the WD in D3.  I’ll still be playing the WD because I do like his style though ultimately my preferred class choice doesn’t exist in D3 yet.  I hope the necro does make a return since a pet class would be really cool within the framework of the rune system.

      • Eh, I doubt it, but there is a possibility. I mean, they added pets to the druid class in LoD. But the general theme of the WD is close, death and all that, so it is unlikely.

  17. I was Wizard all the way for almost 2 years now, but after playing the beta, Barbarian is just soooo much fun!  My friend wants to play barb and I think I may be sneaky and play it too.  The combat is so visceral.  It really feels like you make an impact every time you use hammer of the ancients. 

    I really do hope that the paladin makes an appearance other than in the form of the templar follower. 

  18. The Nova Sorc back in 1.07 D2 was my favorite build EVER. I’ll never forget joining cow level games, kiting the baddies into ENORMOUS groups, teleporting into the center of them and spamming nova until they all died. MOOOOO!!

  19. Looking at the various skills, barbarian seems overpowered, so I won’t play that until they fix it. Monk it is.

  20. I’m looking forward to playing the WD the most, yet I never liked the Necromancer or casters in the previous games.

    To me, the WD is a triumph of aesthetic appeal.  I was completely sold on the voodoo theme since 2008.  

  21. D2- pally, druid
    D3- monk, wizard

    I love diablo and have played all classes and intend to do the same with D3. I suspect these will be my favorites but time will tell

  22. D1: Warrior
    D2: Paladin
    D3: Barb and DH

    I guess my avatar also gives some indication, that I love melee classes :d

  23. I’ve played all classes in D1/2/LOD.

    D1 – I love the rogue the most, because I had a WF bow, and it was pawnage. Also, she’s sexy.

    D2 – Definitely soso. I will miss the “Time to die! Die!” spammage.

     LOD – Sin. I made a Ghost for PvP and did not regret it, stun locking newbies never gets old.

    D3 – I’m torn between wizard and monk. And I haven’t think of a good name for either :/

  24. Never played Diablo I

    Favorite class in Diablo II – Paladin.  Didn’t play a Barbarian or Druid … can’t remember why; time constraints maybe.

    Will be playing all five classes in Diablo III    

    Commander, Holy Knights of Westmarch 

  25. Diablo 1 – Warrior
    Diablo 2 – Necromancer then Barbarian and at the end Paladin
    Diablo 3 – Barbarian or Witch Doctor (ill probably coin flip on character menu at 15th of may just before creating 1st character)

  26. I plan on playing with my Blizzard Wizard this time.  I was unbeatable in d2, I don’t see any reason why that would change in d3. pvp-east for life.

  27. D1- warrior/sorc
    D2- necro/druid
    D3-witch doc/demon hunter

    I usually pick the darker heros to play first. 

  28. I’ve always liked ranged classes
    D1 – Mainly Sorcerer, some rogue too. Once my warrior got Meserschmidt’s the became pretty pointless for him.
    D2 – Sorc, Strafazon mostly, though I played a good bit of everything but Necro and Assass. Always loved frozen orb’s ability to completely bulldoze entire screens….like…screens you haven’t reached yet. 
    D3 – Planning on a Demon Hunter for SC, first HC character will be a barb (I’m primarily a HC player) 

  29. D1: Highest char I did was a level 70? Warrior.
    D2: I prefer Sorceresses and Necromancers. I enjoy ranged casting.
    D3: I think my only character will be a monk.

  30. D1, Warrior. Loved it. In D2 I tried the Paladin and Barbarian many times, but I felt neither one was really designed to his full potential… I don’t know, they were just missing something, especially the Barbarian. I got frustrated with them, especially in NM and Hell, and they never looked quite as wicked in the heavy armors as the Warrior had. I think that missing-something factor is partly why Blizzard brought the Barbarian back for D3, and he’ll likely be my first class.
    My favorite class in D2 was the Necromancer, he looked awesome with a bone helm and bone shield,his spells were sweet and there were so many different ways to play as him. I’m sad he’s not returning… I’d even be happy with the Witch Doctor if he just looked more like a Necro, without all the weird masks and stuff, and more skulls and bones instead. Since he is basically the same thing anyway.
    I never play archer types… and probably won’t even touch the Demon Hunter for that reason. I also dislike trapping skills, which they have also incorporated into the DH, making her even less my style.

  31. All characters in Diablo III are really awesome – but I will play again with Barbarian – he’s always my first choice.

