While Jay Wilson is enjoying his vacation and Michael Chu rocking at Cochella the GMs have their hands full in the forum answering questions.

    Kaivax on Rare Loot drops

    It seems like the loot system is, for lack of a better word, predictable. Just for clarification, I’m not talking about the party loot system, or any of that stuff. I’m talking about the extreme lack of drops(by drops I mean blue-lettered items and up) that come from just regular mobs, breakables and those glowing white chests.

    Yes, I know, not a lot of drops would come from the breakables anyway but at least there was a slight chance of something in D2(and yes, before anyway says anything: I know this isn’t Diablo 2). Although this is far, far from being game-breaking(or anything of that sort), it just takes away from the randomness of loot drops.

    In our internal testing recently, I’ve gotten yellows from barrels. I started seeing them once in a great while starting at ~level 28. I’m talking about one in a hundred barrels or more. Blues from barrels definitely drop more often than yellows. I’d say it’s working as intended.

    The SK only drops yellow on your first kill of him per character.

    That is incorrect.

    The possibility of a boss (or anything, really) dropping magic gear or rare gear when you kill him remains intact on kills subsequent to your first. The probability may change, but it does not change to a probibility of zero.

    To be clear: On your first kill of a boss in normal difficulty, you are guaranteed a random rare and a class rare, as well as some blues and other stuff. All other kills on all difficulties result in standard drop probabilities. You have a decent chance of getting a rare or two every time you kill a boss.

    Kaltonis on Framerate issues and beta client

    I was very happy to receive an invite to the Beta of D3. When I downloaded it, I received a message saying that my graphics card wasn’t compatible. After checking for updated drivers, while the game will play, it’s in slow motion. Very disappointing! When I saw the list of unsupported cards, and seeing that my card isn’t even on the list, I couldn’t help but wonder why Blizzard would create a game that is only compatible with such a small number of graphics cards. Why Blizzard, why????

    Hey all.

    I’m curious as to what video cards some of you are running, since Diablo III supports video cards made as far back as 2004, and should run fairly well (at release, not beta) on cards made back in 2006. 6+ years is an extremely large window of support for a new, big budget title.

    Keep in mind that many pre-built systems don’t have real video cards in them. It’s entirely possible to have bought a new computer just a couple years ago that can’t run Diablo III because it doesn’t have a real video card in it. The good news is that you can add a video card to systems like that rather inexpensively, and then you’ll be good to go. Assuming of course that it’s a desktop.

    Video cards are routinely the most expensive components of computers these days, so manufacturers will often drop the video card and leave only the onboard video (cruddy for games) in order to make a system appear to be a better value. Thankfully, the rest of the components in those systems are usually quite nice, you just need to add a real video card.

    Oh, also…if your video card truly is a newer card and you’re still getting the error, it’s probably just a bug. Try closing out the message and continuing. Otherwise, these should all be cleared up by launch.

    It let’s me in the game all right, but it’s in slow motion and not at all fun to have such low frame rates even with all of the settings turned down.

    Bear in mind that the beta has its own FPS issues simply because it’s a beta; Diablo III won’t be optimized until release. My custom-built gaming system can’t play the beta smoothly either, but it will be fine on release. Blizzard betas are genuine betas, unlike the glorified demos that some companies refer to as a “beta”.

    Still, it is no consolation for those with newer laptops with the intel 4 series chipset, which isn’t supported. Why?

    Speaking honestly, the Intel 4 series is equivalent in power to the Geforce 5200FX which came out in 2003. My sympathies for having one. It’s performance was so poor that the backlash from it spurred Intel to finally get serious about designing a somewhat decent onboard video option, and that led us to the Intel HD series. The HD series still isn’t as good as a real video card, but at least you can usually count on most games to be playable.

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