Watch the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls TV Advert

Blizzard aired the Reaper of Souls TV commercial this weekend during The Walking Dead, and in case you missed because you’re not in the US or don’t watch the zombie drama, here it is in all its glory.


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  1. Can it go a lill faster, I was almost able to watch it …

  2. Snippets of the RoS opening cinematic put together; nothing new to see here.

  3. Gee, they milked that opening cinematic for all it’s worth. How long would it have taken them to make that ad lol?

    • About as long as it takes the writers to write an episode of the Walking Dead. Although I was pleasantly surprised last night, I didn’t know Beth could actually act. Of course now that she’s been given some character, she’s dead meat, b/c we have to follow Rick’s wangsty emo party into the swamps.

  4. I don’t see much TV or video game ads, but I’m always surprised when I do see one that there’s never any trace of the video game. This one is typical; it looks like an ad for a CGI movie, except of course it’s not full of cute animals and a sassy skunk/penguin, inevitably voiced by Queen Latifah.

  5. Cool ad but obviously not for people reading news sites every day.

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