Weekend Blueposts

While Jay Wilson is enjoying his vacation and Michael Chu rocking at Cochella the GMs have their hands full in the forum answering questions.

Kaivax on Rare Loot drops

It seems like the loot system is, for lack of a better word, predictable. Just for clarification, I’m not talking about the party loot system, or any of that stuff. I’m talking about the extreme lack of drops(by drops I mean blue-lettered items and up) that come from just regular mobs, breakables and those glowing white chests.

Yes, I know, not a lot of drops would come from the breakables anyway but at least there was a slight chance of something in D2(and yes, before anyway says anything: I know this isn’t Diablo 2). Although this is far, far from being game-breaking(or anything of that sort), it just takes away from the randomness of loot drops.

In our internal testing recently, I’ve gotten yellows from barrels. I started seeing them once in a great while starting at ~level 28. I’m talking about one in a hundred barrels or more. Blues from barrels definitely drop more often than yellows. I’d say it’s working as intended.

The SK only drops yellow on your first kill of him per character.

That is incorrect.

The possibility of a boss (or anything, really) dropping magic gear or rare gear when you kill him remains intact on kills subsequent to your first. The probability may change, but it does not change to a probibility of zero.

To be clear: On your first kill of a boss in normal difficulty, you are guaranteed a random rare and a class rare, as well as some blues and other stuff. All other kills on all difficulties result in standard drop probabilities. You have a decent chance of getting a rare or two every time you kill a boss.

Kaltonis on Framerate issues and beta client

I was very happy to receive an invite to the Beta of D3. When I downloaded it, I received a message saying that my graphics card wasn’t compatible. After checking for updated drivers, while the game will play, it’s in slow motion. Very disappointing! When I saw the list of unsupported cards, and seeing that my card isn’t even on the list, I couldn’t help but wonder why Blizzard would create a game that is only compatible with such a small number of graphics cards. Why Blizzard, why????

Hey all.

I’m curious as to what video cards some of you are running, since Diablo III supports video cards made as far back as 2004, and should run fairly well (at release, not beta) on cards made back in 2006. 6+ years is an extremely large window of support for a new, big budget title.

Keep in mind that many pre-built systems don’t have real video cards in them. It’s entirely possible to have bought a new computer just a couple years ago that can’t run Diablo III because it doesn’t have a real video card in it. The good news is that you can add a video card to systems like that rather inexpensively, and then you’ll be good to go. Assuming of course that it’s a desktop.

Video cards are routinely the most expensive components of computers these days, so manufacturers will often drop the video card and leave only the onboard video (cruddy for games) in order to make a system appear to be a better value. Thankfully, the rest of the components in those systems are usually quite nice, you just need to add a real video card.

Oh, also…if your video card truly is a newer card and you’re still getting the error, it’s probably just a bug. Try closing out the message and continuing. Otherwise, these should all be cleared up by launch.

It let’s me in the game all right, but it’s in slow motion and not at all fun to have such low frame rates even with all of the settings turned down.

Bear in mind that the beta has its own FPS issues simply because it’s a beta; Diablo III won’t be optimized until release. My custom-built gaming system can’t play the beta smoothly either, but it will be fine on release. Blizzard betas are genuine betas, unlike the glorified demos that some companies refer to as a “beta”.

Still, it is no consolation for those with newer laptops with the intel 4 series chipset, which isn’t supported. Why?

Speaking honestly, the Intel 4 series is equivalent in power to the Geforce 5200FX which came out in 2003. My sympathies for having one. It’s performance was so poor that the backlash from it spurred Intel to finally get serious about designing a somewhat decent onboard video option, and that led us to the Intel HD series. The HD series still isn’t as good as a real video card, but at least you can usually count on most games to be playable.

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55 thoughts on “Weekend Blueposts

  1. “On your first kill of a boss in normal difficulty, you are guaranteed a random rare and a class rare, as well as some blues and other stuff.”
    Funny stuff, Kaivax. Assuming the Skeleton King is a “boss”, this means he should always drop 2 rare items on the first kill. I’ve often seen him drop only 1 rare, or even 0 rare, on the first kill.

    Sometimes, I wonder if devs even play their own games…

    • Last time I checked, you have never killed a boss yet

      You killed sk hes NOT a boss, his a hes a quest boss / sub boss/ mini boss/ w/e, aka blood raven. hes not a ‘Boss’

      Bosses are referring to act bosses, the real bosses of the game.

      • hmmm, its a good point but if his statment only refers to the “big cheese’s” top bosses.
        But we still need to know the benefits of the valour system if bosses can be farmed for quick top items.