  32. in Di (which I did not play much) I liked a rouge
    In D2 I went for the druid and the sorc…
    In d3 (I have yet to play, but) I’m looking at WD’s

  33. Never played Diablo 1
    Played the sorceress, necromancer, and pally the most in d2, with a recent love for ww barbs.
    So in D3 my first choice is probably gonna be the barb for nostalgia,but the pets come first. Something is just so right about having other monsters kill for you. Specially since there are no town portals, I have a hunch that the witchdoctor pets will be carrying parties or tanking a lot of damage at the very least.

  34. Diablo 1 – Rogue/Warrior
    Diablo 2 – Amazon/Assassin
    Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter/Witch Doctor/Monk

  35. 100% Phsyical Ranged fan here!
    Diablo 1: Rogue (gogo short bow of the bear against the butcher!)
    Diablo 2: Bowie (gogo 1.09 cheapo burritozon with piercing arrow!)
    Diablo 3: My absolute favorite char in the beta (especially since they nerfed orb-nova) is of course the DH, and I can’t wait to get my greedy paws on some beautiful weapons of (long ranged) mass destruction!
    Gieb! 😀

  36. i mostly play the tradeing game that diablo have to offer so i take the class i think can farm well in the start, and becouse of the high nr of barbs and wizzard iam going with either DH or WD. (DH dex item user, might force me to go DH,  becouse WD use INT and therefor shares its items with wizzard 😉
    i had a sorc and hamer pala in D2 both for magic find, and D1 i used the rouge.

  37. In D1 and D2 i did like many of them i really didn’t have favorite one.

    In D3 i will definitely be Monk because i like Asian martial arts movies and martial arts generally and if it will be fast paced with Monk i’m gonna love it. I don’t have beta so i don’t know about that. We did pick up different classes with friends it’s gonna be fun with all the group synergy.

  38. Wizard first and foremost, got a friend playing barb and another playing DH. Second class will be a heal/support focused monk. I loved spamming multishot with my zon in D2, as frowned upon as it was spamming multi almost never lost it’s charm.

  39. I was always a warrior in Diablo 1, but in Diablo 2 my favorite classes were Sorceress and Necromancer. I don’t really know what I’ll play first in Diablo 3.. Nothing really strikes out, but probably Witch Doctor or Barbarian.

  40. Diablo – Sorcerer and Warrior
    Hellfire – Monk
    D2 – Necro and Pally
    LOD – Druid-Bear 
    D3 – Monk (The only returning class from the original franchise people! (unofficial) And, yes, I’m going to smash you with a giant ass bell!) 

  41. Diablo I: Mainly Sorcerer.
    Diablo II: Mainly Sorceress, later also a lot of Paladins and some Amazons and I came to like the barbarian the last few months because of some great crowd control skills.
    As you can see, I love the spellcaster type – it’s the same in Pen&Paper RPGs. I tried a warrior build not long ago, but switched back to mage class types. So I will probably try the Sorceress first in DIII, but the Monk seems to have some good defensive abilities, too, which is important for HC play.
    I never got into necros (or summoner Druids) and I think the witch doctor will be my last choice in DIII…for no specific reason at all 🙂

  42. D1: Sorcerer

    D2: Sorceress and more recently Barbarian

    D3: Sadly not in the beta so I dont know. All along I planned on playing the Wizard only, but I had alot of fun playing the Barb for the last several months in D2, so I know I will give the Barb a serious try. I like the Monk as well.    

  43. This might change my decision on who to be… 
    Are there going to be “Charged” items in D3 like there were in D2…(ie. Helm with 20 charges of teleport) so that any character can get it…if your super lucky 😉

  44. Warrior in D1,Necro in D2 and I willl play Wiezard in D3 because most of his skill looks really cool.:D

  45. D1: Rogue
    D2: Amazon (any build, she rocked)
    D3: Demon hunter
    Seeing a pattern here? :p I’m a big fan of ranged classes but I’m a bit ‘meh’ on magic…I prefer that to being full melee though, ranged classes are always the most OP in any game!

  46. D1 – Rogue: The only class with a useful class skill in my opinion
    D2 – Summon Necromancer / Multishot Amazon (before nerf T_T)
    D3 – Monk / Wizard

    Not really any clear pattern to mine as far as I can tell… 

  47. Diablo 1 – Favorit vas Sorceror.
    Diablo 2 – Favorit was a “Summon Necromancer” though i did very much enjoy many of the other classes.  
    Diablo 3 – I’m in the beta and my first class to play at launch will be either a Barbarian or Witch Doctor. I do like the Barbarian, he is just so brutal and feels so powerful 😀 …..i’m stil missing a real Necromancer in D3, though i dont think that will ever happen.

