Watch the Diablo 3 panel from the Playstation Experience

Diablo 3 Playstation Experience

It was a busy weekend for Playstation owners with the Playstation Experience taking place in Las Vegas. The event revealed quite a few new titles that are not only coming to the Playstation but also PC (see for the reveals). As part of the lengthy show there was also a Diablo 3 panel entitled “Pick up and Slay: The Journey of Diablo 3 to PS4”. If the console version is of interest to you then watch the panel after the break, the Diablo segment starts at around six hours.

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  1. I am paragon 373 on live with five fully geared level 70 DH's, and one level 70 Crusader. I also have thousands of gems, crafting mats, and every slot in my inventory is full right now. This represents a fair amount of time on my part but despite all that I uninstalled today.

    I plan on switching to the console version full time in the spring, right now I am enjoying a nice break from d3, after a decade clutching a mouse while playing a diablo game my hands are ready for something a bit different.

    If you have no idea what I just said, just wait, it's coming!

    There will be big positives by making the switch, but also some negatives. Right now the positives out weight the negatives by a wide margin.

    Single player offline mode here I come!

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