Wave 4 of Beta Keys Issued

Blizzard Support have updated their Twitter to confirm that wave 4 of beta keys has been issued. Emails have been sent but be aware of scammers as always. The best advice is to check your Battle.Net account management page to be sure, (emails can go astray too of course).

And if you’re on give us a “whoop whoop!”, if not, have some chocolate, it makes everything better. PM me if you’re in so I can change your forum title to Diablo 3 Beta Tester so you may strut about like cock of the walk.

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  1. Wave of 4 Beta Keys Issued, rather.

  2. There wasn’t one in my email or on the bnet site. 😥 sad panda

  3. i can currently only check my email (works firewall blocks gaming sites, besides this one oddly) i am hopin and praying.

    i might just buy LoD and play it again to kill the time.

  4. Again, no dice. But did I really expect anything more…?

  5. FML, never getting this game! i am so depressed! 🙁 give me some light

  6. And a wave of disappointment washes over the masses.

  7. Annnnnnd of course I don’t get one.
    I don’t have WoW so I’m never going to get one (dons tin foil hat)

  8. Man I’ve been eating chocolate for the past 11 years… you can’t imagine the size I grew into… I can’t even move.. what is this… hrmpfffg… help me… I… I… blahgrrrr… “hunny can you bring the toilet please?”

  9. no beta key, no release date, amazon just wont semd my book of cain and ofcourse there is no diablo 3.
    time to study

  10. Effin Blizzard. When I opened my account, next “log out” button there was some kind of yellow lock and exclamation mark. For a second there, I thought I had finally, FINALLY, gotten into the beta. Open account, heart beating, palms sweating, and what greets me is the usual “Diablo III (coming soon)”. Upset, I check the mark, click on it, and it is about some effin authenticator. My reaction, in a nutshell,:

  11. Got mine this morning! FYI, the Twitter contest keys only come via e-mail (or at least that’s how the e-mail made it seem.)

  12. lies lies lies all lies

  13. i’m sick and tired of not getting a beta key especially for having 2 fucking bnet accounts

  14. well they said the beta would run right up to release 
    so, beta keys go out today
    and release date tomorrow

  15. I dont like them … because of no open beta … 99,9 % of diablo fans can´t play beta … even they have D2 and LoD, or other Blizz games bought … Thanks Blizz …

  16. My Account page is still full of cobwebs. Waiting for that Jay update announcing tens of thousands of beta keys being sent on Thursday………

  17. whoop whoop!

    I didn’t really get a beta key, I just wanted to say “whoop whoop”… 🙂

    Now back to being depressed… 😥

  18. out of chocolate… 🙁

  19. Son, I am disappoint .

  20. i dont have chocolate but i do half Milf N’ Cookies brownie im munchin on, that’ll do.
    as well as some danks… PASS the TIME.

    I honestly still have high hopes for massive beta wave (if mentioned by Jay  or NOT!) soon. 8)
    maybe it will be a surprise to some.
    edit: RyTEK at least you tried the beta at least once. Id die for a single playthrough.

  21. you should all have hope. because I bet each and every one of you will be in the beta before me.

  22. It´s tomorrow, specifically, 00:19 where I live, Jay Wilson, where is the release date, WHERE IS THE RELEASE DATE? 👿

  23. And no.  Checked both EU and US servers.
    And I just upgraded my beast with a 560Ti 🙁
    At least I know that the Kingdoms of Amalur are definitely arriving on Feb 10th 🙂

  24. Hahaha! You know, everytime a wave of keys goes out, just add-on an addtional 3 months that the game won’t come out. You know they need to let beta testers get at least 1 month of test time before they decide to shut it down…Then another month or two for it to go gold, and then mass duplication! Yay!

    • Um… no. They were inviting people to the Sc2 beta a couple weeks before it ended and the game will go gold before the beta ends… You don’t know even the slightest bit what you are talking about.

  25. The beta is only playable for maybe 15 hours total before is’s unbearable and that’s coming from a guy that could play D2 for 8 hours a day back when I was 14!

  26. Thye must invite people that have no clue what Diablo is or they are inviting the entire population of active WoW players.

  27. Remember the pre-order beta they had for SC2?
    They should have that for d3

  28. i have 5 b.net accounts with d2 clasic + d2 exp keys, i entered all beta keys contest and guest what still no beta key,
    how u think i feel 😡

  29. The same as me probably… 😀 No beta key, and with the luck that I have the game I preordered will probably spontaniously ignite before getting to me…

  30. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    I can’t believe my friend who doesn’t even own a Diablo game got in on the 2nd wave and I still don’t have it.  I have two copies of D2 and LoD in my bnet account.  It’s probably because he plays WoW and I don’t.  What poo.

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