  48. I had two absolute favorite classes, but with two specific skill builds/focuses.  The first was the Summoner Necromancer (I refrain from using the crass-sounding “fishymancer”) and the other was the Zealot Paladin.  While neither of those characters are in at launch, I plan on focusing on playing a Witch Doctor who focuses on summoning skills.  I think I feel authoritarian when I have pets and minions available to command while playing, alone or with other players.

  49. I liked all the D1 classes equally, they were fun for different reasons.
    In D2 I really liked playing bowazon
    For D3 I dunno, I still don’t know what I want to play first. Monk is my least favorite, I know that for sure. Maybe I’ll go through as a barb at first, because when the game is brand new it’s really cool to be able to use the biggest weapons and wear the heaviest armors

  50. Dual wielding frenzybarb, in any game that it’s possible to roll a character similar to that

  51. Diablo 1 – Warrior and Sorcerer
    Diablo 2 – Barbarian, Sorceress
    Diablo 3 – All of them, in this order: Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Witch Doctor then maybe Demon Hunter..I really dislike that class.

  52. I am going to really miss the Druid in Diablo 3. In Diablo 2, I made approximately 18 different level 90+ Druids – this is before the respec feature was added. My goal was to perfect the PvP WereWolf Druid, which I honestly think I was very close to by the time I quit Diablo 2 on my first run (I’ve come back to Diablo 2 several times since, but the world of PvP had changed dramatically by then).
    The last PvP Druid I made had a record of roughly 318 wins to 15 losses.

  53. In D1 I played the Warrior. When the expansion came out I liked the monk (if anyone remembers that). In D2, the Necromancer was my favorite character. I liked making huge armies of skeletons, sk mages, and revived monsters; I would teleport with my army and be awesome. In D3 I’m thinking WD because I like to travel with company.  

  54. Everything except Monk, then Monk.

    Probably –

    – Witch doctor
    – Barbarian
    – Wizard
    – Demon Hunter
    – Monk

    Not sure though. Might swap DH / Wizard around. 

  55. d2 barb/paladin, I was most excited about the barbarian in d3, and that is going to be my main.  I have to say playing the beta I had a great deal of fun playing all the classes.  I was amazed at how much fun the monk was however, it will be interesting to see what I choose for my second character, I was leaning towards wizard but the witch doctor is more fun than I had expected and the wizard is impressive as well…. I honestly won’t know until the game comes out

  56. I started with Diablo II and the bowazon/Javazon was my main over all play choice the tank/dps. Now i plan to translate that into the Monk and Demon Hunter.

    The way the Monk plays is just like a fighting game. And I had a great love for the fighting game genre. Besides I played a monk first in beta and never looked back. I did play a DH eventually.


  57. Played D2 and it was the necro with different builds (summoner for the win!).
    Then the amazon/bowazon.
    In D3 I think I plan on the Monk first. Never dabbled in melee from the start and wasn’t really a fan of melee aside from maybe a Paladin/shockadin.
    Follow that with the WD at least it will have some form of Summoner army Bring back the Necro!!!!1Darnit!!
    Wizard looks interesting.  
    Not the sure about the DH. From what I’ve seen, They haven’t quite gabbed my interest.

  58. I made a point of at least trying all the classes, but some stood out over others for me.

    In D1 I favored the warrior. Not always the easiest to play, but fun. The other two were fun too though.

    I never bought a copy of Hellfire, but a friend had it. I enjoyed toying with the monk.

    D2(X). So many good class/build variants. If I had to pick a single class I’d say assassin. I enjoyed a trappassin/ranged weapon build. Great for luring mobs into your traps from a safe distance. I hated the druid with a passion, but I could never pin down what irked me about him so much.

    Now if we’re talking vanilla D2 the choice of a favorite gets a lot harder, but I can say that I wasn’t overly fond of either the sorceress or the barbarian. I didn’t dislike them, but I didn’t really like them either. I had fun the other three in turn, but there was never really one stand out class.

    D3. Man it’s going to be tough on the 15th. I’m in the beta so I have tried out all the classes, and I’ve at least narrowed down the field in my search for the first I’ll play. WD and Barb are out. Both cool classes, but I’m liking the others more. I have a friend or two (irl) that are picking up the game, so I know we’ll set up a friends only game(s) and characters exclusive to them. I’ll choose a class there depending on what they pick. That will probably narrow down first choice (which is as close to favorite as I can get right now) a little more.

