29 June 2010 is a big day for the Diablo franchise and all its fans. Three major anniversaries come up on the same day, the biggest of which is of course the ten-year anniversary of Big Red. Incidentally, 29 June is also the nine-year anniversary of Big Red as well as the two-year anniversary for the http://diablowiki.net/Diablo_2010_Anniversary_Mosaic announcement.

    In order to give due respect to this big date in the Diablo community, the most recognised Diablo fansites have joined up together to create a big mosaic compiled of photos of the fans, similar to the Blizzard-run “I <3 SC" event from last year.

    Each site will collect images from their visitors, which will be merged together into one massive image of http://diablowiki.net/Diablo_2010_Anniversary_Mosaic himself. It’s now up to YOU to show the world just how much all of us in the community loves Diablo by sending in your Diablo-inspired photos.

    The photos should be themed with Diablo or his birthday and can be as simple as a shot of yourself posing with your Diablo I or Diablo II game box, holding a print saying “I <3 Diablo", someone with a Diablo shirt, a creatively decorated birthday cake, writing a massive "Diablo" in the sand on a beach or perhaps a shot of yourself summoning demons in your weekly Cultist rituals (joke! Please, it's definitely a joke!).

    Each of these images will help build up a very small part of the mosaic, showing our combined appreciation for the dark Action RPG franchise and each participating member will forever be part of the final picture.

    Two rules to enter:
    – Submitted images needs to be 800×600 pixels (4:3 aspect ratio).
    – Images needs to be submitted before 26 June 2010 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET).

    Each site deals with the collection individually. Diablo: IncGamers ask members to upload their 800×600 pixel shots to the We Love Diablo gallery, where it will be available to view by all fans while we collect the pictures for the mosaic.

    We encourage each individual fan to upload as many funny/interesting/thoughtful/cool photos they can before the time runs out. The more pictures available when the mosaic is made, the better it will render the pictures into a cohesive whole.

    Participating fansites:
    Additional sites are added sporadically, so to see the full list and all current updates, please see the Diablo wiki entry for this project:
    – Diablo3-esp.com (main organiser)
    – Diablo: IncGamers (formerly: Diii.net) (assistant organiser)
    – Blizzplanet.com
    – D2mantix.com
    – Diablo-3.net
    – Diablo3.cz
    – Diablo-Source.com

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