It’s been two weeks since Diablo III was announced at the WWI, and with no new info leaks or image releases from Blizzard, the news is finally starting to slow down. I can’t find anything new this weekend; no wacky previews, no WWI interviews recycled to seem like a new story, nothing. There weren’t even any Bashiok forum posts.

    The beast must be fed though, so how about some more coverage of Flagship’s epic fail? Lots of news sites covered developments quite closely, so check out these posts on ShackNews, Voodoo Extreme, and QJ.net for lots more details.

    In other news, if you’ve been meaning to catch up on your Diablo history and mythology, Blizzard has put together a compendium of the first three Diablo novels, along with the rare Demonsbane novella (by our old columnist Garwulf, AKA Robert B. Marks. They’re all packaged into the 756 page, .56 Diablo Archive. Check out what Garwulf had to say about it on his blog.

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