The Diablo 3 Necromancer Q&A Video and Summary

Yesterday Blizzard held a live stream discussing the upcoming addition of the Diablo 3 Necromancer. Lead VFX artist Julian Love and Senior Game Designer Travis Day took time out to answer questions. Some of these have been asked before and we have quick run-down of their answers if you can’t watch the video.

Here’s a quick summary of the 47 minute session….

  • No release date yet
  • The D2 Necro was used as a “jumping off point” for the new Necromancer.
  • Revive is returning
  • The Necro will differ from the Witch Doctor. He’s a darker character, pets are controllable in that they can be pointed in direction. Resource models are being tested.
  • Corpses will appear to used corpse related skills
  • There’s no poison on the Necro in the Diablo 3 version.
  • Melee Necromancers will be possible, a lot of skills that have an up close and personal theme.
  • Iron Maiden won’t be coming with this necro. They don’t want that style of gameplay and there are “cooler things that could do”.
  • The amount of active summons possible is still being determined based on performance and what is actually fun.
  • The Necromancer can wield anything that’s not class specific. They are developing scythes at the moment.
  • The Necromancer will have golems and they are coming up with new golem types.
  • There will be between 4 and 5 types of golem.
  • Necro can be played with pets or the main character doing the damage depending on how you want to play the class.
  • There will be two-handed scythes.
  • Some pets will be permanent and some will be temporary only lasting for a short period of time. There will be skeleton archers and mages.
  • Necromancer can be built around blood abilities, it’s a “strong theme”.
  • The Necromancer will start with 4 sets.
  • The Necromancer will have things that remove HP to do damage. It will “show up in a big way”
  • There are no damage over time spells.
  • Decrepify will be part of the Necromancer’s arsenal. It was in the BlizzCon demo.
  • The Necromancer will have no “special form” like Archon.
  • Lots of curses
  • The Necro is not being built as a support class. Curses and other skills will help with support if needed.
  • The D3 Necromancer is not related to the Diablo 2 Necromancer as far as lore is concerned.
  • There will be no additional UI elements to handle pets.
  • The Necromancer is being added as DLC and will require Reaper of Souls to play also.
  • The Necromancer will be part of the group meta for Greater Rifts. Curses will help the whole group.
  • The Necromance will have its own set dungeons, With four sets planned there will be a set dungeon for each set.
  • There will be life steal skills due to the blood skills costing health in addition to essence. Making it work means giving the class the ability to recoup heath.
  • Lidless Wall might become a Necromancer item. This will be looked at later.
  • Revive has been a challenge due to there being over 1000 unique monsters which means 1000 x 6 pieces of unique art. By fay the most expensive skill made in Diablo to date.
  • Figuring out how corpses work has taken a lot of time.
  • It’s been exciting adapting the Diablo 2 to the new Diablo 3 Necromancer.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we hear more about the Diablo 3 Necromancer.


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  1. I’m always skeptical when Blizzard says they’re seeing whats “fun”.

    Hopefully skeletons are permanent. Revives are duration based (up to 2-5 minutes? passives altering how long they stay active for?)

    I hope they rework the … whatever the patterns are called that show up on the ground when the Necro casts curses. They don’t carry any simplistic meaning, and how they actually appear and disappear both looks bad and is confusing – a big fat texture just appears on the ground, and it lasts on the ground as though the curse is still active for that period of time, or what?

    I’d much prefer simplistic animated spell effects for curses, like multiple thin line fiery lines that sear their way into the ground to create a pattern and when complete, the pattern lifts and disappears in smoke.
    Technically it’s complex, but the design is simple and minimalist. Different colours of fiery lines, mixed with different patterns and various sound effects can all be combined to flesh out the entire curse’s spell effects.

    Oh, right, but Blizzard isn’t that cool these days. So we can all just assume they’re just going to follow what they’ve done for the Monk and Demon Hunter, and what they’ve shown during BlizzCon, and be completely fine with having giant fucking blotchy textures instantly appear on the ground, and takes a week to vanish even though their effect isn’t lasting for the duration the texture is visible.


    Pop dem textures in extra fast, yo.

  2. The one thing everyone wanted to hear was a release date, and they couldn’t even give a vague answer like “We’re trying for Summer” or “2nd half of 2017 is likely”??

  3. First of all polls are polls but 17 % are even not interested in the Necro pack and 36 % will only buy it if it cost 10 dollars or less so Blizz are not in a hurry, so a release date will not be before in the end of 2017 unless players get more interested. Its all about money, all “news” about Necro pack imo is only a way to get us more interested and so far no effect at all

    • That’s for ~4400 votes from which is full of negative comments. That’s a very small number for players and I hate to say it, but has some of the most cynical members. Look at other sources like Gfaqs or Diablofans, those numbers are looking much better. Blizzard also stated that the new DLC pack is a 2nd quarter release for 2017…

      All in all, how many hours of gameplay have we all clocked in? For some of us it’s a $160-$220 investment, for others it’s simply $40-60. With all the time we’ve spent in Sanctuary that’s a fair deal. Personally, I’m stoked. Lore is my favorite about the Diablo franchise, and I’m certain they’ll spend plenty of time adjusting these characters into the game, future expansion or not. Here’s to a damn fun game, especially consoles, and here’s to letting them grow and adapt to make the game more fun despite some of the designs being a major pain in the stuff. The Necro class is going to add atleast a playthrough or two.

