Watch the Developer Diablo 3 2.1 Patch Discussion

Members of the Diablo 3 team comprising of Wyatt Cheng, John Yang, and Don Vu spent an hour and half discussing the 2.1 patch this evening, or morning depending on where you are, which starts with a general overview of the changes and new additions followed by questions taken from the the community.

Most players who showed up were only interested in finding out when 2.1 will actually be released, mainly because we already know what’s included because of the PTR. Sadly there was no date other than “by the end of the month”. If you missed the chat then you can watch it below. There’s plenty of filler questions asked but you can just hop through those.


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  1. actually 'by the end of month' is a pretty solid date considering there's only 1 maintenance left this month ;p

    also they've been saying 'by the end of the month' for some time now so i'm assuming things are still going as planned. so fingers crossed.

  2. Well, they did say "by the end of the month", but did not say "by the end of this month", so…

  3. Funny how timing works out.
    Next week is my last week of paternity leave and kids just started kindergarden. I was planning to do some serious gem levelling in 2.1 that week. I will never have so much time for gaming in a week again.
    I guess I should thank them since I can spend time on work outs and vegetables instead.

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