        • It was confirmed via blue post that it was their intention not to encourage Act Bosses farming to get loot. According to them, the really good stuff should drop from packs of mobs + valour buff.

          Then again, they are talking about the end-game. The Inferno. So who cares if an Act Boss has a guaranteed loot drop in Normal? As long as it doesn’t happen in Inferno, it is not that a big of a deal really. Chances are, that guaranteed drop from Normal will become obsolete and replaced midway the next Act anyway.

    • Perhaps they’re only considering act bosses in that formula.  They might have 12 different internal names for different things we’d call “bosses” and are SHOCKED we don’t know them.

      Edit: Bleh I was late.

    • today i played a fresh run, got 2 rare from the sk and 1 at level 5 from a normal zombie.

      i love the idea of 2 guarenteed rares but no mention or unique makes me wonder a bit. i am guessing its just an over sight on the blue post and its not actually guaranteed “rare” 

        • lol no not guaranteed legendaries, Its like rockman said, should be rare or above. I pretty much figure that’s what they mean but it seems they are not very clear about anything anymore lol

          • Diagree – I think it should be only a “guaranteed” rare, and no chance of a legendary. Keep the legendary items special!

    • I have gotten ( bad English 101) 2 rares from Skeleton king in the past.  I have seen rare drops from barrels and normal monsters. Even more extraordinary, one time in more then 300 hours of game play a vendor sell a rare.

    • first kill is when you get achivement “<smth> skeleton king (Barbarian)”. If you roll new character and get him again it wont count as first kill anymore – you got only one first kill per boss per class not character.
      Thats at least what i noticed …

      • I am actually at the point (having beta maxed and overachiever) that the fastest way for me to get rares is to create a new toon and beat the beta again. With very few exceptions, I have received at least one rare for each new toon that kills the SK.

  2. The 2 rares from first kill is actually not working.  I’ve done a first kill in patch 16 and gotten zero rares once.  Other times, one piece of armor or one class rare.  So at MOST one rare, and that’s not even guaranteed!

      • i did have 2 runs where he dropped 2 rares…… and yes always one of them is class specific (but not the right class for the char i used to kill it)….. i think i done ~30-40 first kills. 

    • As mentioned above SK isn’t an Act Boss he’s just a Super Unique Mob, using Diablo 2 terminology.  His equivalant would be something like Griswald from Tristram.  Blizzard just put more effort into Super Uniques in this game it seems to give them that big boss feel.

      • Actually, that is not quite accurate. Diablo 2’s hierarchy of power was:
        Act Boss

        Unique, and Superunique being the same thing, with SU’s having fixed spawn location. One example of Superunique is Blood Raven, also the council in Travincal, and the Smith.

        However, in D3, it goes like this:

        Act Boss

        So, there is new category of monsters that are stronger and more important to the story then Superuniques, but less powerfull and less important then the Act Bosses, who are still top monsters in D3.  King Leoric is a Mini-Boss, not a Superunique. Example of Superuniqe monster from the beta would be Manglemaw, Captain Dalton (was that his name?) and Wretched Queen.  

  3. I can confirm that.
    1.) That You were first.
    2.) That yellows drop from other sources. I got a yellow off an urn in the Skeleton King room once. The Kings probability to drop me one was long long in the cellar by then (100% sure SK has diminishing returns) so it was a nice surprise to kick that urn and: voila !

    Edit: My first SK run on patch 16 dropped 2 yellows as intended.

  4. “All other kills on all difficulties result in standard drop probabilities. You have a decent chance of getting a rare or two every time you kill a boss”

    So hes saying on all other difficulties “not normal” you have a good chance of a rare from a boss on everykill ??

    So then how does the nepth valour system fit into this, that was supposed to make a boss still worth killing as he would drop rares or better with the buff just like the first time you killed him.

    From how Kaivax describes it, it sounds like boss farming in nightmare and above will be viable for quick rare/legendry runs as the bosses will always drop good stuff, and the huge diminished returns on boss in normal is just in normal difficulty.
    Thoughts ?? 🙄

    “The SK only drops yellow on your first kill of him per character.
    That is incorrect.”

    Cough cough bulls*it, I’ve done hundreads of runs in max beta mf gear and never another yellow from SK.

    • I would have to say thats exactly what i was thinking my moneys on they will change it or their system is rather pointless other than normal wont be good for farming which it still wont be worth to farm anyways so honestly whats the point of the system??

