Warning – Do Not Trade UNID Items Currently

This is a warning for anyone dabbling with UNID item trading, there is a bug that allows you to see whether an item has 4,5 or 6 properties attached to the item and the stats. The bug is pretty easy to use with some chat window trickery, although I won’t post it here, but it will have an impact on the UNID trading market which I know keeps quite a few players busy right now. No doubt the UNID  market will collapse for while until this is at least hotfixed.  Our advice is do not trade in UNID items currently, or maybe even for a while.

Thanks aj200 in the forums and Rpgguy.

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    41 thoughts on “Warning – Do Not Trade UNID Items Currently

    1. This may seem ignorant on my part but who’s in danger here is it just the guy selling case he may get ripped off or is this a bankable offense ?

    2. I don’t get it. Why are people trying to sell unidentified items in the first place? Do people actually buy them?
      I don’t have any interest in an item if I can’t see the stats – I’ll farm my own thanks.

      • well in case you haven’t noticed humans aren’t entirely logical creatures … ? same reason people play lottery / gamble ?

        obv i would play too if i knew the right numbers beforehand …

        • Some people play this game for fun. I’m not saying that to be a smartass or anything, it’s just people sometimes forget that now that all items have a real world value attached to them. For many people, identifying and hoping for that awesome roll is the most fun part of the game. The endless slaughter of the undead/demons is fun and all, but most people get the most enjoyment of seeing that ilvl 63 drop and hoping for an awesome item.

          People are amassing huge amounts of gold, and who’s to call it a bad strategy to buy unidentified items so that you can experience that feeling more often. Once you are decked out in full mf gear and farming inferno, there’s little more you can do to increase the amount of rares you get to identify, other than using excess gold to purchase more.

          • You could spend 50mil on unidentified Hellions and have a pretty reasonable chance of doubling your profit. I mean, the RNG is awful, but eventually you’re bound to get that $250 item.

      • It’s as close as you can really get to gambling in D2. There’s an inherent excitement about it. I don’t blame them.

    3. ppl can see the exact stats of the item – they id the good ones and resell the bad ones as unid.

      if i had any unid’s i’d dump em while the value was still inflated, once this trick doesn’t work anymore no one will be paying near as much for them.

      • No they can’t. They can only see the number of Prefixes and Suffixes.

        Unless you have proof otherwise (which you don’t), then don’t just make shit up.

        Also, when you are buying unIDed, most of the folks selling them have crap MF so you should pretty much expect to only get 4 Affixes for 90% of them. My experience has been that about 80% of the unIDed I buy only have 4 Affixes.

        Thankfully, I farm with 323% MF (with 5 stacks)…

        • Seeing the stats is possible too, I have a proof but I doubt they will allow me to post it here… just search for it on the internet you will find it.

          • this is true. they can see the exact stats on the items. not just how many affix’s 🙁 sadly there goes any chance of the honest people (myself included) making money off unid until they fix /Lesigh

            (it is a REALLY bad programming slip on their side and this isnt a new thing people have been doing it for a while)

            • Even if they fix this bug, I still wouldnt buy Unid items – maybe the item your being offered was dropped pre-fix and been examined already? I bet that now that people wont buy unid items prefix many will just hoard them to sell after patch.

    4. broken game. Seriously people are still playing this POS? Its not even worth the time anymore. I get more entertainment from reading how crappy the game is than any part of my 100+ hours spent playing it.

      Move on people no patch will save this game.

      • After a seriously breath of reality, I need agree with you… Im a “fanboy” of Diablo series. I enjoyed trading items in D2. With all this bugs, bots, inflated prices on AH game are dead for legit players. Sad but true =/ .

        • Prices are not inflated, unless you look at top end gear. The gear set that is required to beat inferno becomes cheaper every day.

      • I usually hate being cynical about anything, but Diablo 3 is just that bad. I like the game play, but Blizzard ruined the entire game with their crappy refurbished servers and just gawd-awful auction house requirement.

        Sorry Blizzard, that’s two expansions in a row… First Cataclysm, now Diablo 3–just wait and see how bad Mists of Pandaria is…

      • Playing Dragonage origins currently…
        Haven’t won anything on the AH due to inflation and bugs, and can’t compete due to crappy item drops.

      • Well, people saw this coming even back in the beta. Every time Blizzard made a change that simplified/dumbed down the game, half the people were incredibly upset, and the other half (the fanboys) defended it religiously. Every time a serious issue arose about the lack of end game content, half the community agreed, and the other half flamed the guy to high hell.

        I knew this game wasn’t for me or most other D2 fans before the release, and I knew that it would gain hype quickly and die down due to lack of replayability, but even I didn’t suspect that it would happen THIS quickly. Blizzard has exceeded my expectations with their ineptitude, and has repeatedly ignored big issues addressed by the community, failed to fix well known critical exploits, failed to do much against botters or hackers, and has implemented dumb patches that have actually driven more people away than it brought back.

        As long as the current dev team is left in charge, you can be sure they’ll continue to mess things bad enough to guarantee D3’s demise. Why do you think this game took so long to come out in the first place? These guys don’t know what they’re doing.

    5. You skimmed over the fact that you can actually find out the stats of the unid’ed items based upon their affixes. You won’t get the exact number, but you will be able to figure out the range. ie: +Str 60-89 range

      • Only the number of Affixes can be obtained, and specifically the number of Prefixes and Suffixes. However this does NOT tell you what the Affixes are. Anyone saying that it does is lying. For example, here is what a (partial) decoded GameServer inventory packet looks like:

        ActorID: 0xA6C8011D XBow_norm_base_08.acr (2798125341)
        Field1: 0x00000002 (2)
        0x4620C6C5, 0x4620C6C5, 0x4620C6C5, 0x4620C6C5,

        The hash 0x4620C6C5 if for “UnknownSuffix”. Look it up in the AffixList.gam file if you don’t believe me. So this unIDed Hellion in question has 0 Prefixes and 4 Suffixes (4 total Affixes).

        You can still get godly weapons/armors with only 4 Affixes, but it will be more rare.

        • “Anyone saying that it does is lying”

          Dude relax, it IS possible to do it, did you even search for such a method before declaring everyone is lying?

    6. Let me rephrase what the OP Rushster above said.

      Due to some rumours, we urge you not to play this game.

      Am i missing something here ?

      Yep, this is a fan site, an odd one.

      • You are either blind, completely ignorant, a knight in shining white armor (toilet paper white) or option “ugh”. Take your pick.

    7. You can see exactly what affixes are rolled. I have done this myself this morning. There are plentt of detailed step by step guides on forums now. I hope they fix this immediately as my favorite pasttime is sitting in trade chat and buying unids

    8. Exploiters and hackers love the Diablo series.
      Bad programming, or is this game really just THAT profitable for them?

    9. Just like some previous members said and rushster did not mention – it is possible to see all the stats of the item – there is a trick to see the hex code of the affixes/suffixes and there is a list of all them that you can check…

      • actually, the properties lookup no longer works, they have hotfixed it. You can still easily see the number of properties though

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