A new tweet from @Diablo today answers one of the most common complaints about the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor; what’s he/she doing going into battle wearing like, palm fronds and chicken bones?

    The Witchdoctor?s thematic palette is proving to be very broad. He can wear a lot of cool armor and still look like a Witchdoctor.—Diablo

    It’ll be interesting to see some of these armor looks, since in the concepts and artwork we’ve seen so far, the WD looks dressed more for a luau than a war.


    Jokes aside, is it a factor to you if your character “looks” like they’re outfitted for war? Fanciful armor is stylish and looks cool, but does it cut into your suspension of disbelief if your Witch Doctor seems to be wearing like, coconuts and dog bones, while the Barbarian beside him is wearing basically an entire car for protection?

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