      • omg, wtf is going on.
        The game was explained as:
        “At lvl 60 you get the valour buff from champs and rares so farming bosses for good loot would be viable as long as you got the max buff”
        And now we are told this 😕

    • You are making assumptions that are just wrong. What we really want to know is what is a “decent chance” for a rare. 50%? 5%? Or maybe even 1%. If the SK doesn’t drop rare items after 100 kills it doesn’t mean he doesn’t drop rare items ever. The chance is probably very low.

      Also the nephalem valour unlocks at level 60 so that will only be late hell or inferno.

      • Durr, I said at lvl 60.
        As another poster pointed out, the SK is not a boss only a quest boss/mini boss.
        Blizzard needs to make the game systems nice and clear in regard to what needs to be done to keep good looting dropping from bosses.
        The valour system is great, I hope they stick with it. It keeps boss farming limited to hell or inferno and only with the buff from champs and rares to prevent quick boss runs.
        We shall see on release :mrgreen:

  5. Well, they may be wrong about the whole rare thing, but at least they’re finally being honest that the Beta performance is terrible, and stopped telling people the heating and retarded stutters and fps drops are the players fault.
    Stutter stutter stutter stutter stutter stutter stutter stutter stutter stutter stutter no stutter 60 fps stutter 30 fps stutter stutter stutter stutter 60 fps and no stutter more stutters and 30 fps stutter stutter stutter stutter stutter. Win

  6. Gotta love those people with 8 year old onboard graphics card that complain about the system requirements.

  7. i can skyrim on high with 0 lag ever, cannnot max though. i should be able to play d3 almost max with no lag i hope

      • lag as a general term, low framrates = lag. not latency lag, lag in general. pretty sure its a word if not people i know use it BEFORE so idc. what would you call low framerates if it isn’t lag?
        edit: maybe i should specify FPS lag.. even though im talking about graphics it should be obvious. lol

  8. People who are upset because they’re not being rewarded with rarer drops simply because they killed a mob probably haven’t played much Diablo. This early in the game you should consider yourself lucky when you see a drop that’s not equivalent to cracked quilted armor.
    It’s going to take time to really be rewarded, and even at the highest level it will take patience and repetition.

    • ^This exactly. I remember my first time taking down Blood Raven, and being excited to get a blue with a bonus that I wanted for my Sorc. And it was effectively worthless taking the game as a whole. But the loot changes drastically the farther you progress.

      • Thanks for the reinforcement Hellpyre.
        Part of playing through is going to be getting a feel for where the good drops come from, but that also depends on your luck. A good drop might just mean there’s a higher chance for rarer items with more mods, or legendary and set items. This does not mean that the item will be good at all, You might get mods that don’t mesh or just less desirable mods. The higher difficulties in Diablo 2 spawn higher level mods on higher level base items and a higher number of maximum possible modifiers on a rare item.
        Say you get into Nightmare and you get a nice roll of mods but it’s on a low end piece of armor. It’s very possible to get lucky and unlucky at the same time, and that’s why it is so special and rare to have all of the right mods spawn on the right base item. Drops were dependent on the monster level in Diablo 2, and monster level was dependent on the area where they resided and whether they were normal monsters or a rare/champion pack. If things are similar, once the higher difficulties are in play it will be very possible to find great items from even just a normal monster. This is where Diablo is different from other games that only drop good items from the final bosses of an area. You never know when you will get lucky.
        In Diablo 2, one of the best swords for a long time was a cruel collosus blade of quickness, which was a 2 modded blue text sword with 40% increased attack speed and over 300% enhanced damage. 2 mods, and nobody complained.
        That everything depends on probability is a wonderful part of Diablo, and makes great drops special. Finding an item with just the right mods all together and in high values for those mods is what a lot of loot runners play for.

  9. Has any one noticed that when you encounter a champion pack consisting of for example 3 champions and you just kill 2 you get nothing ?

    Feels odd that the first two champions drop nothing almost always and the last champion from the pack to be killed drops everything.

    This sucks right now but will suck even more in inferno when you cannot kill one out of 3 champions because that champion is “invincible” for whatever reason and thus you get no loot ^^ – this is game breaking imo

    • It’s intended that way, because a champ pack is supposed to be considered as a “whole” mob, so only the last one will drop. Champs will not be invincible nor immune to anything (just hard to kill and resistant). For those of you surmising that there’s no point of NV because bosses drop rares…so what? They didn’t say that bosses will drop absolutely nothing before, but rather that the “best” drops (aka legendaries, sets) drop from champ packs/unique mobs (although now since NV kicks in bosses will have the chance to also drop extremely good legendaries and set items). I don’t really care if bosses drop rare items like water, because I’m interested in the uniques and set items.