  59. I will play the Barb, purely because of the cosmetic features he has. I love to play the biggest character in-game clad with monstrous looking armor and gigantic weapon.

  60. I most enjoyed mages and ranged attackers in D1/D2, and I find myself following that path in D3 as well. I’m not entirely pleased by this, as I’d like to think myself more varied in my play styles and choices, but at least in the early going (beta) my faves are the wizard and the DH, since they have such a variety of direct attacks of all types.

    The DH is actually much more of a Glass Cannon than the Wiz, up to lvl 13, with minimal defense, one escape skill, and just an overwhelming barrage of offensive abilities. 

    That said, I enjoyed Barbs and Paladins at higher levels in D2, once they got more varied skills and became faster and more powerful. I hope to experience much the same from those brawlers in D3, since they both have a fairly monotonous, repetitious play style in the early going.

  61. I was a sorcerer in D1 and a necromancer in D2. The Necromancer is my favourite, but the WD doesn’t live up to his grandeur to me. It’s not the mechanics so much, as the concept and visuals. There is a big difference (for me) between showing up at Diablo’s lair with an army of skeletons and undead, which you actually raised from you slain enemies, and showing up at Diablo’s lair with a handful of frogs and some dead dogs that came out of nowhere. 

    I’ll probably go Wizard in D3, but I also have some neat ideas for Barb builds. I’ll give the WD a shot, and if his mechanics really are more to my liking, I might have to deal with it. But for now, a wizard is a concept I can appreciate, particularly one that bends time. And if I go hardcore, the lack of defence for the wizard might give her the precariousness I need to stay interested.

  62. I was a Rogue fan in Diablo (and in RPGs in general). I pretty much played her exclusively, until I finally “won” and got my Windforce. 🙂 The other two classes were okay, but I think I was bored by the Warrior after playing the demo to death. And I just didn’t like the Diablo spellbook system. Or, rather, I didn’t really see the point of playing a Sorcerer.

    For Diablo 2, I suppose my favorite character was really the Sorceress. I remember enjoying her high level spells a lot. Hydra and Thunderstorm were my skills of choice for my first LOD playthrough on normal, and I liked it. I think I probably beat the game the first time with the Bowazon, though. After that, I’d play unusual stuff, like throwing weapon Barbs and melee Necros. I liked the Paladin, too. I’d say Sorc/Ama in tier 1, and Necro/Pal/Barb in tier 2. Edit: Actually, I may have done a very standard Barb for my first playthrough. I think I remember melee for the first time in Hell.

    For D3, I plan on playing all five classes, alphabetically, cycling through to keep everyone close to the same level. I’m going to keep all the gear I can, and sell the rest for a bigger stash. I’m gonna save crafting for later, if I can help it. I’m probably looking most forward to the…Wizard. But it’s pretty darn close. We’ll see who the real winner will be.

  63. I found myself wanting to be helpful to teammates whilst still holding my own against enemies in d2, so I was fond of the necromancer for his control spells/curses as well as his offensive capabilities. I’m probably going to go down that route with the witchdoctor, since he seems to have a good mix of attack spells and team spells (big bad voodoo, hex, etc.).

    After that I’ll either move onto wizard or demon hunter for a bit of shooty goodness.

  64. As much as I love the power of the sorcerer in D1, it always came at the cost of mana. The Rogue was able to project power at range at a speed faster than the sorcerer could cast. Giver her something with knockback and she could control or stunlock an entire room!(Unless there were acid beast mini-bosses)

    In Diablo II, I loved the Necromancer. It didn’t matter if there was one monster or a hundred, it takes the Necromancer the same amount of time to deal with all of them. He required a very versatile strategic mind. My other love was the Amazon, with pierce, mana steal, immolation+freezing arrow.

    Besides those two, I generally loved alternate builds like the melee sorceress, the throwing barbarian, trap assassins, raven druids, healadins, charge/sacrifice-adins, I even tried the wandazon once.

  65. D1 – Bard (unofficial Hellfire class) I like dual wielding weapons, makes me more badass. 1st time in 2000 completed game with Warrior.
    D2 – Necromancer , awesome class played him most.
    D3 – Hard choice ,really hard.
    First i try Monk, which is for me awesome for his mobility and dual wielding weapons, then i try DH and which is like range monk, but awesome in some otherway. And last i try Wizard and really like spells which are more force like than poisone and DOT’s.

