A fan posted an iffy suggestion for a sort of weekend bonus content, and earned a non-dismissive reply from Bashiok.

    What do you think about blizzard doubling exp gained on weekends? The same way many other games do, to encourage playing on weekends.

    Also doesn’t have to be double, could be 50%?

    I don’t know I think those kinds of things can be fun, but maybe as more specific bonuses for celebrations. I think it would be cooler though if for like, say an anniversary weekend, monsters are tougher or drop better loot or something. Sounds cool to me, no plans I’m aware of that would support such functionality but you never know.

    I think it’s fun to have a reason to log in maybe even if you haven’t played in a while. It’s a good way to keep interest up without having to patch in new content or something.

    I think that arbitrarily awarding +exp times is a horrible idea, in Diablo III. Especially after the new news about the 60 max level. That kind of thing works in very grindy MMORPGs, but Diablo III is being designed for the level growth to correspond to the act progression. If you there were periods of big bonus exp, especially at lower levels, your character would get out of the designed level curve and the game would become boringly easy. Plus, when you next played without the bonus exp, you’d earn almost nothing, since you’d be too high a level for the areas you were playing in. Double fail.

    That said, Bashiok’s reply dips a toe into an issue we’ve discussed at length in the past. The last two years, around Xmas time, I posted an article on Seasonal Bonus Content (2008 and 2009 versions). In both cases, I asked what you guys thought about special holiday features in the games; lights on a tree in town for Xmas, pumpkins and extra ghosts at Halloween, non-metaphorical Easter Eggs at Easter, etc.

    To my surprise, in both cases the majority of replies were Scrooge-y. Most players seem not to want any seasonal (real world calendar or in-game calendar) variations from just the plain, unchanging game. And that’s just fun stuff, of no real impact on the game! I shudder to imagine the condemnation this “double experience” suggestion will call down upon itself.

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