  10. 3 Skeleton Kings runs, 1 run I got a rare the other 2 only blues and I never got a rare from barrels. He must be playing a different arpg! Not to mention the other 2 runs were done in hardcore party of 3.

    • loot system was changed from d2 – party doesnt change loot for individual outside of MF avarging.

      • How is magic find figured in a party? is it individually figured so you see the benefit of your MF, or is it averaged across the party so everyone has the same MF value?

        • It’s averaged across the party. If you have 40% and three other guys have 0%, the end result is that you all have 10%. But you also get 4x the items so in effect the drop rate is the same (or actually better), given that the party shares the drops.

          Btw, wasn’t it so that the ultimate best items in D3 are rares and not uniques or set items? I truly hope it is so because D2 LOD changed this from D2 and it was boring. Everyone had the same items in the end. 

          • I believe that the best possible items will be rares with the best combinations of affixes, but Legendaries (uniques) will be more common drops that do the job quite well until you can find that perfect other piece. Or that’s how I look at it. Runewords destroyed the market for good rares. The only rares that survived were unrealistically epic rares (weapons basically required the fools mod) and items that were not socketable.

  11. People complaining about the loot drops only serve to confirm that the system is working…
    Some days you just get lucky and the loot gods are with you, other days you barely see a blue item – and that’s the way it is meant to work.
    Never forget doing 20+ Hell Baal runs for some nice drop in D2, getting nothing worth mentioning, then doing one Pit run and within 15 seconds, both Aldur’s and Immortal King’s armour dropped.

    Concerning rares in D3, they have the potential to be the best items in the game. I personally love the sets and aim to get the most powerful one for each of the classes, just as I did in D2 🙂    

  12. Isn’t anyone worried that Jay is on vacation because if he is then the game is finished. That’s good right ? I hope he fixed the UI before leaving. 😉

  13. Can anyone explain me this situation.
    For now we can buy 7+ lvl weapons in RMAH in the Beta but in the game defeating SK you are able to get only a lvl 5 weapon. Can anyone confirm that SK can drop higher lvl weapon (I mean lvl 5+) and if its so then does it mean’s you are extremely lucky?

  14. If the skelleton king is not a boss, then in which category according to Blizzard does he fall under?

    • Well, probably much like he was in Diablo, or the Countess was in DII, like Shenk, they are mini bosses. Now, if I killed Shenk or the Countess 20 times I would expect at least a few rares/sets/unique. That did not happen with the SK this weekend.

      • imo expecting a few rares/sets/uniques from 20 kills of norm d2 bloodraven or countess is unreasonable. maybe 1 if your lucky.

  15. I played…hmmm I don’t know, 20 hours or so this weekend (I got into the beta), and other than the initial rares I got from the SK, I didn’t get a single one.

    Now, I did tend to have 5 or 6 magic items in a full inventory. I pick up everything and sell it, even though it mostly isn’t worth much. I doubt I am the only one. I just hate leaving stuff laying on the ground. Some of the magic items are pretty strong and anything the Blacksmith makes is almost as good as a rare anyway.

    Still, I would say the rate is too low. You need a Set or Rare, or Unique to drop in a somewhat regular fashion, that’s the slot machine effect that has kept so many people interested in DII for so long. The treasure classes and monster level formulas of DII may have been a little troublesome for some to understand but spreading the wealth of what could drop what around a bit made for some really great gaming.

    I remember my first run at HC in DII and getting the Arctic Furs drop out of a barrel in one of the cemetery crypts. It was way better than anything else I had at the time and this many years later it stuck with me. I didn’t have anything like that this weekend. Oh, it’s a good game, but I am not sure it’s better than something like Nox or Dungeon Siege 2. It certainly doesn’t seem to have the same draw for me as DII did for some reason.

    Oh, and I strung together 30% or so MF

  16. People shouldn’t judge D3 on beta at all, because it’s just a very small portion of the game. I don’t remember getting anything valuable in the d2 stress test either. Maybe the drop chance in the beta is way worse than what it will be in the final game.

  17. I was more interested in the question pertaining the slow motion problem, which is what I was getting in my 2 day trial I received from this site. I watched plenty of youtube playthroughs and nobody was having the same issue I was. I am going to try to get a new rig before it comes out, but I was wanting to see if my current rig could play it.

    • i have beta fps lag issues butg in final game i know it wont be so bad. i can play skyrim on high but d3 on high lags I N BETA but i know it wont be so bad in final version.

  18. ” Blizzard betas are genuine betas, unlike the glorified demos that some companies refer to as a “beta”.:
    This comment made me chuckle considering people have been doing sk runs for the last 6 months+

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