  66. pure melee classes are boring 
    always have been, always will be

    engineers, summoners are the most fun (whether you’re summoning skeletons, bears, or lightning traps; it doesn’t matter, they’re the most fun)

    ranged casters/bow fighters are next most fun 
    and ever so slightly below them are mage warriors

    and way down at the bottom of funness is strength based, pure melee

    • In theory, I agree. In practice, I found playing a summoning character problematic. Partly because of patch changes. It wasn’t a stable mechanic. And partly because…uhh…Duriel? 😉

  67. Diablo 1 – Sorcerer and Warrior.  

    Diablo 2 – Bowazon and Zeal Paladin. The martial Assassin was a lot of fun too, but I didn’t play her as much.

    Diabo 3 – The Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter looks the most intriguing, its a tossup with who I will play first.  Witch Doctor looks fun too, but comes in 4th.  I did not like the Barbarian in D2 and I don’t see that changing in D3. 

  68. In D2, I always connected the most with my barb, even though in retrospect I don’t think the barb was ever the most effective character. Just the idea of wearing a shiny suit of armor and weaving a swath of destruction into a horde of monsters resonated with me!
    In D3 I totally love the feel of the barbarian, it’s got an intuitive tactile feel when you smash something that’s just plain satisfying in a way that few video games have ever captured. But… once again, I think other characters are probably a more solid choice 😛
    I’m thinking I’ll probably run with a barb to get started in softcore, and then run either a wizard or demon hunter in hardcore. Those guys have some great survivability skills that make me think it’ll just be too dangerous to be melee!

  69. The Rogue was easily my favorite Diablo class – I must have played dozens and dozens of them through single player simply because of the addictive “point-and-shoot” gameplay. The Amazon got the most play time from me in Diablo 2, with most incarnations as a Bowazon (though hurling electrified javelins and poking things with pikes was fun too), though I did have a lot of fun with numerous Sorceresses. I just find myself partial towards ranged characters in Diablo and similar games…it’s so much easier to kill things from far away without having to run after them (especially the pesky succubi and teleporting mages in Diablo).
    As far as Diablo 3, I’m leaning towards the Wizard as my first choice, partly due to the character aesthetics (so I like to draw pretty girls! 😉 ) and also due to the awesome variety of magical skills. Happily there are plenty of cold/ice based skills – my favorite element! I’ll also say that I am very interested in the Witch Doctor. The only thing that I don’t find appealing about the Demon Hunter are the crossbow pistols…I much prefer your traditional badass 2-h monster bow. :mrgreen:  But, I’m sure I’ll end up with plenty of DH play time anyway.

  70. Diablo 1: Sorcerer then Warrior as second favorite

    I like learning and using spells as they look cool it spices up the game. I also don’t like how finding bow weapons is always harder than finding some type of melee weapon. It’s just more convenient to play as a melee class than a physical ranged class.

    Diablo 2 LOD: Sorceress > (bone) Necromancer > (frenzy) Barbarian >  (fire) druid > bowazon > everything else > Assassin

    I really liked the necromancer’s curses, but disliked the paladin auras, since they were passive and thus less fun to use. I didn’t like how the amazon had a really limited number of skills that were useful or different from the others, compared to the sorceress who had plenty of variety. I never liked the assassin martial arts or trap skills. The former were too repetitive and the latter were too passive.

    D3: Wizard > Barb and DH > WD > Monk

    I like how the DH has a lot more viable offensive bow skills this time than just strafe, multishot, and guided arrow. Similarly, I like how the barb and wizard both have a lot more variety than their D2 counterparts. The WD seems like a hybrid between necromancer and voodoo sorcerer, but I like him because of the curses that were brought back, especially confusion. The monk seems like a hybrid between the paladin and the assassin, my two least favorite classes from D2. Also I’m not sold on the combo system.       

  71. I loved the assassin in D2 LOD.  So much fun dueling with a kicksin and a ww sin.  For PvM it was sorceress and trapper for the most part, though I did have a mid 90s zookeeper 🙂
    I’m really hoping that the monk will fill the assassin void for me this time around.  If not there is always the D3 expansion……

  72. D1 – Sorcerer
    D2 – Necromancer
    D3 – Looking forwad to Barbarian the most, but who knows?

  73. D1: rogue
    D2: javazon
    D3: was all set to like the Demon Hunter, but I just can’t warm up to her. I like bows but I don’t like guns, and her bows play like guns :/ Fave D3 class is WD, then Monk, Wiz, Barb, DH. Did NOT expect to like the Monk, so that was a pleasant surprise to me too, generally stay far away from melee classes (and I REALLY didn’t like the D2 Assassin). For D3, though, they really all are pretty fun… expect to certainly take all of them to max level sooner or later.

