We’ve been itching to spur some Diablo recollections discussions for a while, and a recent Blue reply to a thread on the Battle.net forums reminded me. This is actually a question I used a year ago, during the early days of The Diablo Podcast, generally as an ice-breaker during guest auditions.

    The question is: What sort of Diablo I and Diablo II characters did you most enjoy playing, and do you plan to emulate that style in Diablo III?

    It’s pretty obvious if you were say, a Rogue in D1, then a Bowazon in D2, and now you’re planning to go Demon Hunter in Diablo 3. (And if so, let me say that you have excellent taste!) Or you were Warrior, then Barbarian, and now you can’t wait for the D3 Barbarian to complete the melee-smashing trifecta.

    Or you might be ready for something new. If so… why? Did you not like the D2 Sorceress but you’re dying for the D3 Wizard? Were you disappointed by the Necromancer’s tanking minions and weak spells, but now the Witch Doctor is your ideal class since he reverses those two factors? Did the Barb never interest you in D2, but the more varied (and scarred) D3 version seems awesome? Etc…

    Hop into comments and share your thoughts, whether you’re going for more of the same thing, or are eager to try something entirely different. And in any event… why?

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