Watch the Diablo 3 Video Games Live “Leah” in 360

A video of Video Games live performing Diablo 3’s  “Leah” at Gamescom has been released in 360 video form. The guest conductor was Blizzard’s own Russell Brower, Composer and Senior Director of Audio.

As will all Video Games Live performances, this is excellent, and don’t forget to pan around to see the audience.

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  1. Being a 360° video didn’t really add anything to this. There’s no value looking at the ceiling, or the floor, or the audience.

  2. Lovely piece of music.

  3. game music ALWAYS suck so the first thing i do when playing a game , put the music volume to 0 then rebind the fucking wasd shit keys to the arrow keys crack up the graphics and play it 🙂

  4. Beautiful indeed!
    I also love how they captured the essence of the in-game music in 0:00 to 0:05.

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