  74. Hands down, for me, all time best character class from any game I have ever played is the Amazon. A few different ways to play, I even beat hell HC with a Spearie. I enjoyed a class or two from the BG Trilogy and Dragon Age, but they all pale next to this gal.
    I did like the Sorceress quite a lot as well, but she is a distant second to the Amazon. Of course, the Zon isn’t coming back because my luck just doesn’t run that way. I still play Diablo 2 just so I can around with my Zon.

    • Diablo 1. All character classes, probably favoured the wizard, though.
      Diablo 2. The sorceress.
      Diablo 3. Probably the wizard again, but for the sake of lore and replayability I shall play the other character classes as well.

  75. Enjoying ranged characters in the past, I played:
    Rogue in D1
    Amazon & Paladin in D2
    With D3 I haven’t been overly impressed with the demon hunter or wizard. I actually like what the monk offers, surprising considering my non-melee preference.  If that doesn’t pan out I’m thinking the witch doctor could be fun.

  76. Diablo – Sorcerer
    Diablo II – Sorceress and Paladin
    Diablo III – Wizard and Demon Hunter

  77. diablo- sorceror
    diablo 2- necromancer
    diablo 3- witchdoctor
    im not even picking witchdoctor because he is “most similar to the necromancer”, i just really like how the dude looks and the whole jungle voodoo theme he has going for him. 

  78. Diablo was all about the rogue for me. I didn’t ever like the slow 2handed warrior, and the mage took a lot of buildup to get power, all the while friendly fire was brutal. I actually played a melee rogue and prefered the faster speed over the warrior, usually with a sword and shield.

    In D2 I had fun with all of the classes, but the highlights for me were my many druids, especially the buriza werewolves, and my decked out barbarian and sorc before 1.1. My barbarian had everything except a great weapon and ending up using a duped GF which disappeared at 1.1. In all my years of playing, I never found a better unique sword than a lightsabre =(. My sorc had super high resist and absorb and would frequently tank hell diablo. I think she was a nova sorc w/ orb. I tried just about everything in D2. Hardcore was fun a few times, but I never got past the 30s. My 1.1 HC assassin died on patch day during a server lag spike to a flayer shaman (these were happening constantly unfortunately). And my only other memorable HC character was a conc barb. My friend killed me by casting Blizzard on the group of scarabs I was safely tanking in act 2.

    I have no idea what I want out of D3. I was previously convinced I didn’t want to play monk, but I couldn’t pick between the other 4 classes. After finally getting my hands on the beta, I feel the Wizard wasn’t much fun, but I hope that unlocking more skills will make it better. I like strongly themed builds, so I will gravitate towards the classes that support such styles. Currently, Wizard most strongly lacks such a build with the removal and changes of certain combos I was looking forward to from previous skill calculator versions. Demon hunter also doesn’t have much synergy. You can play a build focused on rockets or grenadier, but you aren’t really able to get a whole build that fits that theme and seems powerful.

    Conversely, backlash monk, relentless or critical barbarian, vision quest or sacrifice witch doctor, all of these builds could be very interesting to play. I plan on leveling multiple characters to 60 in D3 in a short period of time, and eventually I will have maxed characters of all classes, but to start with I’m leaning towards Demon Hunter at the moment. My experience in beta has shown that wizard is weak compared to the other classes, and witch doctor isn’t much better off. Demon hunter is somewhat weak, but the superb mobility makes the game more enjoyable. I’m not sold on DH yet though: monk was extremely powerful and fun to play, and by far my easiest playthrough since I could tank Leoric and just heal myself through the damage, I just don’t like the style too much. I would like to enjoy barbarian more, but so far the abilities haven’t wowed me, and I felt weak with low/none lifesteal.

    All I can say for sure is D3 is amazing and I’m gunna love it no matter which class I play.

  79. D1 – warrior
    D2 – Frenzy Barb / Javazon
    D3 – Monk / Demon Hunter (and eventually Barb :-))
    I’m melee fighter, however the Demon Hunter is da bomb!

  80. d1 – never played it
    d2 – zookeeper necro, trapsin, hammerdin
    d3 – all the classes but start as barb/wizard, havent decided yet

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