Watch this Diablo 2 Pacifist Speedrun done in 7 Hours 41 Minutes

Now here’s a challenge, running through Diablo 2 in under eight hours without hitting a single enemy, that doesn’t include Thorns damage of course. DrCliche has done just that in a new speedrun video.

So how has it been done it? There’s a lengthy update on Reddit explaining the rules that were adhered to which included:

  • You may not take aggressive action toward any creature or animated construct, nor may you summon an entity or hire a mercenary to do so on your behalf.
  • You may enable Ladder-only runewords and freely use /players X if you choose to play offline.
  • You aren’t responsible for the behavior of character-independent NPCs, like Flavie, or the Barbarians in the Bloody Foothills.
  • You aren’t responsible for shrines; their outcomes are acts of Anu.
  • There’s a bug that sometimes causes your mouse buttons to revert to attack when any of your equipment changes. As a result, it’s easy to unwittingly swing at an enemy, or to accidentally TK something while aiming for a chest, portal, waypoint, shrine, seal, or altar. If that happens, simply apologize and don’t allow that enemy to die. If that enemy needs to die, respawn it unprovoked in a new game.

The update also explains the tactics used in each of the Acts.

So here it is, Diablo 2 done with these rules in under eight hours. Could you do any better?



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  1. Uhm, maybe I misunderstood the opening statement of this post, but the whole point of this run is using thorns so…?

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  3. With a Sorceress, you ultimately end up teleporting through everything and quite frankly it’s a little unfair.

    Anyone tried a Paladin using Vigor and other gear for a Pacifist Speedrun?

    I’m currently trying a Paladin on D2 Expansion, and shocked that my Paladin could not defeat Diablo in Normal level !!
    (And I thought that I knew more than a bit about the guts of Diablo 2…)

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