      • its bcoz this website is full of haters (me NOT included)
        other site are made by real fans !!

      • You like the lore of a game that has Azmodan, the greatest general, shouting his battle plans at you and a butterfly lady killing Deckard. I want what you’re on.

        • If you read the post, I liked the lore and not the narrative. Restating; I love the lore, but the narrative is horrible. Instead of having the ruler of Hell at the time mention every step he’s going to take and replace it with much more cryptic dialogue that the previous Diablo games had. What I imagine as a good replacement is simple mockery of the player or Azmodan trying to bend or give insight to the horrors of Hell for the frail nephilim’s mind. Something against the cliche of darkness/bad guy, but something embracing the cruelty of a Ruler of Hell.

          • It’s like anything else in the game then, a major disappointment compared to what could have been. Even the vaunted combat has its problems, their willingness to compromise being able to move away from attacks in real time for instance.

  4. “The D3 Necromancer is not related to the Diablo 2 Necromancer as far as lore is concerned.”

    Should read…

    “D3 is not related to D2.”

    • Yeah if more ppl would understand that D3 is not the same as D2 , there nagging life would be so much better !

      • You need a new word. Saying nagging 5 times a comment seems a little immature.

        Besides, the point I was making is that D3 should be related to D2, if it was it would be a better game. I have played countless hours and while I find some aspects entertaining, having the title of Diablo should require a deeper connection to the franchise this game road to (financial) success.

        • Luckily it is a better game. After thousands of baalruns you know where all the bad points are. ;p

          • Nahh… Imho it ain’t a better game: Only the gameplay is better (, with the exception of each attack being a hit). Optimized for shortterm fun, while sacrificing alot of the elements keeping interest up longterm that make D2 into the better game still, overall. But “better” is quite the relative term, anyhow. (“A Beholder has more than thousand eyes” …)

          • Or, to say it differently: The focus on character differentiation through Itemization ain’t doing D3 any favors, in the end.

        • i say what i want , when i want , i live in a free country but ok

          if the stupid crybabies learn that D2 is not D3 there whining will be less salty ?
          better Overweightandunderpaid ???????

          it can be a little bit related , there are new heroes so it must be something different
          i played D1 , D2(LOD) , and D3 and i have no problems with all those games , they are fun to play
          ok i admit that there is a little bit less to do in D3 in form of resources (i love the runes in D2 for example)
          And why are they crying about rifts and grifts ??? in D2 all they did was boss runs its the same.
          sorry imho the crying over D3 is stupid as hell
          also pvp is not needed in games like this , its great that there is almost nothing of that shit in this great game.
          Games like this is pure coop and not something like lets see who is the best.
          thats more for the 12y/o and there csgo shit and all those stupid fps crap

  5. d2² and d4 or gtfo!

  6. “The D3 Necromancer is not related to the Diablo 2 Necromancer as far as lore is concerned.”
    By this they mean that the necromancer is not related by blood to the albino guy who fought diablo in Diablo 2, right? (unlike the Barbarian who is meant to be the same person from the previous game) They don’t mean that this necromancer is from a totally different Necromancer tradition that doesn’t involve the priests of Rathma?

    • I agree that the new Necromancer is different than the D2 one. Hopefully they follow the same lore as the Priests of Rathma or include a much needed introduction/reveal of Tran’Oul.

    • The barbarian is not the same person from D2. That was the intention fairly early on, but they couldn’t make it work in the narrative, where the other 4 characters were brand new and the barb wasn’t.

  7. “Revive has been a challenge due to there being over 1000 unique monsters which means 1000 x 6 pieces of unique art. By fay the most expensive skill made in Diablo to date.” 1000? Pretty sure they’re just counting reskins in that… there’s no way there’s more than 100-200 unique npc models in d3… By my count there’s a total of 97 enemy types and very few have an alternate model so…

  8. If I buy Necro pack I’m sure I will regret within a month after that.Despite how many times during the years after May 2012 release I forced myself to play the game regularly(everyday),I couldnt break my personal 2 months record of playing D3 without a huge pause(6months+).I don’t remember last time I have entered RoS,but it must be somewhere in 2015. Ofc I dont try to convince others that the game is bad,but personaly for me the Necro pack won’t save this mediocre game to become something better.

  9. Brandy is so hot. At least I got this out of it.

  10. Brandy is so hot. At least I got that out of it.

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