We’ve been posting these weekend discussion things (so far covering class choices and humor in D3) to spice up the boring Sundays while we count down towards May 15th, and after article-style write ups for the first two, today’s is easier (at least on my end).

    Simply put, when you look back over Diablo II, then cast your eyes to the near-future, what new or improved feature in Diablo III are you most looking forward to? Pick a feature you saw in D2 that returns, improved, in D3. Or maybe even a new feature in D3 that wasn’t even present previously in the series, and tell us why. (Skim the DiabloWikiBasics article if you need suggestions, such as new classes, bigger boss battles, Inferno difficulty, enhanced crafting options, the PvP Arena, or talking Mercenaries.)

    Bonus points if you name something other than the skill and rune system! After all, even if you miss skill points, skill choices that mattered (since they couldn’t be effortlessly respeced away), skill synergies, passive in the skill trees, and everything else from D2, it’s hard to compare to the sheer variety of styles, options, and choices provided by the D3’s skill runes.

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